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Grooms in Indian Suits | Mens Formal Indian Wedding Outfits and Suits
Mens Formal Indian Wedding Outfits and Suits
17 th Jun 2016

Indian women have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing their bridal attire. While this is true for the men as well, they tend to stick to the tried and tested formal three-piece suit for a western look or a kurta-pyjama set for an Indian look during the wedding.

A smart new trend that is catching on of late is that of men’s Indian wedding suits or the bandhgalas. They are formal evening suits that have been sported by royalty for hundreds of years now. A bandhgala is an outfit that resembles the suit – it has a well fitted coat that is paired with a trouser and an optional jacket worn over the coat. Politicians and men from the royal families are often seen sporting the bandhgala during festive dos.

What makes these men’s Indian wedding suits an ideal choice is that they are designed from luxurious fabrics, just like the suit and adorned with embellishments or embroidery at strategic points like the collar and the placket.

Men like the Indian PM Narendra Modi and bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan who are known for their sartorial choices are often spotted in a bandhgala, helping revive the popularity of this charming outfit. In case these are not reasons enough for you to pick these men’s Indian wedding suits, here are more!

Luxurious Fabric

Men’s Indian Wedding Suits for a Regal Look - Wedding Style

A bandhgala is made from suiting material or silk – two fabric options that can never go wrong when choosing wedding garments. So if you were considering a western three piece suit, you might as well go in for a bandhgala that has a touch of tradition that suits the occasion of wedding.

For men who are looking for an out and out traditional look can get their bandhgalas crafted in opulent fabrics like brocade or jamewari  fabric with floral or paisley motifs.


The most you can do with a western suit is to use a pocket square and a tie to brighten it up. However, the men’s Indian wedding suits are adorned with embroidery and can have sparkling button fastenings that make it dressy enough for the occasion.


Men’s Indian Wedding Suits for a Regal Look - Manish Malhotra Bandhgala

When it comes to wedding wear, ultimately what matters is the final look that you achieve with your outfit. Men’s Indian wedding suits help you attain that look with ease. Not just that, a bandhgala seamlessly blends in with the traditional and festive atmosphere at the Indian wedding.

Whether you are wearing a turban or jewellery, an Indian wedding suit is the best outfit to pair it for a truly royal look. Complete your look with a pair of mojris for matchless style and elegance.

Do you really need more reasons now to go and give men’s Indian wedding suits a try when you are out shopping for your wedding? Even if you are not getting married, they make for a great choice for festive occasions or for a friend’s wedding.

However, be sure to play down the look at another’s wedding since you don’t want to be the center of all the attention there! 

Stylish Sherwanis

Stylish Sherwanis | Men’s Indian Wedding Suits for a Regal Look

While the Bandhgalas are reinventing fashion for grooms wear, the classic Sherwani still rules as Indian grooms’ wedding outfit of choice. There is a wide range of options for Sherwanis from sleek minimalistic to the epitome of elaboration. The Sherwanis are essentially the longer variation of badhgala. Owing to its length and use of rich fabrics, a Sherwani exudes regal grandeur. If opulence is your preference then Sherwani is the undebatable choice.

Beautiful use of contrasting stole and safa can accentuate the impact of the Sherwani. The stole can be matched with the bride’s attire for a coordinated look. The Sherwanis are traditionally paired with churidar pants but you can get creative and explore other options like stylish dhotis and wider Patiala style salwars.

Comfortable Kurta

Comfortable Kurta | Men’s Indian Wedding Suits for a Regal Look

Kurtas are usually made of lighter fabrics like cotton and raw silk and therefore score high on comfort factor. Kurtas are a good option during hot weather when you want your skin to breathe instead of suffocating under a substantial wedding outfit.

The kurta can be dressed up further using trendy jackets or stoles. Bandhgala style jackets look very chic with a kurta set. Jackets in tradition breaking interesting hues are currently very popular with grooms these days. Kurtas are also available with embellishments and thread work to suit the needs of a highly decorated Indian wedding. If you prefer style without compromising on comfort then Indian kurtas are the perfect Indian grooms wear for you.

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