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Product Watch: The Trend of Selfie Sticks at Weddings
Product Watch: The Trend of Selfie Sticks at Weddings
15 th Jun 2015

The only thing that is constant about a trend is that it changes.

There was a time when you would see disposable cameras at the table at weddings.

Today, with the whole world going digital, it is commonplace at an Indian wedding ceremony to find a mobile phone in each hand and everyone clicking away to get the perfect shot from the wedding.

Product Watch The Trend of Selfie Sticks at Weddings

This, combined with the selfie mania has given birth to the trend of selfie sticks at the wedding with friends and family of the couple gathering around to get great group pictures that reflect the bonhomie and warmth of the group. With a selfie stick, all you need to do is to hook your phone to the stick and one person in the group can click an awesome picture that encompasses the entire group, just with the flick of a button.

The Bluetooth enabled sticks are sturdy, practical and offer excellent value for money. The beauty of pictures taken with a selfie stick is that they are more candid than a group picture taken by a professional photographer at the Indian wedding ceremony.

When a group huddles around the stick, making sure that everyone fits in the frame, the affection and friendship in the group comes through the picture. With everyone comfortable in their own skin and actually smiling rather than posing primly, the picture becomes a testimony of the bond that the group shares.

Every picture taken this way has a story to tell. You do not really wait on stage for the photographer at the Indian wedding ceremony to take a shot at a time when everyone is saying cheese at the same time. Just form a huddle at one place and get clicking to get pictures that speak a thousand words. What’s more, with the picture on the phone, it becomes so much more easy to upload and share the picture with friends on social media.

So this wedding season, if you are looking to capture the memorable moments from the Indian wedding ceremony through your phone camera, we suggest you pick up a selfie stick immediately. Invest in one that is extendable and hardy since it will be the most passed around item at a wedding. With the selfie stick, you can capture not just great pictures of friends and family but can also be sure that you are in all of them!  

Image credit: Wed Me Good, Avax News

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