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Hairstyle Tips for Indian Bridal Wear
Seven Must try Indian Bridal Hairstyles
10 th Nov 2014

The wedding season is coming up and brides must be in a frenzy selecting beautiful Indian bridal wear for the big day! For brides this is one of the most important days of their lives. All eyes are on the bride at the wedding and her outfits, hairstyle, jewellery, and make-up must be impeccable for the day! Some hairstyle tips to enhance the look of the stunning Indian bridal wear are always useful. 

We think that there are seven styles that look gorgeous with Indian bridal wear. Each is unique and stands out for a different reason - but all of them look equally stunning in the end if done properly! The seven styles are the classic bun, braided hair with embellishments, curls and waves, a messy bun, a Spanish style up-do, the beehive styled hair with flowers and the twisted curled hairdo with a half- up half –down style.

The classic bun is a classic for a reason - it is very common at weddings and one can never go wrong with this look! It’s tried and tested and always looks beautiful! It looks great when a dupatta that is transparent in a net like fabric is covering your head. The bun is usually very tight and hair is neatly pulled together. The classic bun usually has a middle parting at the front where the bride places her gorgeous maang tikka.

Hairstyle Tips for Indian Bridal Wear - Classic Bun Hairstyle

Braided hair adorned with embellishments looks great on brides with long hair. Waterfall and fishtail braids are increasingly common as well and looks extremely elegant especially with heavy Indian bridal wear. If brides want this look but do not have hair that is long enough, hair extensions can also be used to achieve the look. The braid however should not be loose, as this can look messy. Braided hair with embellishments like accessories and flowers enhances the look perfectly to give a glamorous look to a traditional hairstyle.

Hairstyle Tips for Indian Bridal Wear- Embellished Braid Hairstyle

Curls and waves are perhaps the simplest hairstyle to accompany Indian bridal wear. Using curlers with styling combs and hairspray gives hair the right amount of volume needed for this look. Using bright stones as part of a maang tikka with this hairstyle can complete this look beautifully!

Hairstyle Tips for Indian Bridal Wear- Curls and Waves Hairstyle

For a more contemporary look, brides can opt for a messy bun hairstyle. This style is a twist to the classic bun and is ideal for sangeet ceremonies where the head is usally not covered. Messy buns with some strands of hair curled on the side of the face can also add a sense of softness to the look. Placing a flower on the side of the bun can enhance this look further by giving brides a graceful yet edgy look!

Hairstyle Tips for Indian Bridal Wear- Messy Bun Hairstyle

Spanish up-do hairstyles can give an Indo-Western look to traditional Indian bridal wear. Thick and long hair is perfect for this look. Hair can first be blow-dried and then parted in a horizontal manner after which the upper part of your hair can be styled up while the lower part of your hair can be let loose to flow. This look can also be perfect for a youngsters or cocktail party before the wedding where the dress code is usually Western and the bride-to-be wears a stunning gown.

Hairstyle Tips for Indian Bridal Wear- Spanish Updo Hairstyle

The beehive and floral hairstyle complements the elegance of Indian bridal wear. This vintage look is perfect when used with big white flowers in your hair or with a tiara. The beehive bun allows your hair to be loose but still look tidy like the classic bun. This hairstyle looks great with outfits that have high necks with intricate work and embellishments.

Hairstyle Tips for Indian Bridal Wear- Beehived Style with Florals Hairstyle

Finally the twisted hairdo with a half up half down style is in vogue currently. This hairstyle makes hair look extremely luscious and can also be accessorised beautifully and definitely adds glamour to a bridal look!

Hairstyle Tips for Indian Bridal Wear- Twisted Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

These seven hairstyles definitely look gorgeous with Indian Bridal Wear. Experiement with them before hand and see what suits you the best. Share your thoughts are comments, we'd love to hear from you!


Images: My Shaadi, Style and Weddings, Pinterest, Pink Beauty and Studio Spa, Shaadi Bazaar, Style at Life

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