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Non-Conventional Bridal Outfit Colours
Non-Conventional Indian Bridal Outfit Colours
21 st Apr 2017

Every to-be-bride inevitably finds herself on the cusp of making many major decisions about her wedding day. For those who want each and every aspect of their wedding to be a celebration of themselves as people the question arises – Who is she, really? Is she a traditionalist, conformist, rebel, rule-breaker, cautious-experimenter, people-pleaser…the list is endless. However if there is a silver lining to the entire ordeal it has to be the forced soul-searching journey that it takes you on to discover more about yourself as an individual and explore unknown facets of each other’s personalities as a couple.

The first step in this process of self-discovery will no doubt lead you to trustee Google in search for wedding inspirations for everything from venues to décor to event entertainment to honeymoon destinations and everything in between. But a true stylista will abandon the search for pretty much everything else in favour of the wedding outfit. Because if she knows one thing without any doubt it’s that come D-day she will be slaying it no matter what. There will be celebrity pictures galore, articles summarising the best dressed IT-weddings from the past year, gossip columns conspiring about what went on at secret celebrity weddings, basically a barrage of media dedicated to how the young, restless, famous and mega-wealthy spent big bucks on their wedding day.

You might tear yourself away from the screen wondering whether you should pick a celebrity soul sister for inspiration. It seems like the next logical step considering that nearly every website, magazine and fashion designer is sounding off examples of all these illustrious brides and how they know how to really do it right. You’re also being subjected to the incessant screeching of mom, to-be-mom-in-law, ‘well-meaning’ older relatives and sundry about auspiciousness of red as THE colour for every bride and why you cannot, must not and dare not break away from this all important tradition in favour of any other hue. They argue that celebrities aren’t ‘regular folk’ and in their ‘filmy circles’ and ‘lifestyles’ nobody gives a damn about convention anyway.

If you’ve heard just about enough of their holier than thou crap and are certain that those tired old reds, pinks and maroons are not for you either out of sheer rebellion or a totally brilliant epiphany about your true inner self, then you’ve just hit the brides-piration jackpot. We’ve scoured the vast endlessness of the web to find you real life brides who rocked non-conventional colours on their own wedding day and looked like a gazillion buck while doing it. So if you’re still looking for that push to go all out in a blaze of guts and glory to become one of the few brides who doesn’t wear red because you ‘have to’ then keep reading.

Aqua Blue

Real bride Kriti knew from the very beginning that red was not her colour. As soon as she laid eyes on an aqua blue lehenga tailored to perfection in opulent brocade she was in love. Her style philosophy when looking for the ideal wedding lehenga was to go for something understated and layered made with luxurious fabrics rather than over-the-top embroidery. Her stunning aqua blue pick works wonderfully against the backdrop of the setting sun and makes for a picture perfect bride who is glowing from within because her outfit is an extension of her personality rather than the norm. 

Non Conventional Bridal Outfit Colours | Aqua Blue 1

Non Conventional Bridal Outfit Colours | Aqua Blue 2

Love Kriti's choice of wedding lehenga and wondering where you can find something similar for yourself? We've rustled up some options from our product lines to make it so much easier. Choose from the Aqua Georgette Lehenga Set by Devnaagri, Georgette Lehenga with Quilted Blouse by Narendra Kumar or Lovely Light Blue Sharara by Kanelle. 

Non Conventional Bridals Lehengas | Aqua Blue Related Products

Light Coral

If you know you don’t want something totally off-beat but are still willing experiment then you can’t go wrong with light coral. The hue embodies all the softness, prettiness and purity expected from a bridal lehenga while not being orthodox as proven by Ankita Singh. Ankita’s overly hectic corporate job in the US left her with little time for wedding shopping so she spent countless hours pouring over online shopping websites before coming to India. With a week in hand to buy everything off the rack in Delhi’s maze of clothing markets, Ankita was understandably overwhelmed and frustrated. All that changed when she came across a soothing light coral lehenga embroidered with antique gold gota work. It was a refreshing break from the jarring reds and maroons plastered across every bridal clothing shop and she didn’t bat an eyelid before finalising it for her wedding day. 

