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Oversized Baubles Seen At Real Weddings
Oversized Baubles Seen At Real Weddings
08 th Nov 2019

Indian weddings are meant for everything oversized. The OTT colourful décor, ostentatious outfits, ever expanding guest list (because your mum’s aunt’s brother is a very dear relative who cannot be left out!) and as a result the massive venue. Heck, even just number of days of festivities should have you clued into the grandeur of it all. Obviously there are some modern couples who are shunning the lavishness and unnecessary expenditure by taking the decidedly more contemporary and subdued approach to their nuptials. But for every pragmatic couple out there is another one (or maybe 3) who want their wedding to be louder, bolder and crazier than the last.

They want that big fat Indian wedding experience for their once-in-a-lifetime moment of joy and nothing less than the most impressive is enough to satiate their discerning tastes. And we say if your (or your daddy’s) bank balance allows it then why not? Life’s too short not to celebrate the truly magical times with those you cherish in the most luxurious way possible. Unsurprisingly then oversized baubles in every conceivable shape and form have made an appearance in quite a few bridal ensembles.

The idea sounds simply fabulous on paper. If everything else about an Indian wedding is super-sized then why should the jewels be an exception? But there are some key fashion lessons to keep in mind if you decide to give into the temptation of sporting oversized baubles. Lest you want to look like a Christmas tree decorated with tons of ornaments, it’s important to heavily edit your looks when going down the oversized jewellery route. Yes, Indian weddings might be all about go-big-or-go-home but that’s certainly the kind of insanity you need to stay away from when picking pieces for your bridal trousseau.

There can be only ONE massive statement piece of jewellery in your entire bridal ensemble so choose wisely to accentuate your best feature. Also remember that all other accessories and sometimes even your outfit will work best only if the statement jewel is the centrepiece of your complete look. Everything else must blend in seamlessly rather than compete with your oversized bauble. Because quite frankly an overdone bride is a totally dated bride and no one wants to look like they’re getting married circa 1965. Want some illustrative references? Have a gander at these flawlessly stylish real brides who nailed the trend.

Statement Neckpieces

Layer them up or pick one major stunner. Sizeable and magnificent neckpieces are THE way forward if you want a conventional and traditional bridal look. Note how the earrings, bangles and hair accessories were minimal on these brides to balance out the proportions with their large neckpieces.

OTT Baubles | Neckpieces

Real Brides In Statement Neckpieces

Statement Earrings

If you aren’t a neckpiece kinda bride or are simply after something much more contemporary with your wedding look then statement earrings are the way to go. They can range from kitschy and quirky to broad and bulky to layered and ultra-long. It’s extremely essential to pick a style that flatters your face cut because the wrong style can be potentially disastrous. It’s slightly tricky to know what works for your face so shop around and try out every single earring silhouette before settling on the one. Skip the necklaces or pair those statement earrings with something delicate and dainty instead. For a totally cohesive ensemble ensure the neckline is suitably low so you can really show off those danglers.

OTT Baubles | Earrings

Real Brides In Statement Earrings

Statement Maang Tikkas & Passas

For those of you who have very beautifully chiselled facial features, maang tikkas and passas can look simply stunning. Having a top heavy statement bauble will draw the eyes up towards that face really flaunting your best asset. Not to mention that large maang tikkas and passas have this undeniably vintage appeal reminiscent of the glory days of Mughal maharanis and princesses. Dip into a bit of that old world glamour especially for your wedding day look and you’ll end up with classic photos that will always be on-point, no matter what the decade.

OTT Baubles | Maang Tikkas & Passas

Real Brides In Maang Tikkas & Passas

Statement Naths

Some girls are blessed with more rounded and ethnic features that are ideal for wearing a statement nose ring or nath. Depending on your religious and cultural persuasion, a nath might also be a compulsion. Just like earrings, it’s important to understand what style works with your particular face shape. Statement naths often feature side chains that will be tucked into your hair so you may also need to consider a bun or an updo to finish off the look. Statement naths are certainly not for every bride but when done right they look absolutely mesmerising.

OTT Baubles | Nath

Real Brides In Statement Naths

Statement Matha Pattis

Speaking of enormous baubles that are high risk high return, Matha Pattis are definitely an unconventional choice these days. They used to be a bridal finery mainstay once upon a time but have slowly lost favour as women realized they aren’t for everyone. However that doesn’t take away from the fact that if you have the structured and slender face for them then they can look totally outstanding. For an updated and modern take on the age-old mattha patti, dismiss the earrings or wear studs and forgo any other oversized pieces. Make the mattha patti the focal point of your bridal accessories and you’re certainly going to be that memorable bride with the bold and captivating look.

OTT Baubles | Matha Pattis

Real Brides In Statement Matha Pattis




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