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Modern Indian Wedding Dresses for the Haldi Ceremony
Modern Indian Wedding Dresses for the Haldi Ceremony
17 th May 2015

Every Indian wedding is replete with numerous ceremonies, each with a significance of its own.

The haldi-ceremony is a pre-wedding ritual held in both the bride and the groom-to-be’s respective homes. Haldi, in Hindi means turmeric.

The ceremony gets its name from the fact that a natural paste of haldi, sandalwood and rose water is applied on the face, arms and legs of the couple as a part of the event. The ubtan or paste is said to bring a glow to the faces of the couple, making them photo-ready before the wedding!

The modern day haldi ceremony is a fun event with lots of music, dance and excitement that make for excellent photo-worthy moments. If you are picking haldi ceremony clothes with the intention of looking great in the photos, do remember one thing – stains.  Wear clothes that can take a beating because you might be left with yellow stains on your clothes. If you are not sure as to what to wear, here are some modern Indian wedding dresses for the Haldi ceremony.

If you are still not sure what to wear to the Haldi ceremony, see our Outfit Generator for outfit recommendations and styling tips.

A fancy skirt with a sleeveless top

Pearl Orchid Crop Top Set | Modern Indian Wedding Dresses for the Haldi Ceremony

Since you’ve got to apply haldi on your hands and legs, a skirt is the most convenient option. Wear a bandhani skirt with an embellished tank top or a corset and you have your own mix and match modern Indian wedding dress for the Haldi ceremony! This purple crop top and skirt set by House of Trove features a charming beaded tie-up on the side along the waist which enhances the femininity of the skirt.

A dressy sleeveless gown

Blue Net Brocade Flair Gown | Modern Indian Wedding Dresses for the Haldi Ceremony

How a gown fits into a Haldi ceremony, you may ask. What we are talking about are gowns with Indian accents that blend seamlessly with the festive décor. Such modern Indian wedding dresses also offer you the comfort of propping them up to get the haldi applied on your legs without causing any damage to the fabric.

A simple lehenga

Vibrant Embellished Lehenga | Modern Indian Wedding Dresses for the Haldi Ceremony

When there is going to be dancing and music, why not go all out and wear a simple lehenga for haldi ceremony with a choli and dupatta! If you are worried about stains, then there is a way out as well – choose a lehenga in a bright yellow colour like the one above! Simple, isn’t it? Since we are talking about modern Indian wedding dresses, we recommend that you pick a lehenga with minimal embellishments in a contemporary silhouette. Think off shoulder or strappy blouses that are cropped and teamed with lehengas that end above your ankles.

Modern Indian wedding dresses are a great choice for the haldi ceremony since the event is casual and not really bound by specific rules revolving around attire. Pick dresses that are comfortable, yet dressy, so that you can look your best during the haldi ceremony. There are plenty of haldi dress designs, both on this site and elsewhere so you won't have trouble finding an outfit that you feel happy and comfortable in!

Image credit: Bollywood Shadis, Bollywood Vogue, Maharani Weddings, Pernia's Pop Up Shop  

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