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Indian Weddings on a Budget - Banking On Fashion
Indian Weddings on a Budget
12 th Apr 2013

It has been said time and again that Indian weddings are massive affairs that bring together a massive number of people (on average, each wedding is attended by around 300-500 people). But given the state of the economy and belts being tightened, is this sustainable ? Can families keep spending large amounts of money on lavish and extravagant weddings ?

The simple and logical answer is clearly a resounding No. So how does one reduce the total expense during a wedding ? Here are some tips that our customers have shared with us,

  • Be selective with family: invite only people that you really need to. The neighbour's cousin probably might not need to be invited.
  • Venue: this does not have to be a fancy hotel. An open ground wedding is equally nice if executed in a tasteful manner.
  • Decoration: easy on the decorations, extensive use of fresh and exotic flowers is not ideal. Choose more local and tougher varieties of flowers, marigolds are a classic choice.
  • Food: a spread of different cuisines has become almost standard (Chinese, Punjabi, Italian, etc. etc.). Be selective about the food that is being served - sometimes a smaller selection of carefully selected dishes is better than an extensive spread.
  • Clothing and Jewellery: make an investment. It is easy to buy cheaper quality, but do not be tempted - this dress is not going to last. Instead, be smart and buy something that can be used in a different setting. A lot of brides are opting for stylish separates that can be easily worn for other parties after your wedding.

If you are planning your own wedding, it is often tempting to get carried away (and rightly so, since it's your special day and it needs to be perfect), but resist the temptation and spend wisely. A little bit of extra planning is going to go a long way in making the wedding memorable and easy on the pocket.

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