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Indian Wedding Accessories to Match your Bridal Trousseau
Indian Wedding Accessories to Match your Bridal Trousseau
04 th Jan 2015

The Bridal Trousseau is a significant element a bride needs to dedicate her time towards, prior to the wedding and amidst all the crazy wedding preparations! However, many brides are uncertain what constitutes an apt bridal trousseau.

The word trousseau actually originated from the French word, trusse, which means bundle. Instantly, the bridal trousseau paints a picture of feminism, romanticism and a token of memorabilia which the bride assembles to prepare herself for her new married life. As such, a bridal trosseau can be viewed symbolically, as stepping into her new life with new possessions. 

A bridal trousseau should cover things such as the right mix of outfits, Indian wedding accessories and jewellery, shoes, bags, makeup, amongst other things. Sometimes the bridal trousseau can take days, weeks or even months to prepare as it requires careful selection of items for different ceremonies and events. It is important to include a mix of both stunning Indian attire, as well as stylish contemporary outfits, as well as nice dresses for your honeymoon!

Another significant part of your bridal trousseau list are the Indian wedding accessories. These can include heavy bridal sets, to statement pieces, and range from gold, kundan to diamonds. Also make sure to include a pair of simple or solitaire earrings for daily wear. They are easy to carry off and will add a touch of elegance to any outfit. 

Along with the jewellery, Indian wedding accessories such as handbags are significant to complete your outfit. It is good to have party clutches in basic colours such as black, gold and silver so that in times of panic, you know that one out of three of these hues will complement your outfit beautifully! To add some colour to your bridal trosseau, opt for this Kashmiri crewel work clutch. Containing almost all colours of the rainbow, this fun floral clutch will add a fun, vibrant touch to your outfit. Shop more of Meera Mahadevia's stunning clutch bags here. 

The Sangeet Look

For the Sangeet, opt for a lehenga with stunning embroidery, but nothing too heavy, as there is no doubt you will want to dance the night away! Sorbet colours such as mango, peach, pink and pistachio green are ideal for an elegant, yet bold look. This pink jaipur bandhini lehenga set is a stunning choice for your Sangeet outfit. The flowing bandhini lehenga with gota borders will allow plenty of movement across the dance floor, allowing you to twirl to your hearts desire!

For your Indian wedding accessories, depending on the type of look you are going for, opt for a statement necklace or an opulent pair of earrings. These flower inspired earrings by Roopa Vohra will add a feminine touch to the ensemble. These Indian wedding accessories feature a combination of white and coloured stones, and will add a touch of sparkle. An exquisite silver stone clutch will complement the lehenga beautifully. Keep your Indian wedding accessories not too heavy, as you want to feel comfortable, yet look gorgeous for the night ahead. 

The Mehendi Look

For the Mehendi, a traditional outfit will make a stunning impact. Try an anarkali with traditional motifs or bright hues to give your outfit a rich look. Shop a wide range of anarkali styles here. A lehenga will also make you stand out at the wedding ceremony with this lime green lehenga by Anita Dongre.

Traditional Indian wedding accessories such as gold jhumkas and a statement cuff will complement the outfit beautifully. Opt for these gorgeous gold plated jhumkas by Roopa Vohra that captures a distinct Southern Indian charm, having an overall rich look. Shop more stunning jhumkas by Roopa Vohra here.

This glitterati luxury clutch by Meera Mahadevia is a definite to add to your Indian wedding accessories list. Its dual gold and silver tones, as well as small size makes it an ideal clutch to carry around and can easily match outfits with either gold or silver work. 

The Wedding Reception

For the Reception, opt for a lehenga or a contemporary saree gown with stunning stonework and embroidery in shades such as peacock blue, burgundy, pink, or emerald. These ensembles by Anita Dongre from her latest festive 'India Modern' bridal collection are perfect for a wedding reception.

The rich Indian craftsmanship with contemporary styling makes it ideal for the modern woman. Indian wedding accessories such as an elegant diamond set will ensure that you shine all through the night and will look gorgeous in your wedding photos! Shop our fine jewellery range with stunning diamond sets, earrings and more here. 

The Honeymoon

For the Honeymoon, go for dresses with fun prints or cotton silhouettes in pastel hues. You can also include a unique embroidered jacket to spice up your look in the evening. Keep your Indian wedding accessories to the minimal, as you will be out and about on your honeymoon sightseeing, or sipping a cocktail by the beach. This charming banaras block printed gown features a fun zig zag design and is perfect for the outdoors.

The best thing about this dress is that you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. The flattering gown in a mesmerising mermaid-like hue is reminiscent of the sea. Shop more beautiful cotton dresses by Anita Dongre here. Comfort and an easy-breezy look should be your priority. Opt for a simple bracelet, stud earrings or a single necklace to accessorise your outfit. A white gold bracelet by Diagold is all you need to adorn your wrist and you are good to go!

It is an elegant piece that you will be able to wear with your outfits time and again. Another option that will look fabulous with these dresses are layered necklaces, such as this elegant silver necklace by Roopa Vohra featuring semi-precious stones. This timeless delicate style will add a chic, femine touch to your dresses. These Indian wedding accessories can also be worn post the honeymoon and as such are great, simple investment pieces.

When assembling your bridal trosseau, remember to make a list of things you will need. This is very important to ensure that you don't leave any important items out of the equation. Think according to the different wedding ceremonies and what apparel and Indian wedding accessories you may need!

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