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Must have Indian Accessories to complete your Bridal Attire |Beautiful Indian Accessories
Must have Indian Accessories to Complete Your Bridal Attire
04 th Nov 2014

Every soon-to-be bride dreams about the perfect bridal outfit with stunning accessories that will complete her ensemble and enhance her look. The beauty and charm of Indian accessories when paired with Indian bridal dresses is incomparable, so much that even your most expensive piece of contemporary jewellery will appear pale in comparison. As such, it is important to find the right pieces of jewellery to go with your Indian attire in order to put up a stunning appearance on your wedding day.

Remember that the accessories you choose don’t just add ‘bling’ to your outfit, but also define the way you look. A striking choker or a dazzling pair of earrings can transform your look from great to awesome!

So when you are putting together your bridal trousseau, pick up versatile pieces of Indian accessories that are unique, glamourous and can be co-ordinated with multiple outfits. For those brides-to-be setting out on your jewellery shopping, here is our guide for key pieces of Indian accessories that you must possess.


Earrings are an integral part of any Indian ensemble. No outfit is complete unless it is paired with a beautiful pair of earrings that frame your face and add a touch of sparkle or a pop of colour to your look. When it comes to Indian bridal wear, be it a saree or a lehenga, the one piece of accessory that complements the ensemble beautifully is the traditional jhumka. These dome shaped earrings add a classic Indian touch to any outfit. 

These jhumkas by Roopa Vohra are feminine, delicate and add an old world charm to your outfit. If you ask us which is the one accessory that every woman should have among all Indian accessories, we would say it is the jhumka. If you are in love with this jhumka trend, take a look at more such gorgeous jhumka earrings here. 

And while we are at earrings, don’t forget to add kundan or polki earrings to your collection since they go well with absolutely any Indian attire. These beautiful Indian accessories have an antique and royal look that complement rich Indian garments wonderfully. 

This beautiful peacock shaped kundan earring is ideal for occasions when you want to add a classy piece of jewellery to your outfit. Kundan jewellery pieces are timeless and make for a great addition to your jewellery collection. Take a look at more such kundan earrings here.


What comes to your mind the moment you think of the words ‘wedding’ and ‘necklace’ together? You are absolutely right. A diamond necklace! A must-have piece in your Indian accessories collection is indeed a diamond necklace, which will be the talk of the town at your wedding. Do sample some fine pieces of diamond necklaces that we have on offer for you here. We are particularly gravitating towards this dazzling ruby and diamond necklace that promises to become a part of your family heirloom.


Bangles are an integral accessory for Indian wedding ceremonies. In many families, the mother-in-law welcomes the bride into the family by giving her a pair of bangles. On your wedding day, don’t skimp on the number of bangles that you wear. Mix gold bangles with pretty stone encrusted ones that match your wedding outfit. When you are out shopping for colourful bangles, make sure to take your outfits along so that you can find the right match of bangles for your clothes. Wear at least a dozen bangles in each hand to do justice to the fact that you are the bride! 

While these are the most important Indian accessories that one must have, aside from these, the Indian bride can also wear the maang tika on the forehead, a cummerbund or a waist band around the waist, a multitude of rings, as well as arm bands. When you are shopping for Indian accessories, make your choices depending on how much bling you want in your outfit. Too much shine can end up looking very flashy, whilst embracing subtlety will take away from the ‘bridal’ look. Pick the right kind of accessories that can also be worn during occasions after the wedding and can be co-ordinated with different outfits. Last but not the least, don’t forget to smile – this will certainly light up your face and add a radiant glow more than any amount of jewellery can.

Images: fyeahindianfashion

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