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Love In Words: Indian Wedding Quotes
Love In Words: Indian Wedding Quotes
14 th Sep 2015

Weddings conjure up images of starry eyed couples in soft embrace, the resplendent bride in her wedding finery, the love and longing in the groom’s eyes when his special lady walks into the room, tears of joy from the couple’s family, snapshots of close friends letting their hair down while revelling in their bliss and captured moments of guests mesmerised by the warmth and hospitality of their hosts. As the boundaries of the traditional Indian wedding become more fluid, with couples rather than their families setting the tone for their big day, the bonds of holy matrimony are sealed in ceremonies ranging from an opulent magnum opus to a beautifully put together simple yet modern affair and everything in between.  

In an age of perfection, more and more couples want their wedding day to be handled by professionals regardless of the size and grandeur of their wedding. Responsibilities that were traditionally taken on by the family are now entrusted to wedding planners, caterers, decorators, event managers, lighting crew, stylists and a whole crew of experts who ensure that the couple, their families and guests are able to truly enjoy the momentous day. While bringing in those who specialise in their own fields remarkably lowers the risk of a wedding day debacle that could spell doom on the entire proceedings, it is also essential for every couple to personalise their wedding day by giving it their own signature touch.

Starting with the invitations right down to the final farewell, a theme that truly resonates the couples’ personalities, interests and styles can transform any wedding into an inimitable soiree breaking away from the cookie cutter mould weddings that your guests have attended in the past. Indian wedding quotes can be unique reminders of the special bond between the soon-to-be man and wife.

The invitation is the first glimmer to guests of what to expect at your wedding. Brainstorm together to decide on a theme for the wedding and go about picking elements for your invitation accordingly. As the only exclusively written communication preceding your wedding, the invitation provides an ideal opportunity to use an Indian wedding quote that encompasses the entire experience. Although an invitation quote might have the maximum impact, pepper the functions with Indian wedding quotes in unexpected places to bring a smile to everyone’s faces and make your wedding an affair to remember. Let this list of Indian wedding quotes inspire you and hopefully capture your essence as a couple in a few simple lines.

In keeping with the changing times, the Indian wedding quotes listed below draw from various sources of inspiration that will encompass a whole gamut of personas.

For Literature Lovers

If you both are insatiable readers then chances are that you bonded over your mutual love for a particular author, poem or prose. These Indian wedding quotes are from some literary greats who have charmed the world with their words. 

Love in Words - Shakespeare

Love in Words - Friedrich

Love in Words - Twain


For Vintage Hollywood Aficionados

If your idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon is snuggling up with your partner, a tub of popcorn, some tissues and an old Hollywood classic to transport you back to a time when romanticism was a way of life then below are some Indian wedding quotes from motion pictures of a bygone era.

Love in Words - Breakfast at Tiffany's

Love in Words - Bridges of Madison County

Love in Words - West Side Story


For Bollywood Fanatics

An Indian wedding would be incomplete without a dose of Hindi movie music to get those feet tapping and bodies shaking. However if you happen to be a Bollywood super fan then why stop there? Infuse your wedding with the spirit of dramatic celluloid romance from Bollywood by using Indian wedding quotes from your favourite movies. 

Love in Words- Fanaa

Love in Words - Om Shanti Om

Love in Words - Ek Tha Tiger


For Sitcom Addicts

If you both count down the days to every weekend only to transform into binge watching couch potatoes then get inspired by the characters on your favourite fictional shows and use their words for Indian wedding quotes as a secret salute to other sitcom addicts like yourselves.  

Love in Words - Doctor Who

Love in Words - Downton Abbey

Love in Words - Grey's Anatomy


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