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Choreographed Indian Wedding Dancing | The Latest Trend Of Bollywood Dance & Performances
The Latest Trend Of Bollywood Dance & Performances
29 th Nov 2015

Gone are the days when an impromptu dance performance by a guest or relative at a wedding, starts the party.

Nowadays, the trend has changed and people are becoming more and more inclined towards well-prepared and choreographed dance performances to be performed at the wedding. This latest trend of Indian wedding dance has become all the rage among youngsters. After all, no wedding is complete without fun and dancing. 

The sangeet night is the most awaited function among the entire wedding celebrations. It truly is a night to remember with everybody singing and dancing together to celebrate the joy of upcoming wedding ceremony. But a lot of planning and hard work goes into making sangeet a successful and fun night. This calls for hours of dance practice, coordinating steps with fellow performers and last but not the least, selecting good Bollywood wedding dance songs. If you don’t choose the right song for your performance, you won’t be able to create the desired impact on the audience.

Some people prefer preparing a dance number for their loved ones on their own, where as others hire a professional choreographer to learn ‘desi thumkas’. Whichever way you go, the ultimate aim is to make it a memorable night for both bride and groom and for the families of both sides.

Now the important question to consider is who performs and how? Well, the answer is simple; friends and family will usually take the initiative to perform the latest Bollywood dance songs for at wedding. Their motive is to make the bride and groom feel special on their big day. It’s an act of love on the part of near and dear ones as they dedicate their performance to the newly-weds. 

It is wonderful to see them dance their heart out and share the happiness with the couple. Since we are talking so much about the wedding dance, here are a few ideas which you can use to rock the dance floor.

Prepare A Skit

Preparing and performing a skit is one of the latest wedding trends. In this either the couple or couple’s close friends perform a medley of Bollywood songs that depict the myriad emotions of the much-in-love couple. The skit can also portray the story of the couple showcasing how they met and fell in love with each other with the help of songs and music playing in the background. The selection of the songs depends upon the lyrics that represent the stages of the couple's story.

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Yes you guessed it right! I’m talking about the slideshow. Music when combined with pictures of the couple can be a more powerful tool than just giving a standard speech. There one could present a slideshow showing pictures with some background music. To make it even better, friends and family of the couple can sing and dance according to each picture. This will only add to the fun and laughter. 

Theme-Based Dancing

Next on the list is, theme-based dancing. It is a creative and innovative way to engage the guests. One can perform the fusion dancing that portrays the different cultural background of both bride and the groom. For instance if the bride is from Gujrat and groom is from Punjab, the relatives can organise a theme-based dance show where popular songs of both the states can be played upon. This blending of different cultures will represent the coming together of two families in an artistic way.

Be A Shadow Of Each Other

A couple can mesmerise the guests at the wedding by performing a shadow dance. Since, the bride and groom already have chemistry and share a great bond, a shadow dance would be a perfect way to portray that. Though shadow dancing needs a lot of practice sessions on the part of couple the coordination and synchronisation will naturally come to them as they are head-over-heels in love with each other. In this, one of the partners stands behind the screen so that only his/her shadow is seen and the other partner stands in front of the screen and dances with the shadow. Shadow dancing not only looks delightful, but is a perfect way to celebrate the love a couple shares with each other.

Shadow Dancing | The Latest Trend Of Bollywood Dance & Performances

Get The Crowd Roaring With Flash Mob

The flash mob trend has caught everyone’s attention lately. So, why not incorporate this trend in Indian weddings? Start the party by randomly picking one person from the crowd and make him dance and keep adding more and more people and encourage them to join the mob and take the centre stage. I’m sure this will have the crowd cheering and roaring.

Flash Mob Dancing | The Latest Trend Of Bollywood Dance & Performances

Bollywood All The Way

The sure-shot way to have a rocking party is by having a Bollywood night. Everyone loves Bollywood in terms of songs, dancing and dialogues. Include grooving Bollywood numbers and popular dialogues for the die-hard Bollywood fans among the crowd. One can stage a typical Bollywood dance or recite a popular dialogue to induce an element of fun into the party - after-all Bollywood music has the most exciting beats to get you on your feet and rock the dance floor. A Bollywood dance could also include props to enhance the performance.

Bollywood Dancing | The Latest Trend Of Bollywood Dance & Performances


Girls performing an item song has become quite clichéd, so why not try and mix things up a bit by asking some of the male guests to hog the limelight by performing some popular item numbers instead. It will be fun to see guys dressed up as girls and doing desi thumkas, latkas and jhatkas. I’m sure the crowd will go crazy seeing the groom and his friends dancing to songs like ‘Baby Doll’ and ‘Beedi Jalaye Le’. This performance would be a breath of fresh air and is sure to induce heaps of laughter from the watching guests.

Item Song Dancing | The Latest Trend Of Bollywood Dance & Performances

Now you know the latest trends of Bollywood dance and performance try some of these out when you get on the dance floor and have the time of your life! 

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