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Quirky Mehendi Footwear Ideas
Quirky Mehendi Footwear Ideas
01 st May 2019

Quirk is everywhere this Indian wedding season and no place is it more apparent than at mehendi ceremonies. Unabashed festivities focussed solely on having girl power fun have replaced the shy and demure henna proceedings of the past. Just because Indian women are getting henna applied on their hands does not mean they must act coy and giggle like giddy school girls. Nope, just like the modern brides of today, their henna ceremonies too have moved on up with the times and have become bold, beautiful and brainy.

More and more brides want colourful mehendi ceremonies with kitschy décor elements and powerful music acts to enthral their women kin. Doing the bhangra, breaking into a jig on the latest hits from Bollywood or even celebrating with holi colours are all on the agenda for new age brides who are throwing the rulebook at stuffy traditions. Going hand in hand with these radical new festivity ideas are the transformed dressing styles of brides and their girl gangs.

Dhoti pants, crop tops, saree-gowns, printed co-ords and palazzo sets are ruling the roost when it comes to mehendi dressing so why should the footwear be any less experimental. Isn’t the first cardinal rule of putting together an ensemble, the act of committing to an aesthetic? With such fabulously artsy clothing options on offer it would be a shame if Indian footwear designers didn’t up their game to match up. Thankfully, that’s not the case because real brides are taking to quirky mehendi footwear like never before.

The rules for mehendi footwear are rather simple. It needs to be comfortable (all the better to dance in, dah-lings!), aesthetically pleasing (cause why bother otherwise?) and match your outfit (DUH!). They’re certainly not challenging parameters and with the growing trend of vibrant hues for mehendi outfits, there has been a barrage of feisty quirky mehendi footwear on offer.

Beaded Footwear

Before you wonder, what’s so revolutionary about Indian beaded footwear? Hold up! We ain’t talking about the straight laced pretty pretty embroideries from your grandma’s wedding chappals. Nope, this style of beaded footwear comes in contrasting colours and brazen announcements like Phataka Dulhan written in a blend of Hindi and English: Hinglish, for those in the know of the world of kitschy Indian styling. The lettering options are totally customisable so go wild with what you want your very own beaded footwear to spell out (quite literally). The same goes with the style of footwear as it ranges from juttis to heels to slip-ons and wedges. The colours combos can be as wild as you dare to wear or decidedly subdued for your comparatively modest style sensibility. Your besties and sisters can also get in on the action by getting themselves a matching pair.

Quirky Footwear | Beaded 1

Bold Hued Beaded Quirky Mehendi Footwear

Quirky Footwear | Beaded 2

Pastel Coloured Beaded Quirky Mehendi Footwear

Quirky Footwear | Beaded 3

Beaded Quirky Mehendi Heels

Quirky Footwear | Beaded 5

Beaded Quirky Mehendi Slip-Ons

Quirky Footwear | Beaded 4

Beaded Quirky Mehendi Footwear In Matching Sets

Pop Art

A mention of quirky anything is not too far from encapsulating some version of pop art. Mehendi footwear is no different because it can seamlessly blend into the pop art category with a few funky looking wedding hashtags and anime designs for design accents. But it’s not all about prints because pop art mehendi footwear can also take on a completely innovative and trippy silhouette featuring elements like massive bows, lettering, numbering, motifs, characters and much more.

Quirky Footwear | Pop Art 1

Pop Art Wedding Hashtag Quirky Mehendi Footwear

Quirky Footwear | Pop Art 2

Pop Art Wedding Hashtag Quirky Mehendi Footwear

Quirky Footwear | Pop Art 3

Pop Art With Funky Lettering & Characters On Quirky Mehendi Footwear

Quirky Footwear | Pop Art 4

Pop Art With Funky Lettering & Bows On Quirky Mehendi Footwear


The once-strictly sportswear trend has exploded onto mainstream fashion and is showing no signs of slowing down. Ultra luxe design houses have been majorly cashing in on the athleisure craze and are putting out ever more extravagant and eye-catching sneaker styles. Indian footwear designers are following suit as all variations of sneakers are also making an appearance in their collections. Half sneakers that are slightly more supportive than juttis are definitely a mehendi footwear favourite with the current crop of brides. Versions of these with prints, beading, embroideries and personalisation have been doing the rounds for some time. The newest rage in the same category is heeled sneakers with glamorous embellishments that match the bride’s outfit exactly. While these can be easily worn to the wedding as well, there is just something a lot more carefree and sensational about showing them off at the mehendi ceremony.

Quirky Footwear | Sneaker 1

Printed & Beaded Quirky Mehendi Half Sneakers

Quirky Footwear | Sneaker 2

Printed & Beaded Quirky Mehendi Half Sneakers

Quirky Footwear | Sneaker 3

Embroidered Quirky Mehendi Sneakers

Quirky Footwear | Sneaker 5

Embroidered Quirky Mehendi Sneakers



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