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Regal Golden Wedding Theme | Indian Wedding Venue Decoration Ideas That Totally Rock
Indian Wedding Venue Decoration Ideas That Totally Rock
15 th Dec 2015

Indian weddings are all about love and celebration. And to make sure it is a night to remember, everything from following traditions and rituals, choosing the right bridal clothes and perfect wedding venue is given due consideration. 

Everyone imagines one’s wedding to be nothing less than a fairytale. So to fulfil that dream, the wedding venue needs to provide the perfect setting.

A wedding venue needs to be dream-like, so that your guests can go gaga over it and so you can get some memorable pictures to be cherished for a lifetime. For this, right from the big details to the minute ones, needs to be taken care of. So, let’s have a look at some incredible Indian wedding decoration themes.

Light it up

Lights play the most crucial role when it comes to Indian wedding venue decoration. Needless to say, lighting up your venue with numerous lights brings life to it. No matter, whether you are going for an outdoor or indoor venue, lights are a must to create that beautiful glow and add a sense of enchantment.

Apart from chandeliers, there are many other lighting options that can be taken into account. For e.g. one can place big round pots with diya and flower decoration at the prominent spots of a wedding hall. It will not only look aesthetic but will also enhance the entire setting. Another amazing idea to add hint of light is by adding candles with crystal candelabras on the dinner table. Otherwise, lighting up the entire corridor leading up to the hall entrance, with countless strings of fairy lights, is sure to take your breath away and create a magical atmosphere.

To make your wedding venue charismatic, don’t forget to hang traditional metal lanterns on the walls and paper lanterns on the guest tables for that tropical backdrop. If you are going for an outdoor venue and have trees all around, wrap string lights over it to create the dreamy ambience. This trick can also be applied to pillars to coat your choice venue in a gorgeous glow. 

A Wedding Venue Lined With Lights | Indian Wedding Venue Decoration Ideas That Totally Rock

The Devil's in the Details

Small details make a big difference when it comes to unique Indian wedding decoration ideas, so don't underextimate the importance of the small stuff. Everything from centrepieces to little decorative props adds to the beauty of a wedding venue. One can decorate the venue with aromatic candles, lanterns and flower vases.

Gone are the days when small flower pots were kept as centrepieces at the dinner table. Nowadays a big floral arrangement with artificial or real flowers and branches along with small crystals is in trend. You can also experiment with brass trays and brass toys as they add the element of quirk. Numerous glass candle-holders bejewelled with crystals makes an interesting choice as a centrepiece.

Table Centerpieces | Indian Wedding Venue Decoration Ideas That Totally Rock!

Vintage Setting

Indian weddings are known for their vibrancy and to make it even more colourful, don’t forget to inculcate traditional décor to your venue. Get hold of antique Rajasthani chairs and adorn it with bright ethnic silk fabric cushions to give a regal touch to the entire venue.

Thick drapes and curtains with traditional prints will inject an Indian feel into the venue and you can put flower garlands with ghungroos or bells to create a stunning backdrop if you are looking to create something more traditional. Metal pots and metal god idols can be kept at the strategic places for the much-required desi vibe. Did I mention ‘saawan ka jhoola’? Get it installed at your venue and deck it up with flowers to revive our age-old tradition. It will not only look beautiful but will also serve as a photo-booth for your guests.

Saawan Ka Jhoola | Indian Wedding Venue Decoration Ideas That Totally Rock!

Flower Power

No wedding is complete without flowers. Flowers are an indispensable part of any wedding. There are many fun ways to decorate the venue with these beauties. Indian wedding flower decoration calls for an innovative floral arrangement. For this, you can opt for simple birdcages filled with different flowers and hang it around the entire venue. Putting it as a centrepiece won’t be a bad idea either. Flower curtains look adorable as a backdrop with flowers sewn into threads and hung vertically would create a lovely aesthetic. When it comes to flower arrangements, you needn't restrict it to just doors and entrances. Floral decoration can also be used on walls, the ceiling and even on flower carpet, to really maximise the theme. After all, who doesn’t want to create the most romantic ambience possible at their chosen wedding venue?

Floral Wedding Stage | Indian Wedding Venue Decoration Ideas That Totally Rock!

Deck up the Stage

Since the entire wedding ceremony revolves around bride and the groom, it is important that the stage they are standing at is the most beautiful part of the venue. After all, it’s the centre of attraction and most of the pictures are taken here.

Indian wedding stage decoration needs to be high on aesthetics with mesmerizing architectural effect. First of all, it should be slightly elevated from the ground by about four-five steps. Secondly, it must have a gorgeous backdrop adorned with flowers and crystal beadings, and can be completed with colourful drapes to make it look picture perfect. Alternatively, a strategic mix of buntings and ribbons could be used as another form of stage décor. Last but not the least, the regular seats for the bride and groom can be substituted with a traditional swing or a carved wooden sofa for that maharaja feel.

Pink and Yellow Indian Wedding Stage | Indian Wedding Venue Decoration Ideas That Totally Rock!

With these super exciting Indian wedding venue decoration ideas, I’m sure your guests will be awestruck by every tiny detail and your wedding celebrations will truly be an occasion to remember. Happy wedding planning, folks!

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