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Real Brides & Their Unusual Honeymoon Destination Picks
Real Brides & Their Unusual Honeymoon Destination Picks
09 th Aug 2019

One of the next series of big fights for a to-be-wedded couple is all about the dreaded honeymoon destination. It’s not enough to want to pull your own and your partner’s hair out during wedding planning because modern weddings aren’t complete without a honeymoon. You could give it a rest and take your honeymoon after a few months or a year. This way you both will have the time and funding to plan something really exciting that will be a truly memorable experience.

A basic Google search or asking friends and family for honeymoon destination suggestions often turn up the same old boring places that have been on everyone’s radar since the 1990s. There is absolutely nothing wrong with picking a popular tourist hot spot if it’s something that you both are super keen on. However most couples these days aren’t satisfied with doing what everyone and their moms did for their honeymoon. They want that heady mix of exotic locales, adventurous undertakings, sizzling nightlife and breath-taking scenery. A tall order by most standard travel agent itineraries which will expect you to pick and choose between 1 or 2 of your top activities but will rarely offer all in one fantastic location.

Luckily there are articles like these that aren’t about convincing you to head to Europe, America, Australia or New Zealand if you want to spend big or to consider South East Asia and the Middle East if you want to live it up on a budget. Not that these regions don’t offer pockets of untouched beauty that have somehow survived the clutches of mass tourism. But how about side stepping the been-there-done-that route altogether in favour of something truly inspirational and Insta-worthy?

Murmansk, Russia

The country that hosted last year’s FIFA World Cup has so much more to it than Moscow and St. Petersburg. The massive landmass of Russia is home to diverse topographies and a multitude of cultures that are totally different from the rest of the world. With Gothic architecture that reflects Russia’s dark and edgy past, there is something exquisitely alluring about the nation of the Tsars. Murmansk offers the northern lights chasing couple the same experience of Norway or Iceland at half the cost as discovered by real bride Charu. Her hubby and her ticked off the bucket list worthy experience while also scoring some truly exceptional winter wonderland pictures.

Unusual Honeymoon Destinations | Russia

Snapshot from Real Bride Charu’s Honeymoon In Murmansk, Russia


Probably a country you might need to look up to locate on the world map, the tropical shores Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia are no less picturesque than Santorini in Greece. Real bride Paridhi could’ve fooled her own friends who were convinced that her honeymoon pictures came straight from the romantic hotspot in the Greek Cyclades. The North African country of Tunisia is much more affordable than any in the European Union and is definitely an emerging destination amongst the young and free-spirited. Any pre-conceived notions of the country being unsafe or extremely conservative as a Muslim nation are totally unfounded if you just go with the flow, dress appropriately and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Unusual Honeymoon Destinations | Tunisia

Snapshot from Real Bride Paridhi’s Honeymoon In Tunisia


Before you scoff at the fact that Egypt isn’t exactly undiscovered and people have known about it for centuries, it’s important to understand that post revolution Egypt is a totally different ball game. As real bride Ritika discovered, Egypt is going through another resurgence after a lull that came from safety concerns for tourists, in light of the political unrest that plagued the country for several years. However none of these are enough to scare away history buffs and romantics who would do anything to gaze up at the astounding Pyramids and the other larger-than-life ancient structures that defy gravity and logic. It’s not all about Pharaohs and their tombs as Egypt also boasts of international towns like Hurghada that offer a plethora of bars and clubs with potent libations.

Unusual Honeymoon Destinations | Egypt

Snapshot From Real Bride Ritika’s Honeymoon In Egypt


Want to beach bum with your honey? Forget about Thailand or Philippines with their over crowded islands and consider Laos instead. The upcoming South East Asian nation has everything its neighbouring countries are famous for but has still remained a paradise unscathed by hoards of tourists. Real bride Mallika experienced it for herself and can vouch for the scrumptious food, warm hospitality, pristine beaches, stunning architecture and overall bohemian vibe. The best bit is that while South East Asia is already pocket friendly, Laos is even cheaper so there is really no excuse not to bag your bags and head out.

Unusual Honeymoon Destinations | Laos

Snapshot From Real Bride Mallika’s Honeymoon In Laos


Rounding out this list with a truly standout suggestion. Uzbekistan has certainly never been on anyone’s honeymoon destination wish list but real bride Niharika cannot stop gushing over the former Soviet Republic. While Russia still has its fair share of tourists, Uzbekistan remains largely unexplored and therefore totally mysterious. Even though Uzbekistan can be considered non-descript on the tourist map, AirBnbs are plentiful in this tiny country ensuring you don’t have to over-stress your budget on stay. The larger cities feature a curious blend of Arabian Nights meets Communist Ideology, that’s likely to excite any couple who’s into history and anthropology. While thrill seekers can spend a night or two in the desert before heading to the small villages in the Nuratau mountains for a spot of trekking.

Unusual Honeymoon Destinations | Uzbekistan

Snapshot From Real Bride Niharika’s Honeymoon In Uzbekistan




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