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Outfit Ideas for the Father of the Bride
Outfit Ideas for the Father of the Bride
24 th Jun 2015

Being the father of the bride is not just about overseeing the wedding preparations and waiting out at the endless shopping trips as the ladies pore over the clothing and fineries for the wedding The daughter’s wedding is a momentous occasion in the life of a father and we believe that he needs to be dressed in his best while celebrating her wedding.

Another reason why the father of the bride needs to be extremely well dressed is that he is an important role to play in all the wedding proceedings and will have all eyes on him as well.

So for the father who wants to put his best foot forward during the daughter’s wedding, here are some amazing father of the bride outfit ideas. Find more outfit ideas on our Outfit Generator as well as some handy styling tips where you can find out what to and what not to wear.

Sherwani and Pyjama

When it comes to traditional wedding ceremonies, an ornate sherwani in raw silk or silk cotton looks the best. Among all father of the bride outfits, a sherwani is the most lavish outfit. We say lavish since most sherwanis are adorned with heavy embroidery or embellishments.

Outfit ideas for the father of the bride - Sherwani

For a truly regal look, we suggest this maroon hand embroidered sherwani by WYCI that features an alluring all over pearl embroidery. Simply team the sherwani with a pair of black pyjamas and mojris and we guarantee that you a look that is rich and charismatic.

Kurta and Pyjama

The difference between a sherwani and a kurta is that the latter is not as structured and can range from being simple to ostentatious. Being the most popular traditional garment among men, it is not surprising that we recommend the kurta as a father of the bride outfit option.

Outfit ideas for the father of the bride - Kurta Pyjama

The one thing to remember while picking a kurta is to ensure that it fits well and is not droopy or loose. A silk kurta like this Dori embroidered kurta by WYCI will look simple and elegant. To jazz up the look further, simply throw in a golden dupatta over it!

Jacket over Kurta

At a time when the jacket or the ‘Modi’ jacket as it is popularly known has become a mainstream trend, it is but natural that it features on our father of the bride outfits list. A sleeveless fitted jacket can help knock some pounds off the look and also add a striking contrast to a plain kurta.

Outfit ideas for the father of the bride - Jacket Kurta

We have picked this stylish red denim linen waistcoat by WYCI to add that extra sartorial elegance to the kurta look. It goes best with plain kurtas in a complementing colour and if worn well, can even make the father look younger on the day of the daughter’s wedding!

Now that you have seen some options for father of the bride outfits, do tell us if you have a favourite! 

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