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Mother Of The Bride Outfits From Strand Of Silk
Indian Outfits for Mother of the Bride from Strand of Silk
27 th Feb 2019

When it comes to articles about Indian clothes for weddings, there are plenty out there about brides, bridesmaids, sisters of the bride and even grooms and their groomsmen. But there is a surprising lack of variety about tips and tricks for mothers of the bride. We turn to our moms for everything from diet issues to boyfriend problems to days when we’re sick and need some tender loving care, so why would we forget about them on such a special occasion?

A daughter’s wedding day is no small feat for a mother, who has spent years dreaming about it from the day she was born. If her daughter is the princess then she’s surely the queen of the celebrations and anything other than extra-ordinary will just not do. It’s obvious that mothers of the bride will be of a certain age so it’s even more important for them to dress chic but also look proper and appropriate for the occasion. All too often mothers forget all about their own outfits in the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, while devoting days to their daughter’s wardrobes.

There seems to be an unwritten rule out there that expects mothers of the bride to wear Indian clothes that are old fashioned and frumpy. But thankfully uber cool moms like Neeta Ambani are breaking that mould by setting an example for resplendent Indian clothes for weddings that are simply stunning on mothers of the bride. Mrs. Ambani might have had the stalwarts of Indian fashion on her speed dial but that doesn’t mean that spending heavily on Indian clothes is the only way forward.

We decided to give the mothers center stage by curating outfits for them based on their unique personalities.

Indian outfits for the Traditionalist Mom

Probably the most common Indian mommy other there is the traditionalist. The one who kept the hems of your skirt in check and till date gives you a stern look when you turn up in your ripped jeans to any social event. For the traditionalist mom, Indian clothes for weddings are meant to be an expression of culture and ethnicity. They’re all about embracing weaves, antique embroidery and classic silhouettes. They will be uncomfortable with any sort of experimentation but that doesn’t mean their outfits need to be boring. Standard styles of lehengas and sarees in bold ethnic colours will be their go-to style and will also be the best suited to their personality.

Mother Of The Bride | The Traditionalist Mom

Maroon Saree With Beige And Maroon Stripes by Mandira Bedi

Handwoven Blue And Rust Linen Silk Saree by SSwarna Latika by Mimi Sanyal

Halter Cut Silk Blouse With Banarasi Lehenga Skirt by Neha Khanna

Hand Embroidered Handloom Lehenga by Neha Khanna

Indian outfits for the Minimalist Mom

Close on the heels of the traditionalist mom is the minimalist mom. The one who hates anything ostentatious and often complains that she’s too old to wear anything flashy. Her Indian clothes for weddings are devoid of too much embroidery, as she prefers to keep her look simple and elegant. This kind of mom differs from the traditionalist mom in the sense that she’s open to experimenting with contemporary Indian clothes as long they fulfill her basic requirement of being crisp and clean in their styling. The minimalist mom will prefer soothing colours with fewer contrasts as well as flattened basic embroidery that’s ever so slightly elevating the entire ensemble.  

Mother Of The Bride | The Minimalist Bride

Green And Gold Lehenga by Rang by Manjula Soni

Marigold Love Saree by Kyra

Off White And Green Lehenga Set by Priti Sahni

Maroon Red Crepe Saree by Latha Puttanna

Indian outfits for the Showstopper Mom

The complete antithesis of the previous two moms is the showstopper mom. For this mom, Indian clothes for weddings are all about drama and glamour. She’s no wallflower who will shrink in the corner and while she certainly will not take the spotlight away from her daughter, she definitely won’t mind having a little piece of it for herself. The showstopper mom is one that encouraged you to try the latest trends and took you shopping to the trendiest spots when you were younger. She’s never dressed in anything drab and dreary so obviously her daughter’s wedding is no different. She will absolutely love her heavily embellished Indian clothes in all sorts of silhouettes. She won’t shy away from glittery embellishments, vivid colours and bright prints.

Mother Of The Bride | The Showstopper Mom

Crystal And Pearl Embroidered Saree by Siddartha Tytler

Enchanting Peach Lehenga by Rang by Manjula Soni

The Iznaa Saree by Anita Dongre

Noshirvi Lehenga by Anita Dongre

Indian outfits for the Modernist Mom

If you have the kind of mom who solved yours as well as your friends’ dating issues, handed you your first drink, encouraged you to be open to different ideas and generally pushed you out of your comfort zone then you have a modernist mom. She’s the mom who isn’t worried about upholding age-old rituals and customs without any practicality or logic. Neither is she the kind to give into societal norms about mother of the bride dressing. The modernist mom has an extremely contemporary fashion sensibility that translates into Indian clothes that are truly experimental. She’s quick to adopt the newest styles because they appeal to her and not because she wants to stand out. In fact she’s very different from the showstopper mom in the sense that she would absolutely cringe at the thought of over-the-top outfits dripping with metallic embellishments. She will love all sorts of fusion ensembles with on-point colours, cutting edge fabrics and impeccable tailoring.

Mother Of The Bride | The Modernist Mom

Naytra Jacket With Skirt And Dupatta by Anita Dongre

Green And Gold Lehenga by Rang by Manjula Soni

Elegant Pistachio Saree by Renee Label

Saarvini Saree by Anita Dongre





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