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Photo of the Bride by Sephi Bergerson | It's a Brave New World for Wedding Photography
It's a Brave New World for Wedding Photography
23 rd Mar 2016

Wedding photography, over the years has grown from a staged style that involved people posing in front of the camera and saying cheese to a more real and candid capture of the emotions involved in a wedding ceremony.

Today there is a new stream of photographers who are specialising in ‘candid photography for weddings’ and are more in demand compared to conventional wedding photographers.

This new age photography is much more raw and dramatic, freezing the moments of the wedding as is, without any alteration for the sake of the camera.

With the influx of inspirations and ideas online, this new age photography is popular with couples looking to capture special moments that escape the conventional photographers photographing the humdrum of the wedding. Candid photography for weddings is now done by skilled photographers whose timing is down to a T and they make sure to never miss a moment that will transport you back to your wedding.

Wedding photographs aside, some of them also pick exotic locales or off-beat destinations for pre and post-wedding photoshoots that result in vivid images and make for great memories. They go the whole hog, complete with drones to shoot breathtaking aerial views which were only limited to the big screen until recently. Today we feature the work of some amazing photographers with candid as their middle name, who are redefining wedding photography in India and across the world.

Indian Wedding Photography on an iPhone by Sephi Bergerson

Yes, you read that right. An entire wedding in Udaipur shot with an iPhone 6S Plus. No fancy camera or extra big lenses. It was photographer Sephi Bergerson’s long time dream to shoot a wedding with a phone, but the technology limitations in the previous models did not allow him to do so. When the latest model of the iPhone seemed to serve the cause, he only had to wait until he found a couple who would agree to this experiment. Sephi has redefined new age photography with his work at Ayushi and Abhishek’s wedding.

Sephi Bergerson Thali Photo | It's a Brave New World for Wedding Photography

The vibrant images manage to convey the photographer’s artistic vision despite the the lack of fancy equipment.

Sephi Bergerson's Venue Photo | It's a Brave New World for Wedding Photography

The colours, the vintage appeal and the textures bely the fact that even the post-processing was done on the phone before the pictures were directly uploaded online!

Indian Wedding Photography and more by Cristiano Ostinelli Studio

Award winning wedding photographer Cristiano Ostinelli is known for his creative and remarkable candid photography for weddings which delivers enthralling pictures within a picture perfect frame. Regarded among the best wedding photographers in the world, Ostinelli’s passion and new age photography techniques have given us pictures like these that simply take our breath away.

Cristiano Ostinelli Solar Desert | It's a Brave New World for Wedding Photography

Shot on a solar energy plant deep within the Mojave desert, this picture is a result of the love that the couple has for renewable energy.

Cristiano Ostinelli Pool Couple | It's a Brave New World for Wedding Photography

Another daring, yet fun picture by the photographer is from his ‘Fearless’ series that has the bride and the groom in their wedding attire jumping into the pool. What a shot, don't you agree!

Ostinelli has also dabbled in a fair bit of Indian wedding photography, capturing the colours, drama and the essence of Indian wedding traditions with effortless flair. From his photoshoot with a couple recently, this picture on a boat on the river Ganges with birds flying all around the couple is so dreamy that it made all of us go 'wow'!

Cristiano Ostinelli Indian Wedding Photo | It's a Brave New World for Wedding Photography

Candid wedding photography has given wedding photographers a great medium to showcase their creativity. But slowly, as the space is getting cluttered and the shots are getting repetitive, it is about time for them to push their boundaries and indulge in some new age photography inspired by these masters to make themselves stand out. 

Image credit: Sephi Bergerson, Cristiano Ostinelli

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