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Indian Bridal Trends for 2015 | East meets West Bridal Trend
Indian Bridal Trends for 2015
03 rd Feb 2015

Indian weddings are a huge deal amongst Indian women and their families, and are often multi-day celebrations that combine dozens of traditions, gatherings and spectacular events.

With the capability of having a wedding that stretches across several days, the lucky couple is ultimately not tied down to one theme, style or Indian bridal wear trend.

Through over the past few years, we have seen a new fusion of trends and bright colours become the top trends for Indian wedding days. But the year of 2015 has been a significant year of change and has completely evolved these trends.

Here are top our 3 predicted Indian wedding trends for 2015:

Western Styles Meets Eastern Traditions

Conventionally, Western weddings include a colour palette of softer hues such as peach, creams, pastel tones, with pops of brighter colours, while Indian weddings tend to feature a variety of brighter and bold hues seen throughout Indian bridal wear and wedding decor. We’re seeing a significant shift, however, as today’s Western wedding embrace a bolder and brighter colour palette.

Indian women will always lean towards brighter tones for their outfits, but now, in 2015 we are seeing an influx of lighter tones such a creamy pinks, hazy oranges and lavish creamy tones used throughout their mandap, aisle decoration and chair draping.

East Meets West Trend

Heavy Customisation

With an influx of new themes and styles saturating the market, Indian couples are now opting for more personalised options such as customising elements for their wedding and Indian bridal wear. The normal and standard options, traditionally offered by venues and wedding planners, are no longer sufficient.

Indian brides now want luxurious bespoke options to plan their special day exactly how they want it - right down to the colour of the seat covers and table cloths.

Heavy Customisation

Multiple Themes

The days have long gone when one theme and one specific colour palette is incorporated throughout these multi-day events. In 2015, couples are now wanting to mix things up, for example, couples may want to have a modern and Western theme with a dusky colour palette for the reception, whilst having a more traditional and classical colour theme for the wedding.

Indian couples now have the opportunity to incorporate all their wedding fantasies into one - and we for one are certainly excited!


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