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Selecting the Perfect Style for an Indian Wedding Lehenga Online
Selecting the Perfect Style for an Indian Wedding Lehenga Online
02 nd Sep 2015

The wedding lehenga is the most opulent piece of Indian garment that will make any bride shine on her wedding day.

Though this attire is quintessentially northern, the gorgeous Bollywood brides in the movies have sold the look all over India and abroad.

When you are buying a wedding lehenga online, with the plethora of options available it is always good to know what style of lehenga will suit your body type.

There are certain basic silhouettes in which you can buy the wedding lehenga online. The silhouettes have transformed over time for the wedding lehenga, to give the brides very contemporary looks.

From the traditional to the experimental, let’s have a look at the styles of wedding lehenga online:

A-line Lehenga

This is a classic style of lehenga and the silhouette resembles the letter A. It has just the right amount of flare. This look is a great option for women with pear shaped bodies.

The skirt’s minimal flare conceals the heavy bottom and a highlighted choli will complete the look. The standard A-line look does justice to most body types including straight, hourglass, apple or top heavy strawberry body structures. So an A-line lehenga is a minimum risk option while buying wedding lehenga online and is unlikely to fail the bride in acing her look for her day.

A-line Lehenga

Straight Cut Lehenga

This type of lehenga has a wrap around skirt look. It fits snugly near the waist and falls straight down. It may also have a slit running below knees to give a contemporary look.

This lehenga should be avoided by straighter and inverted cone shaped bodies, as it will make straight body types straighter and the cones narrow at the bottom. However the look goes well for most other body types.

Straight cut lehenga

Fishtail / Mermaid Lehenga

This silhouette is a modern take on the traditional lehenga. It looks gorgeous and feminine as it accentuates the curves from hips to the knees, and flares out below.

A woman with an hourglass body structure can make this lehenga her choice, as it will highlight her defined body. For straighter bodies too, this lehenga will add the curvy outline.

Mermaid lehenga

Circular / Flared Lehenga

This type of lehenga is like a full heavy skirt with lot of pleats. The lehenga may also have added panels to give it volume that makes it look mythical and regal in appearance. This voluminous lehenga is more suitable for an apple body type, which has a broader waistline.

The heavy flare takes attention away from the waist, making it appear narrower. Also for the inverted cone body type, this look balances the broad shoulders. However if you have a pear shaped body, it is best to avoid this bottom heavy look.

Circular Lehenga

Shopping for lehenga online is a hassle free way for the bride to get the dream outfit for her wedding. ‘Different strokes for different folks’, so by paying attention to the body type while shopping for lehenga online the bride can eliminate the scope for exchanges and get the most stunning lehenga that flatters her.

The high end wedding apparel website strand of silk offers various styles and cuts of lehengas that makes buying lehenga online a delight, with scope for customisation where needed.


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