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Indian wedding stereotypes: Know it all Aunties
Indian wedding stereotypes: Know it all Aunties
18 th Jun 2015

If there was ever a poll about the most talked about stereotype in Indian weddings, then it would be the one about the ‘aunties’ of the wedding that would take the cake.

Aunty is how Indian refer to elderly ladies with kids who are either married or are of marriageable age.

Indian weddings are full of these aunties who sit around and air their opinions about everything ranging from the Indian wedding traditions being followed in the wedding ceremony, the dress that the bride is wearing to how the groom or the bride (depending on whose ‘side’ they are from) could have done better in terms of choosing the partner.  

Indian wedding stereotypes - know it all aunties - know it all

In case you are about to dismiss this as a stereotype and try to tell us that we are painting all the aunties with the same brush, all you need to do is to sit and witness an Indian wedding ceremony. You will find the women sitting in a group, exchanging notes about the jewellery that each one is wearing and showing off about how their jeweller has the best of the designs.

You can overhear them arguing about various Indian wedding traditions and about how some of them are not being followed in that particular wedding. They will spot the young ones from a distance and ask all the uncomfortable questions – “Do you remember me?”, “How did you put on so much weight?” or the most dreaded question - “When are you getting married?”

Indian aunties seem to have a single point agenda while at weddings – matchmaking. They are all about upholding Indian wedding traditions and finding the best match for eligible brides and grooms within the same community. You will find them scrutinising every single person of marriageable age with great detail in order to determine the best match for them. These actions obviously unsettle the younger generation and causes them to avoid these aunties like the plague, do remember that the aunties are doing this to show the world that they indeed know it all.

Their end goal is to get the singles ‘settled’. It is simply a matter of pride for them that they helped the family find a bride or a groom for their son or daughter respectively.

The best way to circumvent the aunty situation is to ignore their advances and play it cool. So the next time you bump into a know-it-all aunty at an Indian wedding, trying to tell you about Indian wedding traditions, the virtues of an arranged marriage or that it is about time you got married, simply hear her out and give her a wide smile, understanding that ultimately she means well. 

Image credit: Fat Girl Changing Her World

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