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Quirky & Unique Save The Date Ideas
Quirky and Unique Save The Date Ideas for an Indian Wedding
13 th Sep 2017

The date is set, the venue booked and the air is buzzing with excitement worthy of a wedding fiesta. What you need now is for all your loved ones to make it to the extravaganza so sending save the dates prior to a formal wedding invitation is one way to ensure they block their schedules for your special days.

Remember this is not your actual invite so feel free to get a little bit freaky and creative with your save the dates. You could always follow the same theme that you plan on using for your wedding invites to create a sense of cohesion but don’t be afraid to get experimental either.

Save The Dates are a fantastic opportunity for you and your partner to get people geared up about the upcoming nuptials and especially essential for destination weddings where they will be required to book tickets of any sort. They’re also a great way to set the tone for your wedding so people know what to expect. Formal save the dates are traditional and classic so you can never go wrong with them.

But if you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on fancy paper, printing and artwork or haven’t gotten around to doing a pre-wedding photo shoot because you’re still working on that wedding ready bod then check out these simple yet unique and quirky save the date ideas.


If you plan on getting married at a picturesque haven then why not share that with your guests sooner rather than later? You never know who might change their mind after receiving a postcard filled with gorgeous scenery and revelry. Sending postcards is a cost effective and particularly wonderful way of introducing your guests to your wedding destination or venue. Most souvenir shops at more tourist friendly locales will have a wide variety of postcards to choose from and you can even mix things up depending on who will be receiving them. You can get the details professionally printed or easily DIY it with an at-home printer and some photo editing skills.

Save The Date Ideas | Postcard 1

Postcard Save The Date

Save The Date Ideas | Postcards 2

Postcard Save The Date

Goodie Boxes

It is customary in some cultures to send sweets and savouries with wedding invitations but you don’t need to do that for the save the date and pile on the expenses. Instead of sending a standard envelope you can always put a few fun bits together and send postage friendly boxes instead. Pick a theme like a Boombox if you both are music lovers and create 2-3 different cards with a few more details than a regular save the date. You can also include a Polaroid of both of you or the destination or venue along with some cool elements like badges that can be worn during the wedding. 

Save The Date Ideas | Goodie Boxes
Boombox Style Goodie Box

Comic Strips

If either of you is artistically inclined or if you both are sci-fi and fantasy buffs, then a personalised comic strip featuring both of you is the kitschiest pop arty way to announce your wedding date and venue. It will need some effort as you both will need to delve deep into all those tales you love to come up with a storyline and then hire a sketch artist to create the comic strips. But there is no denying this idea is up there with the most memorable ones. You can follow up the save the dates with wedding invitations featuring the same caricatures of both of you and place cut outs as part of the wedding decor as a truly kick-ass way to get people into the wedding mood.

Save The Date Ideas | Comic Strip 1

Comic Strip Save The Date

Save The Date Ideas | Comic Strips 2

Comic Strip Save The Date

Scratch Off Cards

Since you’ve been lucky in love why not let your guests feel like they’re winning the lottery as well with scratch off style save the dates. These cards are rather simple to create and the nostalgic thrill of scratching off the details is something everyone will relish. You can choose to hide the date, destination, venue, times or any number of things but ensure that it’s worthy of the excitement of the scratch off.

Save The Date Ideas | Scratch Off

Scratch Off Save The Date


Why not use the save the date as an opportunity to create the high-spirited buzz of a festival or a concert? Design the save the date like a flier or advertisement for an event promising pulsating music and dance and you’re sure to get your guests in the mood to party very quickly. Distribute some cool accessories like wristbands and badges that your guests can rock at the wedding. And for those who want to hide their control freakdom in the guise of cutesy wedding details, you can also get away with sending personalised luggage tags with the date imprinted on them to ensure guest luggage safety on arrival.

Save The Date Ideas | Festival 1

Festival Flier Save The Date

Save The Date Ideas | Festival 2

Wrist Band Save The Date

Save The Date Ideas | Festival 3

Luggage Tag Save The Date





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