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Stunning Indian Wedding Hairstyles We Love
Stunning Indian Wedding Hairstyles We Love
29 th Aug 2015

The way you wear your hair can make or break your ensemble. While a bad hairdo can leave you looking flat and lifeless, hair that is well done can wipe off years from your face and frame it to perfection.

So it does not come as a surprise that your wedding hairstyle is of foremost importance in determining how fabulous your final look will be.

What are some of the Indian wedding hairstyles that are fail-safe and stunning at the same time?

We’ll tell you exactly that today!  

Traditional Braids

Stunning Indian Wedding Hairstyles We Love - Indian braid

There is something quintessentially Indian about the braided look that cannot be achieved with any other Indian wedding hairstyle. If you are thinking that the braided look is overtly traditional and passé, let us tell you that this season, fashion has come a full circle and all things authentic and traditional are back in vogue. So go the full hog with traditional elements in your wedding by pairing your Indian wedding outfit with a classic Indian braid.

If your hair isn’t long enough, go in for extensions so that the braid falls below your lower back. Adorn it with flowers, a maang tikka and jewelled pins that will enhance your traditional look that will please your grandmother and leave your contemporaries envious!

Classic Bun with Soft Curls

Stunning Indian Wedding Hairstyles We Love - Classic Bun

A favourite among hair stylists and brides alike, the bun scores over other hairdos for its simplicity and for the instant facelift that it gives the brides. With the hair pulled tight, twisted and knotted into a bun, brides find that it makes them look younger and unobtrusively lets hair accessories like the maang tikka shine through.

What’s more, it is uncomplicated and simple to style, giving you a clean and classic look that is effortlessly elegant. Styled with a bunch of flowers or a hair accessory on one side and soft curls on another, a bun gets our vote as the Indian wedding hairstyle to go for if you want a simple and classy look.

Messy Buns with Curls

Stunning Indian Wedding Hairstyles We Love - Messy Bun

While regular buns let your natural hair do all the talking, messy buns are about adding a twist to your natural hair for a dressier look. The hair is curled to add texture and volume and casually put together into a bun, often utilising faux hair in the process.

The beauty of a messy bun lies in its contemporary appeal which can be enhanced with beads, charms or flowers. A messy bun is the perfect Indian wedding hairstyle to be paired with a lehenga or an anarkali and is usually accompanied by curls on either side of the face, framing it to soften your look.

Going Retro with a Pouf

Stunning Indian Wedding Hairstyles We Love - Retro Pouf

A pouf screams ‘retro’ like no other hairdo can and if you are in the mood to relive the swinging sixties or the super seventies during your wedding, then this is the hairdo just for you! Indian wedding hairstyles have forever drawn inspiration from Bollywood and nobody else does the pouf better than the leading ladies of the yore like Sharmila Tagore.

Creating a perception of added height, a pouf works well on women with round faces. You can even wear head pieces like a passa or a hair chain over a pouf for a truly regal look. 

Free-flowing Wavy Hairdo

Stunning Indian Wedding Hairstyles We Love - Wavy Hair

For brides looking for Indian wedding hairstyles that are simple and no-nonsense, we suggest a free-flowing hairdo with waves and a gentle pouf. This way, you are not styling your hair in an over-the-top manner but are giving it a twist so that it looks dressier than your daily look. See our previous post that includes some more hairstyles here

This elegant look can be achieved by adding bounce and volume to your hair by curling it. A section of the hair in the front can be pulled together to make a pouf to break the monotony. Accessorise the look with a hair chain or a maang tikka and you are all set to dazzle the wedding guests!

How did you like our top picks for Indian wedding hairstyles? Do you have any other hairdo that you think we should to our list? Do let us know in the comments below! 

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