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Three Clutch Bag | Indian Wedding Accessories: The Perfect Clutch Bag
Indian Wedding Accessories: The Perfect Clutch Bag
30 th Dec 2014

The ultimate wedding planning frenzy begins at least a few months before a wedding and immediately there are thoughts surrounding the location, venue, decor and outits shopping to name a few things!

Once all the main things are taken care of can the bride shift her focus to the details, such as which Indian wedding accessories to pair with her carefully selected wedding outfits.

Indian wedding accessories can enhance an outfit beautifully and add the icing to the cake.

An Indian wedding accessories trend that has taken the fashion world by storm are clutch bags. Indeed everyone, bride or non-bride wants to accessorise their outfits with a stylish clutch bag. Gone are the days with bags containing mile long handles paired with elegant evening and bridal wear. It's all about keeping it sweet and elegant, and what better way to do it than with a quaint and intricately embroidered clutch bag! 

Meera Mahadevia : The Clutch Bag Maestro

Designer Meera Mahadevia is a secret kept well amidst the luxury handbag market. Each design is constructed with class and luxury. Meera Mahadevia's clutch bags put the 'C' in cultural diversity. Indeed, her Indian wedding accessories will add a sparkling touch to any bridal ensemble.

It can be confusing at times to determine which Indian wedding accessories to opt for, which is why this guide will help you in choosing a clutch bag that will best complement your Indian wedding attire for the night. It will also enhance an understanding of the must-have clutch bags in your collection!

Go Gold & Silver

In your collection of Indian wedding accessories, it is essential to have a clutch bag that contains a mix of gold and silver. Meera Mahadevia's glitterati luxury clutch is one that will give you the best of both worlds. It is also the perfect size, allowing you to carry it through the night with ease.

Indian Wedding Accessories The Perfect Clutch Bag - Gold and Silver clutch

Along with a gold and silver mix clutch bag, it is also important to keep a fully silver, as well as fully gold clutch bag, and it is always nice to give yourself options. After all, a girl can never have too many clutch bags!

A selection of Meera Mahadevia's gold clutch bags are also adorned with stunning colourful stonework, and dotted with diamonds, making them the perfect Indian wedding accessories!

Silver Clutches | Indian Wedding Accessories: The Perfect Clutch Bag
Gold Clutches | Indian Wedding Accessories: The Perfect Clutch Bag

Casual Chic

Another clutch bag option you may want to keep with your Indian wedding accessories is one that is more casual-chic; perfect for those wedding lunches or cocktail parties . These clutch bags are the perfect accessories after you have changed from your heavy bridalwear into something lighter and breath that secret sigh of relief!

One such bag is the black and gold clutch by Meera Mahadevia on the left below, which can glam up simple party ensembles. The brooch clutch is a must-have to complete your move traditional ensambles, where as the multicolour strone encrusted bag on the right is full of colourful gemstones, making it a real conversation starter!

Casual Chic Clutches | Indian Wedding Accessories: The Perfect Clutch Bag

Embrace the Bling

As stonework is all the trend right now, opt for a stone-heavy embellished clutch bag - you can't go wrong with a bit of bling! Also, a selection of Meera Mahadevia's Indian wedding accessories have an innovative three ring handle, so you can slip your fingers and carry your clutch bag with elegance throughout the night!

If you need a statement piece, there is one thing for certain, you can't go wrong with these stonework clutches to add that extra bit of sparkle with your Indian wedding attire. 

Clutches With Bling | Indian Wedding Accessories: The Perfect Clutch Bag

Back to the Basics

All of you must have heard the popular fashion statement, the 'little black dress' or the LBD. In the world of Indian wedding accessories, a LBC or 'little black clutch' is an essential item to possess!

Meera's collection of black clutch bags with a mixture of tassels and sparkling stones are especially alluring and have a mysterious appeal to them. Behind the mystique, you can't go wrong with an elegant black clutch; it is sexy, sophisticated, stylish, and let's not forget, ultra-feminine! 

Basic Evening Clutches | Indian Wedding Accessories: The Perfect Clutch Bag

Colourful Oasis

For those a bit on the adventurous side, opt for this fun, vibrant and colourful clutch bag with Kashmiri crewel work. It features all the colours of the rainbow (well almost), and you can pair it with all types of outfits! For the best results, accessorise this colourful clutch bag with a colour-block outfit in one of the clutch bag colours. This way, you will be able to carry off your outfit and clutch bag with much class, without looking overly colourful.

Further, this clutch bag will bring out your bright, cheerful and pleasing spirit! Now who wouldn't want a bit of that? :) Other clutch bag options that will give your outfit a bright pop of colour are these striking turquoise and yellow raw silk clutches.

The blue and red maharani clutch has been enhanced by with printed tangka, and what's more is that it is blue on one side and red on the other so can be worn accordingly to go with each outfit! Wear the vivacious jacquard clutch or pinwheel embroidered clutch on a dull day to brighten up your outfit and surroundings! These handbags strike a balance between traditional and modern design, with an overall regal appeal. 

Colourful Clutches | Indian Wedding Accessories: The Perfect Clutch Bag

Go Regal

If you are opting for a rich and regal look, browse Meera Mahadevia's collection of gold clutch bags with a deep burgundy velvet finishing - it doesn't get more luxurious than this. These bags have been embellished with gold chains and semi-precious stones further adding to the grand appeal.

Indeed, these clutch bags are the perfect styles to accessorise ethnic looks for your special occasions.

Indian Wedding Accessories The Perfect Clutch Bag - Regal clutches

Shop Till You Drop!

Indeed, a Meera Mahadevia clutch bag is a fashion forward accessory and are essential Indian wedding accessories in every woman's wardrobe! Some added benefits are that no two pieces are identical and are hand made with a high attention to detail, with the assurance that the clutch bags will flatter your outfit time after time.

Take time to browse more of Meera Mahadevia's clutch bags here and always remember, there is no such thing as too many Indian wedding accessories! ;)

Image source: Strand of Silk

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