Non Conventional Bridal Outfit Colours | Light Coral 1

Non Conventional Bridal Outfit Colours | Light Coral 2

Non Conventional Bridal Outfit Colours | Light Coral 3

If you can't get enough of Ankita's dreamy light coral lehenga and have your heart set on the hue for your own big day then here are some options that mirror the style flawlessly. The Peach and Gold Embroidered Lehenga by Neha Gursahani is an exact match while the Floral Net Skirt Lehenga by Renee Label and Feminine Peach Anarkali with Ivory Lehenga by Neha Gursahani are for brides who want to sport the look sans too much bling.

Non Conventional Bridal Lehengas | Light Coral Related Products


Who says that your bridal outfit needs to be only one colour when there is a whole spectrum of shades to choose from? It’s not uncommon for ethnic clothing to have multiple colours in one outfit but it sure is rare for a bride to be sporting a myriad of colours at the wedding. However that didn’t stop Nisha Hemlani who wore a traditional yet striking multi-coloured lehenga at her own wedding. The mint green blouse and light to dark shaded lehenga were beautifully complimented by an ivory dupatta. We especially loved the addition of the bejewelled waistbelt that pull the entire look together while also infusing the ensemble with a generous dose of vintage lusciousness.

Non Conventional Bridal Outfit Colours | Multicoloured 1

Non Conventional Bridal Outfit Colours | Multicoloured 2

If you're all about being colourful and unconvetional with your wedding outfit then take a cue from Nisha's ensemble and forget about restricting yourself to just one shade. The Maroon and Green Lehenga by Yosshita & Neha works with a very similar colour palette. But if you want to avoid anything red altogether then the Pretty Bridal Lehenga by Yosshita & Neha and the Purple and Fuchsia Sharara Set by Mandira Wirk make for noteworthy considerations. 

Non Conventional Bridal Lehengas | Multicoloured Related Products


Keeping in sync with the theme of brightly coloured wedding lehengas is Aastha Sharma’s lovely citrusy orange lehenga. As Aishwarya Rai’s personal stylist and founder of Wardrobist Consultancy it was hardly surprising that Aastha always knew she would pick an orange lehenga for her nuptials. She had seen an orange outfit on the runway at an Anita Dongre fashion show and knew in that instant that it was to be the one. Anita Dongre’s team worked tirelessly to create the simple, comfortable and gorgeous orange lehenga of Aastha’s dreams.

Non Conventional Bridal Outfit Colours | Orange 1

Non Conventional Bridal Outfit Colours | Orange 2

Wondering how to grab some of the sunset lusciousness of Aastha's lehenga without customising? There are some equally stunning lehengas that are just a few clicks away. The Orange Brocade Lehenga comes from the design houses of Anita Dongre that also created Aastha's original. Alternatively the Coral Cape Lehenga by Renee Label works for brides whose style is more contemporary and the Orange and Pink Lehenga by Rang by Manjula Soni is for brides who are looking for the same traditional look but with some contrast.

Non Conventional Bridal Lehengas | Orange Related Products


If super loud colours aren’t really your thing but neither are pastels then there is always the pristine elegance of white. You would think that an all white wedding ensemble would make you look washed out for photos but as Kresha Bajaj demonstrated it can work wonderfully as a blank canvas for anything your little bridal heart desires. The fashion designer created and wore a regal white wedding lehenga painstakingly embroidered with their lovestory taking personalisation to a whole new level. Featured in several print and online magazines, the lehenga was no longer an outfit but also a piece of art and priceless keepsake. Even if you don’t want your own lovestory immortalised in embroidery there is no denying that sometimes the answer to bridal lehenga colour picking woes is to pick the most basic colour of all. 

Non Conventional Bridal Outfit Colours | White 1

Non Conventional Bridal Outfit Colours | White 2

Kresha got it just right with her own white lehenga and if you're looking to recreate the same aura around your own wedding lehenga then there is thankfully no need to jump on a flight and travel to India to scratch that itch. Here are some white lehenga options in different silhouettes that will be delivered right to your door step. Take your pick from the Alluring Black and White Lehenga Set by Neha Gursahani, Elegant Ivory Golden Sharara by Siddartha Tytler and the Smahazaar Jacket with Sharara by Anita Dongre.

Non Conventional Bridal Lehengas | White Related Products



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