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Perfect gifts to give this wedding season
Perfect gifts to give this wedding season
03 rd May 2015

The wedding season is upon us and it is time to start thinking about gifts to give the newlyweds on the occasion of their big day. When the couple do not have a wedding list, it becomes very difficult to pick a gift that would be useful to them.

Given the fact that sometimes the most extravagant of gifts remain unused and forgotten in a corner, it is best to put some thought before buying the gift. This will ensure that the couple uses the gift that you have given and will also remember the thought that went into it every time they use it.

When you are buying a gift, consider the likes and dislikes of the couple and also their interests. If you think that it is a tedious process to think of options, do research and shortlist gifts, we break it down for you to make your job simpler.

Here is our guide to buying the perfect gift this wedding season with our top picks for the best gifts.


Perfect gifts to give this wedding season - Accessories

Gifting the bride a gorgeous clutch or a pair of cufflinks to the groom is a great idea given the number of parties and gatherings they would be attending following the wedding. We have an amazing collection of clutches that we can guarantee any bride-to-be would love to have in her trousseau. 

Household Items

It could be something as practical as a set of high quality sheets of the highest thread count or a set of knives – the idea behind it is that one can never have enough of them. Or you could choose appliances that will help the couple set up an ultra-modern kitchen.

Best Picks 

Stand Mixer

Perfect gifts to give this wedding season - Stand Mixer

A stand mixer will solve all the kneading and mixing needs. A work of art no less, the mixer will not just look great on the counter, but will also add great value to the kitchen, helping the couple churn out lip-smacking delicacies in a jiffy.


Perfect gifts to give this wedding season - Juicer

With more and more people getting health conscious, the most popular question being asked today is – do you juice?  The perfect gift for the health conscious couple is the juicer that will help them jump the juice bandwagon to make super healthy smoothies and juices.


Who does not love gadgets? Given the fact that most youngsters are gadget obsessed, they make for extremely memorable gifts. The beauty of small gadgets is that they don’t occupy too much space and the probability that they get used is very high. Not just that, gadgets also figure among the most widely given and accepted gifts in the world. So without much ado, here are some top gift options.

Best Picks 

Ebook Reader

Perfect gifts to give this wedding season - Ebook Reader

Is the bride or groom a book worm? Then how about an ebook reader? It is smart, light and the  easiest way to read the latest bestseller! Would you not love one yourself?

Speakers or Headphones

Perfect gifts to give this wedding season - Speakers

Does the couple love music? A set of speakers would be ideal gift to help them unwind over the weekend. You could also think of a pair of fancy noise cancellation headphones if one of them is a music buff.  

Hobby-based Gifts

All work and no play would make them a lazy couple. So put some thought into their likes and dislikes and come up with a wedding gift that will please them to bits. 

Best Picks 

Camping and Travel Gear

Perfect gifts to give this wedding season - Luggage Set

If the couple loves being outdoors, then a camping kit is a great buy. Couples who love to travel will treasure a sturdy luggage set.

Cooking and Baking Utilities

Perfect gifts to give this wedding season - Cookware

There is no better way to bond than over a shared meal. What is better is cooking that meal together. If one of them is into cooking or baking, consider giving high-quality bake ware or cookware - a set that would help them churn out delicacies in their kitchen and have great meals every single day. 

Gift them an Experience

Of late, it is a popular trend to move away from the tangible and give the bride and the groom an experience – a couple’s day out at the spa, an organised trek or a weekend that can be spent learning pottery or painting. If you cannot think of anything that they would be interested in, a bunch of people can actually get together and sponsor the honeymoon together – don’t you think that will be a memorable wedding gift that you can give the newly weds? 

Best Picks 

Spa Vouchers 


Spa Vouchers | Perfect gifts to give this wedding season

What better way to unwind than a staycation at a spa over the weekend? Gift the couple a relaxing experience with vouchers to spend a day or two at a spa where they can recharge their bodies and minds and also spend time together, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. They will surely thank you for it! 

Weekend Classes or Getaways

Imagine two novices trying to get a hand at pottery or horse riding or baking. Classes over the weekend are not just a way for couples to bond but also a great stress buster. If you know that the couple is inclined towards picking up new hobbies, then weekend classes are a good choice! Else, you could also gift them weekend getaways to the nearest resort or wine trail that would make for a memorable wedding gift. 

Choosing a great wedding gift and surprising the couple with your choice can actually be an enjoyable experience. However, there is nothing wrong in talking to the couple once before you set out to buy the gift to make sure that you buy something that they would like and would use. 

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