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Stage Decor Ideas For Your 2018 Wedding
Stage Decor Ideas For Your 2018 Indian Wedding
26 th Mar 2018

Unless they’re photography and event management enthusiasts, couples rarely think about stage décor until it’s their own turn to walk down the aisle. The women are more engrossed in the outfits while the men are way more excited about the different cuisines up for grabs. So when their wedding planner suddenly turns around and asks about their plans for backdrops, they’re usually left confounded and quizzical. Things are even more complicated when couples plan everything without professional help.

If you thought planning something obscure like stage décor was tough for a western wedding then the bad news is that it’s literally three times more stressful for an average Indian wedding. For starters Indian weddings last longer than western weddings and have many more events like a mehendi, sangeet, wedding and reception. Each function requires different styles of stage and venue décor plus cutsy modern additions like photo booths, stylised nooks and possibly some hash tag lettering peppered about the place.

If the sheer number of stage décor ideas required for an Insta worthy Indian wedding are making you spiral out of control then it’s time to get organised and lay some groundwork. The first is obviously research research research! And that’s most likely how you ended up reading this. So kudos to the great start! The next is to weed out extravagant yet impractical ideas that will cost a fortune and completely blow up your wedding budget. Yes, it might sound super fancy to have a replica of the set of your favourite movie but unless you’re willing to spend like a million dollar production house, it’s unlikely to work out as you imagined.

In a bid to make life easier, we’ve compiled a list of awesome stage décor ideas from real weddings, proving that they’re indeed possible and not photoshop trickery. Ranging from stunningly simple to jaw-droppingly cutting edge, you can use one or several of these throughout your wedding for some fantastic photo backgrounds.  

Marquee Lights

Why say it when you can spell it with marquee lights? These funky lights can be arranged in any number of ways to add some serious pizzazz to your stage décor. Since you’ll need dim surroundings to get the full effect of the lights, this idea is best used for evening functions.

Stage Decor | Marquee Lights

Stage Décor With Marquee Lights

LED Screens

Yet another modern and exciting stage décor idea is to use LED screens with changing graphics to really get everyone in the party mood. Ideal for a cocktail or sangeet, this idea is definitely one for the music festival loving couple who really know how to let loose.

Stage Decor | LED Screens

Stage Décor With LED Screens

Colorful Pom Poms

An idea that can work at any time and in any setting is suspended colourful pom poms strung together to make a bohemian collage of sorts. Indian weddings are meant to be a myriad of colours but flowers aren’t the only way forward. This idea is sure to bring in a whimsical element to your stage décor in addition to being extremely budget friendly as well. This is definitely one you can DIY with a little time and some enthusiastic friends.

Stage Decor | Colourful Pom Poms

Stage Décor With Colourful Pom Poms

Metallic Strings

If you and your honey prefer something easy on the eyes for stage décor because the rest of the venue is already snazzy, or have other things in mind as ambience décor then basic suspended metallic strings can do the trick. The easy hack won’t distract from other fun elements while also adding a little something in photos. This idea is better used indoors and at night to get the full effect of the metallic shine but you can easily substitute the metallic strings for tiny mirrors in the day.

Stage Decor | Metallic Strings

Stage Décor With Metallic Strings

The No-Background Background

Speaking of stunning locations, if you’re spending a bucket load of money on a rustic setting with Mother Nature in all it’s glory then it would be an utter waste to cover up the scenery with any kind of obtrusive background. Let your stunning venue be the star attraction and have your nuptials or mehendi under a basic canopy that’s open from all sides.

Stage Decor | The No-Background Background

The No-Background Background Stage Décor

Faux Grass

If breath-taking locales aren’t on the agenda then bring the outdoors inside with a background that has all the feel and earthy charm of the countryside. A faux grass wall with your names in the middle complete with a flowerbed is a brilliant way to infuse your wedding ceremony with some raw natural beauty while having all the comforts of being indoors.

Stage Decor | Faux Grass

Stage Décor With Faux Grass


Kitschy, bright and cheery, there is little that’s wrong with using kites for your stage décor. Kites are exceptionally Indian while also being extremely versatile when decorated in a contemporary way. There is something wonderfully child like and fuss free about such a décor, making it ideal for a home engagement ceremony, mehendi, religious pooja or even an intimate wedding.

Stage Decor | Kites

Stage Décor With Kites

Ikat Melange

Sticking with ethnic inspirations and contemporary infusions, there is no denying that Ikat does the job seamlessly. A one-dimensional canopy of Ikat drapes, laser cut outs and colourful wall hangings looks absolutely stunning during the day. Even though our example involves a pool, you can just as easily tweak the colours to install this stage décor in a different setting.

Stage Decor | Ikat Melange

Stage Décor With Ikat Prints

Curtain Drapes

If the previous idea is right up your alley but you need a more opulent upgrade for an evening reception then swap the Ikat for velvet drapes and damask prints. With darker and richer colours like gold and maroon, this stage décor idea can look extremely luxurious without breaking the bank. The floral canopy can be easily substituted for hanging crystals or a chandelier for an even grander look.

Stage Decor | Curtain Drapes

Stage Décor With Curtain Drapes

Gatsby Inspired

No wedding yet has matched the wow factor of the #Virushka nuptials so it’s not surprising that even the stage décor from that wedding is still trending. A Gatsby inspired lights and glass installation with vintage style arches and columns, coupled with faux shrubbery and massive chandeliers. This style of stage décor is definitely something that will make your wedding memorable for everyone. If you want to spare no expense for the ultimate reception or sangeet setting then this is surely one way to go.

Stage Decor | Gatsby Inspired

Gatsby Inspired Stage Décor

Floral Canopy

Yet another dramatic stage décor style that is more suited during the day for the wedding is a shaded floral canopy. Thousands of rows of flower strings with simple seating in the middle will give the illusion of getting married in a pretty botanical garden. You can incorporate your favourite flowers into this design idea and also go the extra mile of adding fragrance to the surroundings, making it treat for all the senses.

Stage Decor | Floral Canopy

Floral Canopy Stage Décor

Quirky Motifs

While massive stage décor ideas are definitely jaw dropping, they can only work if you’re having very formal celebrations with extensive guest lists. If you plan on having a more casual reception or party where you’ll likely be mingling with the guests rather than posing against a huge backdrop then simple quirky motifs are much more practical and cost effective. Choose from creative ideas like an ombre effect heart made with paper butterflies for the day or LED wings for the night. Not only will these ideas work for your own couple pictures but can also double up as uber cool photo booth ideas.

Stage Decor | Quirky Motifs 1

Stage Décor With Heart Motif

Stage Decor | Quirky Motifs 2

Stage Décor With Wing Motif

Candle Stands

A basic but totally versatile stage décor idea is to create a background using stick candle stands. The painted sticks topped with candles and flowers can be placed anywhere. It’s easy to incorporate a whole host of colours making this a wonderful idea for almost any kind of setting. The luxurious sofa is completely optional if you want to work this idea into less formal function. The stands are extremely easy to DIY making it another fun idea that won’t cost a fortune.

Stage Decor | Candle Stands

Stage Décor With Candle Stands



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