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Sister Of The Bride Clutch Essentials
Sister Of The Bride Clutch Essentials
06 th Sep 2019

The sister of the bride role isn’t all #girlsquadgoals pictures, boozy bachelorette parties and endless spa days. Even though it will certainly seem like it from all those glamour shots on wedding websites and friends’ social media profiles. Being the sister of the bride entails a whole host of back breaking activities and endless tasks that will sometimes leave you wanting to tear your hair out (Bridezilla alert!) and at other times leave you too exhausted to care about anything other than your bed. You will unwittingly find yourself playing the roles of mom, bestie, wedding planner, decorator, event organiser, caterer, driver, delivery person and a range of other obscure job titles you never imagined possible.

Don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly the go-to person for everything from locating a missing piece of jewellery (not just the Bride’s) to reuniting an errant décor flower with its bouquet. You will also amazingly know the answers to all of this randomness because you’ve lost all concept of time and space and are now living in wedding-land where anything goes. Scared? Well you should be! Because the title of sister of the bride comes with great power as well as great responsibility. And just like Spiderman, you too will need a web of talents to get you through to the other side.

Before you start planning your escape from this whole fiasco, let us tell you that you can run but you can’t hide. The tentacles of wedding planning will have you in their grip soon enough and you would be a fool to fight it. Mainly cause if you think you have it bad then your poor sister is getting it worse. She needs you now more than ever to step up and help her carry the burden of being a modern day bride. She wants you to snap her back to reality when she goes crazy and expects you to do those idiotic menial jobs because that’s what sister love is all about.

Rather than dodge the evil monster of wedding planning, you would be better off dealing with it head on with a few exceptional tools in your arsenal. Don’t forget that when the wedding festivities kick off you will be running around like a headless chicken for everything. As the girls scout motto goes ‘Always Be Prepared’ and that involves having on you at all times certain items to make it easier to get things done. Your clutch bag will become your little haven to ensure everything is smooth sailing and you’re still having a brilliant time. It would be wise to pick something a little roomier so you’re not without any of these essentials.

Face Wipes & Tissues

Weddings are prime occasions for tears, spills, accidents and unfortunate make up mistakes. A small pack of face wipes and tissues will ensure you can snap back super quickly without having to run off in search of something to clean up the mess while hiding that abhorrent stain or smudged mascara. Even if you’re the ultra careful type, you can be sure the bride or a rather clumsy relative will be eternally grateful when you save them in a pinch.

Sister Of The Bride | Face Wipes & Tissues

Sister Of The Bride Clutch Essentials: Face Wipes & Tissues

Touch Up Products

All those hours of dancing at the sangeet or just getting things organised is sure to leave your perfectly done make up a little worse for wear. You might be in the habit of carrying lipstick on any given day but when it comes to your sister’s wedding, a few extra products wouldn’t hurt. Concealer, blotting papers, liner, kajal and powder are also must haves for a quick fix before all those utterly important photo sessions.

Sister Of The Bride | Touch Up Products

Sister Of The Bride Clutch Essentials: Touch Up Products

Compact Mirror

Obviously the wedding venue will have a ladies room but the point is you might be too far away or too wrapped up in a million other things to get to it. Leaving your touch up products essentially useless because you won’t be able to apply them. Slip in a compact mirror with everything else so you don’t have to worry about how your face is looking if that cutie you’ve been eyeing happens to be close. Just snap it open and slap on some make up magic on the go.

Sister Of The Bride | Compact Mirror

Sister Of The Bride Clutch Essentials: Compact Mirror

Safety Pins & Bobby Pins

Slipping sari pallus, wayward strands of hair, torn straps or updos falling apart are all too common occurrences at weddings. Instead of becoming the fashion victim who looks like a hot mess until some blessed soul hands her a pin, carry them yourself and be your own and everyone else’s saviour. Let’s be honest we’ve all wanted to be THAT girl who very discreetly slips you a few pins while looking cool as a cucumber herself. No better time than your own sister’s wedding to channel that inner glamazon.

