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Newlyweds at an exotic location | Style Advice for Jet-Setting Indian Newlyweds
Style Advice for Jet-Setting Indian Newlyweds
07 th Mar 2016

After the hullabaloo of wedding, Indian newlyweds definitely need an escape with their other half to some place serene.

An Indian newlywed couple looking forward to a luxury escape to the other end of the globe need to fo some careful planning to make their trip perfect. Other than travel arrangements you need to plan out your travel look.

Compromising on style for your honeymoon, would be the last thing on your mind. When sparks are flying in the relationship, one would want to dress up to sweep the spouse off his / her feet. Do not let the baggage limitations hamper your quest to be fashionably jet setting.

Style Advice for Jet Setting Indian Newlyweds:

Versatile Attires

It would be great if the Indian newlyweds shop for versatile attires that will make them look smart at a lazy beach, a luxurious resort, a scenic trail trek, while shopping or while having a relaxed meal at a casual restaurant. A trendy relaxed tunic can be used as a beach cover or can be paired with leggings for an outfit.

You can also take a couple of yoga pants in black or gray, in different cuts like straight fit or boot cut. They are light weight and will be great as lounge wear, flight-wear and for sightseeing. Pair them with trendy tops and casual shoes to get a cool travel look.

Versatile Casual Attires | Style Advice for Jet-Setting Indian Newlyweds

Here are some versatile attires for luxury travelling and they can be dressed up for an evening look-

Versatile Smart Attires | Style Advice for Jet-Setting Indian Newlyweds

Go Wrinkle Free

Jet setting Indian newlyweds should opt for wrinkle free attires that take up minimal space in their luggage. Polyester, knits or spandex are great materials for a travel wardrobe. Choose the fabric depending upon the weather at your travel destination. Wool is a great wrinkle free material that will keep you warm and toasty in cooler climates. For a tropical resort look opt for lycra, georgette or wrinkle free treated cotton or rayon blends. Wrinkle free attires are fuss free and can be squeezed into the luggage without affecting their look.

Wrinkle free attires | Style Advice for Jet-Setting Indian Newlyweds

Mix and Match

Pack up classics like a pair of blue denims and a pair of neutral shorts. Itinerant Indian newlyweds can mix and match the travel essentials with chic blouses to create multiple stylish looks. It becomes difficult to identify the same blue jeans or shorts with a totally different blouse or T-shirt. Carry a couple of scarves too to get the perfect mix and matched look.

A chic top can be paired with cargos for a casual look during the day and can then be paired with a stylish skirt for an evening ready look. Also you can turn your cute summer dress into cocktail attire with the right accessories.

Mix and Match Your Looks | Style Advice for Jet-Setting Indian Newlyweds

Mix and Match Your Clothes | Style Advice for Jet-Setting Indian Newlyweds

Layer the Look

Travelling Indian newlyweds should always carry trendy jackets, cardigans or stoles that will keep them warm when the temperatures drop. For desert locations, it is better to be prepared for the warmest to the coolest temperatures. During such conditions, layers will always come to the rescue. You can dress up or dress down with layers for sudden weather changes while maintaining the style quotient of your travel attire.

Layered Look | Style Advice for Jet-Setting Indian Newlyweds

Jazz Up With Accessories

Accessories like lipsticks and a basic makeup kit will make you look fresh when you are out and about. A scarf is a must have in a travel bag to add a stylish look to even the simplest T-shirt. For Indian newlyweds on the go, scarves are instant makeovers for any outfit ranging from shirts to dresses. They can also add a pop of colour for a neutral or monochrome look.

Stylish sun hats or caps can give an edge to your travel outfit. Also carry a trendy neutral handbag that can be coordinated with every travel look. Apart from the utility factor, It will work as a great accessory.

Accessories | Style Advice for Jet-Setting Indian Newlyweds

Dress Up Your Feet

Pack flats like a tan sandal or beige ballet shoes that you can pair with any outfit. Keep a shimmery heeled sandal at hand to dress up for the evenings. Always opt for classic colours like black, brown or nude to avoid over packing. Also pay heed to the comfort level of the shoes and account for flight related puffiness. Shoes with a comfortable fit will ensure happy holidays for the Indian newlyweds.

Shoes for travelling | Style Advice for Jet-Setting Indian Newlyweds

For Indian newlyweds, the trick behind looking chic while travelling is to make optimum utilisation of each attire and display unique looks using the limited wardrobe. Lightweight attires will keep the baggage manageable and will give you enough space to shop for exotic items at your holiday destination. Even the most stylish outfit will not look elegant if you are lugging around heavy baggage with difficulty. We wish a smart and stylish holiday to all the jet setting Indian newlyweds.

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