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Preggers Proof Style For Indian Weddings
Preggers Proof Style For Indian Weddings
29 th Aug 2017

Gone are the days of fashion purgatory for months on end before and after giving birth. If it seems like every pregnant lady around you is “glowing” and “blossoming” while you’re just figuring out how to look half way decent then don’t despair. Dressing for pregnancy is much harder and requires a lot more effort than one might think. The truth is that those women who make it seem so effortless find it just as hard to dress for their new shape especially when the body is changing daily.

An Indian wedding with its numerous outfit changes might be the last thing on your mind with these style limitations but pregnancy doesn’t have to mean several months of sartorial wilderness. The key to nailing pregnancy dressing is to remain true to your own aesthetic when looking for style inspirations. With a little effort and a lot of online pregnant celebrity style stalking you’re definitely going to find something that suits your personal taste and looks flattering with your growing belly.

Hollywood celebrities have been way ahead of the game when it comes to flaunting their baby bumps while Indian celebrities were still playing catch up until a few years ago. Thankfully for us Indian celebrities have taken the challenge of pregnancy dressing head on and no longer hide behind sack like dresses and shapeless mumus for public appearances. If anything celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan have aced pregnancy fashion to such a degree that it’s catapulted her stardom to a different level rather than slow it down. So if you find yourself having to dress for an Indian wedding and have no clue where to begin then here are a few inspirations and tricks to show them you still got it. 

An Anarkali Is Forever

The silhouette might be dying a slow death but like any classic manages to reinvent itself and become relevant again every few years. If you loved wearing anarkalis before pregnancy there is no reason why you should stop now. The flare is a wonderful deception for your bump and the comfort is a god sent especially when you would rather be in bed or soaking in a hot bath. An Anarkali can work for nearly every traditional function and can even double up as a saree substitute if you just can’t handle the cumbersome draping. Swap the fitted churidhar for a salwaar or palazzo trousers and you’ve just made yourself trendier and even more comfortable.

Pregnancy Style | Anarkali Forever

Kareena Kapoor Khan, Genelia Deshmukh & Shilpa Shetty in Anarkalis

Pregnancy Style | Strand Of Silk Anarkalis

Strand of Silk Anarkalis for Pregnancy Style

Camouflage Prints

What’s better than a flare to hide a quickly progressing pregnancy? Bold all over prints in flowing fabrics that camouflage your shape even better. Currently trending florals, pop arts and abstracts are all modern and chic ways to dress for an Indian wedding without flashing your baby bump too much. Depending on the colours, fabrics and styling, prints can work as either traditional or western wear. Longer lengths are ideal when working with prints because shorter tops will make you look heavier and cut your torso in an unflattering way.

Pregnancy Style | Camouflage Prints 1

Kareena Kapoor Khan in Floral Prints

Pregnancy Style | Camouflage Prints 2

Sisters Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karishma Kapoor in Bold Prints

Pregnancy Style | Strand Of Silk Camouflage Prints

Strand of Silk Prints for Pregnancy Style

Draw The Eyes Up

It’s the oldest trick in the book but it still exists because it works wonders. Dark solid colours like black, grey or navy blue will make you look smaller but combine them with statement accents above the waist and you’ve just graduated the pregnancy dressing master class. Detailing on top will keep the attention focused on the upper part of your body while stealthily hiding everything else. This trick is ideal for western outfits for the sangeet and reception. Structural gowns with shoulder and bust detailing or flowing capes are perfect examples of silhouettes that are in style and more forgiving on a growing baby bump.

Pregnancy Style | Draw The Eyes Up

Kareena Kapoor Khan In Outfits With Top Accents

Pregnancy Style | Strand Of Silk Draw The Eyes Up

Strand Of Silk Top Accented Outfits for Pregnancy Style

Play With Proportions

This one requires a little more advanced styling experience but when done right can look flawlessly spot-on especially for ethnic Indian clothing. You don’t have to give up on wearing a lehenga if you just opt for a longer blouse rather than clumsily hide your belly with a flimsy dupatta. Similarly layering patterns and prints with numerous shapes like longer kurtas, paneled overlays and palazzos will make your Indian wedding outfits pop. Always try all the pieces together once before the final event to ensure all the different proportions don’t look like a tent.

Pregnancy Style | Play With Proportions

Kareena Kapoor Khan Layering Differing Proportions

Pregnancy Style | Strand Of Silk Playing With Proportions

Strand Of Silk Layered Outfits For Pregnancy Style

Show Some Shoulder (Thigh Optional)

Now for those who don’t want to let a little thing like being pregnant get in the way of dressing va-va-voom, embracing the currently massive trend of baring shoulders is the way to go. Pregnancy will make you big everywhere but very few women will gain weight on their shoulders. Luckily this season is all about showing off those shoulders and you don’t have to forgo the trend. It’s the easiest style hack especially when you have a fun cocktail or western themed party to attend at an Indian wedding. You might not be able to drink but that doesn’t mean you need to dress like a bore either. A side slit showing some leg is totally optional but if you’re one of those fitness junkies who still works out rigorously or just plain blessed with good genetics then there is no reason why you should hide those toned limbs away.

Pregnancy Style | Show Some Shoulder

Kareena Kapoor Khan & Shilpa Shetty in Off Shoulder Outfits

Pregnancy Style | Show Some Shoulder

Strand Of Silk Off Shoulder Outfits For Pregnancy Style




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