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Real Indian Brides In White Outfits
Real Indian Brides In White Outfits
29 th May 2019

Everyone seems to have the misguided notion that millennial brides with their western influences started the trend of wearing white on their wedding day. Surprising as it may sound, the idea is not that novel on the Indian bridal wear circuit. No jokes! Brides from Gujarat in North India had been wearing white for eons before it became the dress code for modern IT girls. The idea of wearing all white back then was to exemplify purity and chastity. It also had financial benefits for families with fewer means since buying white fabric that didn’t require dyeing was cheaper and the bride needed fewer embellishments to stand out.

In time as cultures collided and influences from other regions became more apparent the colour white evolved to include red and the quintessential Panetar saree was born. The white and red colour combination is still very popular and sometimes even mandatory Indian bridal wear in the Gujarati community. Even if the young lady getting married opts for an Indian bridal lehenga instead of a traditional saree, panetar style colours are still incorporated into the outfit.

Since Indian bridal wear is constantly transforming with the changing fashion trends it’s completely characteristic that certain concepts are being resurfaced and revamped for future generations. The resurgence of white Indian bridal wear is a similar story coupled with the sharp rise in multicultural weddings. Since white has long been associated with western brides, it’s an easier transition for Indian brides to adopt the colour especially when their partner belongs to a different ethnicity.

We thought it best to make our case for the ethereal hue with real life examples of brides who rocked white at their wedding and looked simply angelic doing it.

Indo-Western Silhouettes

Some Indian brides still can’t fathom wearing white for their actual wedding but they want to be part of the trending brigade so they select Indian bridal wear in the colour for smaller events leading up to the big day. Indo-western silhouettes are equally common for events like the sangeet or reception so it was only a matter of time before the two were combined for some drool worthy outfits. For millennial brides who grew up watching Hollywood’s romantic dramas and comedies, the white wedding dress was the symbol of happily-ever-after that all of them fantasized about so why not turn that into a reality? Gowns featuring trains, ruffles and shimmering mermaid fits have all been seen on real brides who looked nothing short of princesses.

Brides In White | Indo-Western Silhouettes 1

Real Bride Riddhi In A White Manish Malhotra Gown

Brides In White | Indo-Western Silhouettes 2

Real Brides Anushka In A Gown With Ruffles & Shreya In Metallic Mermaid Gown

White & Silver

Indian bridal lehengas featuring white and gold have been around forever, which is why white and silver are the latest craze amongst white-enthusiasts. Sometimes even a combination of white, silver and gold can create breathtaking Indian bridal wear. Plus the old adage of white being a blank canvas for embroidery that pops still holds true resulting in lightweight and comfortable Indian bridal lehengas that are still glamorous and dramatic.

Brides In White | White & Silver 1

Real Bride Komal In A White & Silver Indian Bridal Lehenga

Brides In White | White & Silver 2

Real Bride In A White & Silver Anita Dongre Indian Bridal Lehenga

Multicoloured Embroidery

Coming back to white as the ideal canvas, some brides choose to experiment with embroidery colours using the hue as the base of their Indian bridal wear. Pastel floral embroidery on white Indian bridal lehengas has been massively trending and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. The motifs range from decidedly vivid to gently subdued depending on the bride’s personal preference but the effect is mesmerizing every time. Some brides decide to play with contrasts with a single bold colour dominating the embroidery and the dupatta.

Brides In White | Multicoloured Embroidery 1

Real Brides Malavika & Smiti In White Indian Bridal Lehengas With Multicoloured Embroidery

Brides In White | Multicoloured Embroidery 2

Real Brides In White Indian Bridal Lehengas With Multicoloured Embroidery

Distinctive Accents

It wouldn’t be fair to simply collate pictures of past brides without picking out Indian bridal wear from real brides who took some fashion risks with fantastic results. These distinctive accents on Indian bridal lehengas may be the way forward for brides who want to wear white but are worried about it becoming a tad too common. White on white embroidery with embossed and cushioned motifs has a wonderfully vintage appeal reminiscent of Chantilly lace gowns. But for those who want a dash of colour with a difference for their white Indian bridal wear, there is the fusion of print with embroidery that’s absolutely refreshing and cutting edge. The effect is unlike anything we’ve seen so far making this trend a keeper for all those experimental future brides out there.

Brides In White | Distinctive Accents

Real Brides In White Indian Bridal Lehengas With Distinctive Accents



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