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Stunning Indian Wedding Accessories for Different Ceremonies
Stunning Indian Wedding Accessories for Different Ceremonies
22 nd Dec 2014

The richness of Indian culture brings a breadth and depth of Indian wedding ceremonies. From the Mehendi, Sangeet, Wedding to Reception, each occasion requires different Indian wedding accessories and looks depending on the bridal attire. The beauty of Indian fashion is that one can dress it up or down as much as they wish to, and let the ensemble speak for itself.

The trend these days is opting for a statement piece and one can see Bollywood actresses carrying off this trend exceptionally. Donning a simple elegant saree with a beautiful polki necklace or gorgeous elaborate earrings with a lehenga creates an aura of simplicity and sophistication. Equally significant is the manner in which the Indian wedding accessories and outfits are carried off. One should feel like absolute royalty sashaying at a wedding party or special occasion.

Dance the Night Away: The Mehendi and Sangeet

The mehendi ceremony is a time of merriment, and the Indian wedding accessories should reflect this! Similarly, the Sangeet is a night full of fun, laughter and dancing! With the bride being at the center of the spotlight, the Indian wedding accessories should ensure that she glimmers throughout the night!

If you are thinking of trying something new and slightly on the contemporary route, opt for statement pieces that will add a huge impact on your ensemble, yet are easy to manage. Opt for stylish earcuffs by Sannam Chopra, that will definitely add a contemporary twist to your ensemble!

The earcuffs below are opulent with a scattering of pearls and will perfectly complement your lavish look, adding a touch of femininity. For a more traditional, yet versatile look, the reversible earrings below by Ambar Pariddi Sahai will add a regal touch to your mehendi or sangeet attire. One side has classic tourmaline stones, whilst the other other side is a stunning combination of pink, green and white stones.

These unique earrings can be worn for numerous occasions due to their versatility and makes it an essential inclusion in your Indian wedding accessories collection!

Stunning Indian Wedding Accessories for Different Ceremonies - Stunning Classic EarcuffsStunning Indian Wedding Accessories for Different Ceremonies - Versatile Reversible Earrings

The Special Day

It is no doubt that the bride's wedding attire is a rich traditional palette of hues and gold embroidery. For the all-important wedding day, the bride should opt for nothing less than traditional Indian wedding accessories. Modern accessories do not quite do justice to the sheer beauty of a bride’s lavish Indian wedding attire.

For the Indian wedding accessories, think lavish gold jhumkas, polka and kundan work pieces. We have a wide selection of stunning jhumkas with charming patterns, pearl details and little bells. Gold plated jhumkas by Roopa Vohra are simply stunning for a traditional Indian look. The kundan earrings by Ambar Pariddi Sahai below showcase a stunning floral motif with red, white and green accents, which will add a glamorous touch to your bridal attire.

And of course, your Indian bridal attire is incomplete without stacking up on gorgeous traditional bangles in gold with semi-precious stones.

Stunning Indian Wedding Accessories for Different Ceremonies - Stunning Big Kundan Earrings

The Wedding Reception

For the Wedding Reception, do not hesitate to shine bright like a diamond, literally, with your stunning diamond jewellery set. The diamond sets by Diagold feature elegant diamonds, also providing an option for a set encrusted with green stones and rubies, which will add a pop of colour to the ensembles. Each piece undergoes the 4 C's test; cut, clarity, carat and colour to create stunning masterpieces.

As they say, diamonds are a girl's best friend and as such, diamond sets are a stunning option for a wedding reception and will especially stun against bridal attire with silver embroidery. Further, an elegant diamond set will also perhaps be a slight breather from the heavy traditional jewellery from the wedding day! If you do not want to opt for a diamond set, a diamond and ruby pendant as seen below will also create an elegant touch. Jewellery by Diagold will not only add a sparkling touch to your Indian attire, but will look fabulous in your wedding reception photos! 

Stunning Indian Wedding Accessories for Different Ceremonies - Gorgeous Diamond NecklaceStunning Indian Wedding Accessories for Different Ceremonies - Elegant Diamond Ruby Necklace

The choice of Indian wedding accessories are a significant element of your Indian bridal attire. When choosing your Indian wedding accessories, identify what type of look you are trying to achieve and make that image in your mind come alive!

This way, you know exactly which types of Indian wedding accessories will flatter your ensemble, hairstyle and makeup. Indian wedding accessories featuring semi-precious stones and intricate patterns will capture the vibrancy and elegance of Indian wedding ceremonies, and will beautifully complement your bridal ensemble.

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