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Indian wedding stereotypes: Indian bride or bridezilla?|Indian Weddings
Indian Wedding Stereotypes: Indian Bride or Bridezilla?
29 th May 2015

Every woman who has gone through a wedding or is preparing for one is familiar with the term bridezilla. But for the uninitiated, here is what it means – ‘bridezilla’ is a term coined to describe the bride who spends night and day planning and preparing for her wedding and turns into this wild creature of sorts as the wedding date approaches. The behaviour of the bride is considered to be nothing but the manifestation of the stress associated with the wedding. How far is this true about Indian brides? Is the whole concept of bridezilla a fact or a finger-pointing stereotype? Find out here!

What leads to the bridezilla tag?

Indian wedding stereotypes Indian bride or bridezilla - Indian Bride

If you are wondering how a delicate Indian bride can be compared to something of a monster, let us try to understand the origin of the word bridezilla. Not just Indian Brides, but all brides in general want their wedding to be picture perfect – great food, smooth proceedings, perfect makeup and beautiful shots on the camera. Once the bride starts exercising control over every aspect of the wedding in a bid to get everything right, she starts coming off as dominating and annoying. Be it the hair or makeup professional or the photographer – each gets instructions from the ‘know-it-all’ Indian bride. Most people do not perceive the stress behind this behaviour and get rubbed the wrong way, so much that they start despising the instructions from the bride – enter the bridezilla!

What causes the bridezilla behaviour?

Indian weddings are happy events with lots of song, dance and general merry. But the focus during most weddings is on the bride. What designer is she wearing? Is her hair perfect? Is her jewellery heirloom? Are those diamonds real? Could the makeup have been better? Most conversations between the wedding guests revolve around these topics only. So what does the poor Indian bride do? She tries her best to take charge of the situation and work towards looking her best and getting the perfect shots on the camera. If you had thought about this, then you would know what is exactly causing her to shoot off instructions to people who know better how to do their job.

Is the bridezilla tag justified?

Weddings are positioned and marketed as ‘once in a lifetime’ occasions and the industry in general is booming due to this one concept – go all out and make sure everything is picture perfect during the wedding. So the Indian bride starts poring over hundreds of bridal magazines that spend reams of paper describing a fairy tale wedding. Add to that the expectations from the society and you have a hyperventilating Indian bride who wants to have the exact same wedding as described in the bridal magazine she is leafing through currently!

So no, we do not agree that the tag is justified. After being responsible for putting the bride in such a situation, it is just not right for the people from the wedding industry to then go on and call her the bridezilla.

What should you do if you are the bride?

In case you are about to get married, we feel the kind of pressure that you are going through. Days of unending shopping trips, scheduling appointments, meeting different kinds of vendors – all in between trying to look super happy and healthy. So our suggestion to you is simple. Keep calm and go with the flow. It is perfectly alright to delegate some work. Most professionals know how to do their job perfectly. So give them a great brief and let them do their best.

Also remember that a year down the line, the memories you will have of the wedding will be the many smiles you shared with your friends and family and nothing else. So loosen up and actually ‘celebrate’ your wedding rather than trying to make it happen in the best possible way. 

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