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The new age Indian wedding poses-strand-of-silk-indian weddings
The New Age Indian Wedding Poses
16 th Sep 2015

Photography with imposed Indian wedding poses like the bride keeping her index finger under the chin or the couple seated boringly on two identical thrones was a part of Indian wedding photography till early 1990’s. This was a technique of creating wedding pictures with studio quality lighting at the wedding venue and was carried out by local photographers.

This traditional style of photography offered no scope for creativity and the wedding album of any couple during those days was full of monotonous pictures comprising of few close-ups of the couple, couples’ pictures together, pictures of their respective families and the endless guests from the reception party.

The photo industry changed drastically in the western world after 1970’s and the traditional wedding photography gave way to wedding photojournalism or wedding documentary. This style of photography captures the unique essence of each wedding as it unfolds, documenting the candid moments between the bride and groom and the wedding affair.

The modern photography requires skill, an artistic bent of mind and empathy to look at the wedding through the eyes of the bride and the groom. The photographer has to capture the images in motion as well by not bringing the moments to a standstill, artificially. So the photographer has to be innovative in choosing the right angles and should be accustomed to work under minimal lighting of the decor, while capturing the wedding essence in all its glory. This style saw its emergence in India in mid 1990’s and the statuesque Indian wedding poses got life and identity.

Here are some of the beautifully arrested moments with the new age technology and skills of photography. These different Indian wedding poses will definitely be cherished with love by the wedding couple-

The Bridal Beauty

A wedding generally revolves around the bride and capturing her beauty in a unique, creative way is the best way to document a wedding. An Indian bride is adorned from head to toe with jewellery, mehendi and beautiful embroidered outfits. A bride builds her look for the wedding painstakingly with careful thought, so beautiful Indian wedding poses of the bride adorned in all the finery will always be cherished by her.

Adorning bride

Bridal accessories

Mehendi picture

Bride's spirit

The Fun Side

The Indian wedding poses today can talk for the fun mood of the wedding. Capturing the unique free spirited bond between the couple especially if they are fun loving, will make for great quirky pictures that will be a reminder of how the couple thoroughly enjoyed their own wedding.

Hop skip and jump wedding

Bride and friends in a rickshaw

Bride and groom with funky glasses

Beach fun wedding

The Candid

The expressions in the pictures clicked at the spur of the moment can never be recreated. The digital SLR’s give the flexibility of innumerable clicks and that helps in catching the one in a million expressions.

Wedding games

Haldi ceremony

The Romantic

The Indian wedding poses depicting the flying sparks between the couple in an aesthetic way will be treasured in the hearts more than the albums. By creative use of light and darkness, the focus and blur options, these images can be breathtaking.

Romantic poses

The hands pose

Pose on a bridge

Using darkness effectively

Capturing Ceremonies

The myriad Indian ceremonies like haldi, mehendi, sangeet and the different rituals during the actual wedding ceremony provide scope for interesting wedding photography. The rituals are an integral part of any Indian wedding and no wedding picture collection will be complete without memories of the ceremonies.

Rice shower

Wedding garland ceremony

Wedding ritual picture

Wedding games

Special Effects

Indian wedding poses highlighted with special effects like monochromatic colour scheme can give a classic or a vintage feel to the wedding images. Below are some photographs displayed with special effects, which made them extra special.

Colour and image special effects

Sepia image

Black and white image

Creativity at its Best

Using out of the box creativity for Indian wedding poses, today’s photographer can present exhilarating images that will go down in Indian wedding pictures’ history.

Bride in mirror with bridesmaids

Dark silhouette with red dupatta

Focus on couple

Framed couple between mehendi hands

Aesthetic and technical skills of the photographer combined with his/ her passion, result into prized wedding recollections. The Indian wedding poses and photography have evolved and elevated to a new level, which is visible through the pictures above. These great wedding pictures are worth a thousand words.


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