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Make- Up Tips for Indian Bridal Wear | Pink Smokey-eyed Make Up
Make Up Tips for Indian Bridal Wear
09 th May 2017

One of the most important days in a woman’s life is her wedding day. Every bride wants to look her best on her big day and undoubtedly her make-up should complement and enhance her beautiful Indian bridal wear!

There are a number of looks the bride can go for to match her make up- with her Indian bridal wear to give her the perfect look! Our top make-up tips and looks with Indian bridal wear include the soulful and bright look, the cool blue look, the glamorous gold look, the glittery and smokey-eyed look and the modern Indian bride look.

Indian Bridal Make Up Looks

The most popular make-up look brides opt for with Indian bridal wear is a soulful and bright look. The colour red is symbolic of love and compassion and when a bride is adorned in her stunning red bridal wear, her make-up should signify the same. Defined eyes with a light rose coloured lipstick are a classic combination. While, eye shadow with burnt hues and glitter gives brides an ethereal and regal demeanor. Opt for this look with your Indian bridal wear to look like the quintessential regal bride!

Soulful Red and Bright Look

Cool blue make-up is extremely unique and matches flawlessly when Indian bridal wear is in a shade of blue adorned with gold. Blue make- up is bold, colourful and fun. Strongly defined lashes with icy blue and gold eye shadow can lend a pop of colour that enhances the bold blue Indian bridal wear. The bold tones of blue can be offset with light pink lipstick and blush to make the bride look trendy in blue!

Cool Blue Look

Glamorous gold make-up is another bridal favourite. Shimmering gold eye shadow and glitter lends a sparkling effect to the bold highlighted eyes of the bride. The bride’s cheeks are accentuated in a bronze tone that brings out the glistening eye make-up and gives the bride the perfect sun-kissed look! Opt for a pink lipstick that has a slight tint in gold to add to the warm mood of the golden bride.  This look suits wheatish and dusky complexions and makes the bride look a million pounds!

Glamorous Gold Look

Glittery and smokey-eyed make-up adds an element of fun to the bride’s look. Smokey eyes also look edgy and can be worn by those brides who do not wish to stick to the typical bridal make-up norms. Shimmery gold eye shadow smoked with purple tones on well-defined eyes with pink blush and light lips is neither too loud nor too boring. While smokey eyes are edgy and bold and signify confidence, the pink blush and lips signifies the warmth of the bride.

Smokey-eyed Make Up with Indian Bridal Wear

Finally, make-up that suits modern Indian bridal wear is primarily for those brides that wish to have destination weddings where weddings can take place in the day as well. Modern brides prefer to keep their make-up more natural and minimalistic. Eyes are highlighted with Kohl or Kajal and eye shadow and blush is usually lighter. Lipstick however, is bright and can often be in bright pink, oranges or reds.

Modern and Natural Bridal Make Up

Indian Bridal Make Up - Tips and Tricks

While these looks are sure to make your better half swoon over your perfection, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you achieve your flawless bridal look easily.

Pre-Wedding Make up Tips for Brides

Start taking care of your skin atleast three to four weeks prior to your wedding day. Cleanse your face four times a day and make sure you moisturize your face before going to bed.  Also, a healthy diet and keeping yourself hydrated at all times is very important for that perfect glow!

Facial Makeup Tips for Indian Brides

The right shade of foundation, concealer for unwanted marks and blush for rosy cheeks is the best formula to look picture perfect. Make sure to use powder to hold the foundation on your face. You can also give the right shape and structure to your face by contouring with a shade darker than your own skin.

 Using foundation, concealer and blush


Makeup Tips for the Eyes of Indian Brides

Firstly, you need to apply an eye shadow base to hold the eye makeup. Avoid loud shades, instead go for shades of brown, gold and bronze. Once you have applied the base, apply an eye shadow shade that compliments your dress. Use a gel-based liner as it will last longer and finally finish your eye makeup with a smudge proof mascara to make your lashes look luscious. 

 Using eye shadow, eye liner and mascara

Indian Bride Lip Makeup Tips

It is important that your lips stay hydrated and for that, you need to use an effective lip treatment. Apply an even coat of lip colour that goes with your bridal look and then seal it with a liner. Avoid smacking your lips together as it makes the application look uneven.

 using lip colour and liner

Indian Bridal Hairstyle Tips

Your hairstyle should be tried and tested prior to the wedding day. A tight bun or even open hair with fancy bands and clips can look absolutely gorgeous.

Buns and open hair


Don't forget to carry your make up kit for last minute touch ups. Do test your makeup during the day to know exactly how you want to look. These wonderful tips will help you up your bridal make-up game and make you look like an ultimate royalty!


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