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Indian wedding clothes: e-commerce making couture accessible-strand-of-silk-indian weddings
Indian Wedding Clothes - E-commerce Making Couture Accessible
01 st Sep 2015

A decade back designer wear was a luxury that saw consumption only by the elite, not only because of the prices but also because of ease of access to collections that might have been available in different parts of the world.

Today e-commerce has blurred the lines between different market segments and designer Indian wedding clothes have become accessible across the country and even abroad. The term ‘accessible’ has many dimensions when associated with Indian couture today.

The different facets of ‘accessibility’ of designer Indian wedding clothes through e-commerce can be explained as follows,

Blurring Geography

The major metros of India like Mumbai and Delhi have the advantage of witnessing fashion shows from the leading couturiers of the country. The sprawling designer boutiques and designer stores in the malls are also the prerogative of the prime cities. So for the fashion conscious and affluent folks settled far away from the metropolises of India, e-commerce has come to the rescue.

For designer Indian wedding clothes’ businesses run through websites including, it does not matter whether the client is in Ambala or New York. From latest in season fashion to end of season sale of designer Indian wedding clothes, the comfort and confines of homes around the world have become the shopping destinations through laptops and cell phones.  

E-commerce blurring geography for Indian wedding clothes

Blurring Class Divide

The disposable income of the Indian middle class has seen an upward trend since the liberalisation of the Indian economy in 1991. The young ambitious middle class segment of today has a higher discretionary spend and is also highly active on social media, coming in close contact with the influential and stylish celebrities.

This new, young tech savvy middle class is more open to buying Indian wedding clothes online. This segment also shows a heavy brand influence in choosing well known labels. Today a Ritu Kumar or Sabyasachi wedding outfit, is not restricted to just the elite socialite of the city.

Few years back for the middle class walking into a high end luxury designer wear store was a discomforting thought. Today the middle class has reached the comfort level in sporting high end luxury attires and e-commerce was heavily instrumental in that transition.

Innovative Start-ups

The term ‘accessible’ also steers away from the customer dynamics to the designers selling their collection online. In 1980’s getting a foothold in the industry was difficult for an emerging designer and the designer Indian wedding clothes market was dominated by the power designers.

The e-commerce portals are giving talented young designers a path to establish themselves, in terms of getting a steady clientele. For example, Indian wedding clothes from young designers like Kanika Jain of Kanelle and Saroj Jalan get exposed to the right audience through sites like Strand of Silk alongside pros like Anita Dongre.

If a bride decides to go for designer Indian wedding clothes, the online shopping portals give her a glimpse of extraordinary work from fresh talent. It is difficult to get that same attention from the bride to be, for a young designer in a retail setup. E-commerce also eliminates the need for retail space for the financially disadvantaged start-up designers and entrepreneurs.

The elite as well as the promising designers’ bridal collection have become just a click away for the clients from Lucknow to London and Belgaum to Belfast. The packages of designer Indian wedding clothes are reaching the never before heard of nooks and crannies of India. E-commerce has also blurred the myth that couture is for the metros alone.

The designers tying up with e-commerce portals have brought in a huge transformation in the Indian fashion market. Taking advantage of the distribution network of e-commerce, couture has found its place in almost every Indian home in the country and abroad. E-commerce has literally redefined the term “accessible” for high end Indian fashion. 


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