Sister Of The Bride | Safety Pins & Bobby Pins

Sister Of The Bride Clutch Essentials: Safety Pins & Bobby Pins

Fashion Tape

With all those low cut blouses, crop tops and ostentatious maang tikkas that are currently trending, you would be wise to add fashion tape to your list of must-haves. There is nothing better to secure a gaping neckline, a garment riding up or down or a side ways hair accessory. Not to mention it can double up as cellotape for those instances when you realise a part of the décor has collapsed and no one else is around to fix it.

Sister Of The Bride | Fashion Tape\

Sister Of The Bride Clutch Essentials: Fashion Tape

Roll On Perfume

Does this one require any explanation? Heat + Sweat + Endless Hugging! Pick something extra long lasting to prevent frequent touch ups. But also feel free to apply generously and leave bystanders with a whiff of aroma.

Sister Of The Bride | Roll On Perfume

Sister Of The Bride Clutch Essentials: Roll On Perfume

Pair Of Flats

It’s certainly a wonderful time to be alive when you can buy roll up ballet shoes at the high street. Why suffer through the agony of dancing in high heels all night? Once the party really gets going these will be one of the best investments in your handbag. Pick a metallic pair to match your jewellery and embroidery or a neutral pair to match anything at all.

Sister Of The Bride | Pair Of Flats

Sister Of The Bride Clutch Essentials: Pair Of Flats

Smaller Earrings

We have all suffered through the agony of massive earrings that look stunning but become unbearable to wear after a few hours. Some women can rock the no-earring bohemian princess look effortlessly. But for those who feel like they look unwell without their ear baubles, an easy solution is to carry a smaller pair. Just like the flat shoes, these will come in handy when you’re done with all the formalities and tons of photos.

Sister Of The Bride | Smaller Earrings

Sister Of The Bride Clutch Essentials: Smaller Earrings

Tampons & Sanitary Napkins

We all know that stress can sometimes delay or aggravate the arrival of Aunt Flow. Even if you’re regular like clock work, sometimes your body can play tricks on you at the most inopportune moments. Rather than sheepishly asking other attending females to bail you out of the sticky situation, get ahead of it and carry some necessities just in case. Like with so many other things on this list, these might come in handy for someone else so why not be the rescuer, yet again?

Sister Of The Bride | Tampons & Sanitary Napkins

Sister Of The Bride Clutch Essentials: Tampons & Sanitary Napkins

Snacks & Nibbles

A wedding is all about food but sometimes you wont have time to get to it. Even if you do, something (like an annoying relative) might come up that will demand your attention. A Hangry sister of the bride is a crappy one and fainting spells from exhaustion are a very real and dangerous thing. Come prepared armed with a protein bar and some nuts to keep yourself going until it’s finally time to feast.

Sister Of The Bride | Snacks & Nibbles

Sister Of The Bride Clutch Essentials: Snacks & Nibbles

Miniature Bottles Of Alcohol

Because why not? It’s a party you’ve been looking forward to and planning for a long time. Plus it beats making countless trips to the bar even if you get some minion to do it. It will keep you in good spirits, quite literally! And let’s not forget it’s the easiest cheat in the book if you happen to have conservative relatives who frown upon drinking.

Sister Of The Bride | Miniature Bottles Of Alcohol

Sister Of The Bride Clutch Essentials: Miniature Bottles Of Alcohol

Compact Power Bank

All those messages, phone calls, selfies, videos, posts, stories and live streams are murder on your phone battery. Unfortunately till one of our favourite phone companies develop a super super long lasting battery that can survive the onslaught of overuse at a wedding. We need to carry some extra tech to see us through the proceedings. Compact power banks that are no larger than a tube of liptick and don’t require any extra cables are an indispensible part of the sister of the bride handbag. You cannot afford to be unavailable for any of the possible catastrophes but more importantly you can’t miss out on capturing all those precious moments and priceless memories.

Sister Of The Bride | Power Bank

Sister Of The Bride Clutch Essentials: Compact Power Bank



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