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Real Life Inspirations for Co-ordinated Indian Bride and Bridesmaid Looks
Real Life Inspirations for Co-ordinated Indian Bride and Bridesmaid Looks
13 th Dec 2017

In the final run up to the wedding, it’s quite natural and almost unavoidable for you to be spending most of your time with your significant other. Last minute errands, confirmation of details and formulating contingency plans will fill your days and before you know it, your wedding will have arrived. All valid reasons to be a little bit MIA from your girl gang and the troopers that they are, they will get it and support you. The same way they were there for you through every heartbreak, all those fights with your parents, academic failures and career setbacks. Not to mention they will party the hardest at your wedding too, exactly like they also celebrated your every other accomplishment no matter how small. Remember the wine and cheese house party for that fabulous new haircut? And the fancy dinner for prep work for that all-important big date with your crush?

Yes, girlfriends are truly the wind beneath our wings when no one else seems to get it and everything around us seems to be crumbling to pieces. So it would be a prison sentence worthy crime to forget all about them just because you have found Mr. Right, because they’ve been your Miss Right Aways forever. The wedding might be about you committing yourself to your partner but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with your lifelong partners-in-crime as well.

There used to be no concept of commemorating female friendships at Indian weddings. But with so many modern couples borrowing from the western tradition of incorporating bridesmaids into their nuptials, there is no reason for you not to honour the special women in your life. Matching outfits or accessories with your fiancé is a classic touch but consider paying homage to your girlfriends on similar lines too. Here are a few fun ideas to make your girls a part of your special day.

Matching Contrasts

Kate Middleton can be credited with starting this trend when she sidestepped the age-old tradition of only the bride wearing white on her wedding day. Her maid of honour and sister Pippa Middleton as well as the rest of her bridal party dressed in white too and the effect was mesmerising. Have your bridesmaids wear sarees, anarkalis or churidhar kurtas that match your lehenga shade and you’re sure to have some memorable pictures while also ensuring that they stand out as the chosen ones amongst the other guests. If your lehenga has two or more shades then split the bridal party in groups and let each group sport one.

Co-ordinates Bride & Bridesmaids Looks | Matching Contrasts 1

Matching Contrasts With Two Colours

Co-ordinated Brides and Brides Maid Looks | Matching Contrasts 2

Matching Contrasts With One Colour

Co-ordinated Bride & Bridesmaids Looks | Matching Contrasts 3

Matching Contrasts With One Colourese

Looking for some pieces to copy these styles? Here are some options from Strand Of Silk.

Bride & Bridesmaids Looks | Matching SOS 1

The Palomi Suit by Anita Dongre

The Damiti Lehenga by Anita Dongre

Mughal Love Saree by Kyra

Bride & Bridesmaids Looks | Matching SOS 2

Blue Mirror Work Kurta Set by Silvereene

Aquq Georgette Lehenga Set by Devnaagri

Lime Green Georgette Suit by Anju Agarwal

Colour Pops

If complete colour matching is a bit too dated for you liking then take the more contemporary route to bridesmaid dressing. Neutral toned outfits with embroidered pops of your lehenga colour make for a really unique and modern style. If you’re wearing something printed then pick a single colour for one part of their ensemble like the blouse or dupatta.

Co-ordinated Bride & Bridesmaids Looks | Colour Pops 1

Colour Pops Inspirations

Co-ordinated Bride & Bridesmaids Looks | Colour Pops 2

Colour Pops Inspirations

Co-ordinated Bride & Bridesmaids Looks | Colours Pops 3

Colours Pops Inspirations 

Can't wait to shop this style? Just scroll through these outfits from Strand of Silk for the ideal Colour Pop matches. 

Brides & Bridesmaids Styles | Colourpops SOS

Nude And Pink Coloured Net Lehenga by Priti Sahni

Peach Hand Embroidered Suit by Siddhi Creation by Tanu Tamby

Rani Peach Heavy Embroidered Lehenga by Anushree Agarwal

Same Shade Accents

Yet another modern twist to sharing the same colour with your bridal party, is to let them match a single piece of their entire outfit with yours. Similar to the colour pops, you can pick a shade from your own ensemble for all the bridesmaids. The chosen colour can make up the entire outfit or a single aspect like the blouse or dupatta.

Co-ordinated Bride & Bridesmaids Looks | Same Shade Accents 1

Same Shade Accents With Blouses

Co-ordinated Bride & Bridesmaids Looks | Same Shade Accents

Same Shade Accents With Sarees

Co-orinated Bride & Bridesmaids Looks | Same Shade Accents

Same Shade Accents With Saree

If you're pressed for time but still want to experiment with this idea then look no further than these exceptional options from Strand Of Silk.

Bride & Bridesmaids Looks | Same Colour Options SOS 1

Enchanting Peach Lehenga by Rang by Manjula Soni

Jade Gardenia Saree by Kyra

Brides & Bridesmaids Looks | Same Colour Accent SOS 2

Fuchsia And Peach Pink Lehenga by Salt and Spring by Sonam Jain

Fuchsia Pink Jacket Suit by Anju Agarwal

Cohesive Embroidery

If you want something even more subtle and refined than simple colour matching then go for cohesive embroidery instead. Pick a base colour that can offset the colour of your own outfit as embellishments on the bridal party’s clothes. Keep in mind that, this will only work if you keep your own outfit a completely neutral and single hue or if you pick a primary colour as the base colour for your bridesmaids.

Co-ordinated Bride & Bridesmaids Looks | Cohesive Embroidery

Cohesive Embroidery Inspirations

Prop It Like It’s Hot!

The road to Instagram glory for your wedding pictures goes through the route of quirky and interested props, so why not get your bridesmaids in on the action as well? If you plan on wearing a bright colour yourself then arm your bridesmaids with funky props to match. From multi-coloured flower bouquets to Asian style umbrellas, the sky and your imagination is the limit to all the possible props you can create and infuse into your wedding. Just ensure that your props match the colour of the bridesmaids’ outfits as well because a total contrast may not translate well in person and in pictures.

Co-ordinated Bride & Bridesmaids Looks | Prop It Look It Hot 1

Co-ordinated Props in Pink

Co-ordinated Bride & Bridesmaids Looks | Prop it Like It's Hot 2

Co-ordinated Props



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