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Indian Wedding Cakes With An Ethnic Flair
Indian Wedding Cakes With An Ethnic Flair
11 th Jan 2018

A wedding cake at an Indian wedding is a modern day evolution of the festivities. With so much cross cultural exchange and several multi ethnicity weddings, it’s not surprising to find elements from different weddings creeping into each other. It’s no longer necessary to only stick with conventional rites and rituals because these days everyone from the couple to their family and guests are well-traveled citizens of the world.

It might seem like a baffling idea to westerners that an Indian wedding, which already has copious amounts of sweet treats, would even require an additional wedding cake. But seasoned Indian wedding connoisseurs know that there is no such thing as too-much-of-a-good-thing when it comes to this particular festivity. The celebrations are only limited by one’s imagination and as a general rule of thumb bigger is always better at this multi-day extravaganza.

Since the Indian wedding cake trend is fairly recent and still marinating to become a full-blown norm, finding wedding cakes with an ethnic flair poses unique challenges. Most bakeries are well equipped to handle requests for elaborate layered western wedding cakes. But only a handful are adept at doing justice to the sheer gorgeousness and intricacies of ethnic cakes. From the detailed icing to the myriad of colours to the sublime blend with the other décor, Indian wedding cakes are in a league of their own.

So if you’re a bride or groom or even an overenthusiastic wedding party member, you’re sure to be on the lookout for some interesting Indian wedding cake themes to literally put the cherry on top of an already exciting day.


This juicy cake theme is still piping hot and fresh out of the oven. Seeing as the heart thumping foot tapping beats of the traditional dhol are at the epicenter of every sensational Indian wedding, we’re kind of surprised that it’s taken master bakers this long to incorporate the bass instrument into their creations. The cylindrical shape is versatile enough for any cake size and also allows for endless icing creativity.

Indian Wedding Cakes | Dhol 1

Indian Wedding Cakes in the shape of a Dhol

Indian Wedding Cakes | Dhol 2

Indian Wedding Dhol Cake

Indian Wedding Cakes | Dhol 3

Ethnic Detail Dhol Cake

Indian Wedding Cake | Dhol 4

Indian Wedding Cake in a Dhol Shape


There is nothing more regal and more intrinsically Indian than the majestic peacock. So why not extend its glamour into your Indian wedding cake as well? The gorgeous cascade of feathers is wonderfully complementary to decorate a layered Indian wedding cake. Not to mention the possibility of involving every colour on the spectrum that is sure to make everyone ohhh and ahhh in amazement.

Indian Wedding Cakes | Peacock 1

Indian Wedding Cake with a Peacock Theme

Indian Wedding Cakes | Peacock 2

Indian Wedding Cake in a Peacock Theme

Indian Wedding Cake | Peacock Cake 3

Peacock Cake 3


Some religions might forbid or frown upon using specific symbols at the wedding or you simply might not be too keen on using one yourself. But that doesn’t mean you need to make do with a very basic wedding cake. Indian art is so vast and versatile that it’s possible to create infinite patterns for icing by referencing it. The side of layered cakes can be adorned with anything from the embroidery designs on the bride and grooms outfits to an abstract print that’s the theme of the entire wedding décor.

Indian Wedding Cakes | Motif 1

Indian Motif Cake 1

Indian Wedding Cake | motif 2

Indian Motif Cake 2


If layered cakes are not your style or if you don’t need something quite as big but still want something Indiany then separate cakes are the best solution. Simple round cakes with ethnic inspired icing in different wedding related forms could look just as extravagant as layered styles. A talented baker will be able to give you some wonderful ideas or you can do some research yourself on how to make your basic cake pop. If you’re really in a pinch then all the above ideas can be easily modified to fit on a standard round cake as well.

Indian Wedding Cakes | Separates

Separate Indian Wedding Cakes



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