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Ideas To Bring Some Pizzazz Into The Boring Old Engagement Ceremony
Ideas To Bring Some Pizzazz Into The Boring Old Engagement Ceremony
10 th Oct 2018

An Indian engagement ceremony like the dated plot of a timeworn Bollywood movie is the same old spiel over and over. After you’ve hit your double digits as a guest to Indian engagements they just blur into one another. It’s the same saga of getting dressed up, socializing, a traditional ceremony, a ring exchange and possibly a cake cutting. At this point another invitation to one of these will make you groan with boredom even before you’ve had a chance to look into the details.

If you’ve known this torture as a guest then you certainly will not want anyone rolling their eyes and yawning away at your own engagement ceremony. Even if you haven’t attended as many yourself, chances are you have a fair idea of how a run-of-the-mill Indian engagement ceremony goes down.

With so many uber spunky ideas for spicing up Indian weddings, it was only a matter of time before some clever soul decided to take on the Indian engagement ceremony as well. And we sure are glad that they did! So you can kiss those boring events goodbye because these days it’s all about differentiation and personalization. You certainly don’t want any oh-damn moments when you come across something ultra cute on social media but now it’s all over. In fact if you’re truly committed to the cause of having a memorable and exciting engagement ceremony then you had best start taking notes right away because there is lots of work ahead.

These ideas range from the exceptionally simple to downright breathtaking giving you something for wherever you fall in that spectrum. But none of them fall under the extremely-hard-to-execute category so chances are you’ll find one or more thrilling concepts that will make your engagement ceremony unique.

Brunch Or Sun Downer Engagement Ceremony

One of the first things you will need to finalize will be the time and place of your engagement ceremony. Most are held in the evenings going into late night but why not shake things up a bit? Turn a lazy Sunday into an engagement brunch and you’ve instantly made your event stand out. If you had more of a party vibe in mind then go one step further and make it a sun downer instead. If the weather permits then there is nothing as soothing to the senses as being outdoors in the late afternoon and early evening. Not to mention that all your pictures will be bathed in natural magic light from the setting sun. And trust us when we say that no Instagram filter comes close to giving you that marvelous effect.

Engagement Ideas | Brunch & Sun Downer

Brunch Or Sun Downer Engagement Ceremonies

Engagement Ceremony With A Theme

Once you’ve settled on the venue and timing of your engagement ceremony it’s time to start thinking about big picture of planning. Theme parties are undoubtedly fun but many people consider them a little too casual for something as formal as an engagement ceremony. Others struggle to blend in a theme with Indian traditions because most are geared more towards western parties.

If you really have your heart set on having a theme engagement ceremony then there are still plenty of ideas you can incorporate. A simple colour dress code is the most basic of themes you can go with especially if you don’t want your guests to be stretched thin to find suitable attire. But you can also take it one step further and opt for themes like Moroccan Nights (cause Arabian has been done to death), Bollywood Dreams or Holi. All of these work brilliantly with Indian ceremonies and you’re going to love the end result.

Engagement Ideas | Theme party 1

Moroccan Theme Engagement Party Décor

Engagement Ideas | Theme party 2

Bollywood Dreams Theme Engagement Party

Engagement Ideas | Theme Party 3

Holi Theme Engagement Party

Engagement Ceremony Activities

Now that you have the basics in place it’s time to get creative and find ways to have your guests engrossed and involved in the proceedings. It would be a giant waste of time and resources when you plan an elaborate theme or special venue but don’t include anything interactive with your friends and family.

DJ & Dance Floor

A sure fire way to making memories for years to come is to dance the night away. Nothing gets people grooving more than some pulsating dance numbers so make sure you’ve lined up a great DJ who can get the party going.

Engagement Ideas | DJ & Dance Floor

Engagement Party With A DJ & Dance Floor


So this one might be more of a baby shower tradition but that doesn’t mean it can’t apply to an Indian engagement ceremony. A particularly hilarious one involves asking the couple to sit facing against each other with one of their own shoes and one of their partner’s shoes in each hand. They’re asked list of questions like ‘ Who will do the cooking?’, ‘Who will take out the trash?’, ‘Who will make up first after fights?’ etc. and their responses should be by raising the shoe of the partner who will perform each task.

This can be made even more collaborative by getting guests into the game by handing out 2 different placards, one for the girl and one for the boy. They can also get in on the fun by weighing in on who they think will wear the pants in the future household.

Engagement Ideas | Games 1

Couple Playing Games At Their Engagement Ceremony

Engagement Ideas | Games 2

Guests Playing Games At An Engagement Ceremony

Elaborate Cakes

This very western tradition has also become a bit of a mandatory requirement at Indian engagement ceremonies. Don’t fret if you feel that doing a cake cutting ceremony will make your engagement appear old fashioned. Instead you can wow everyone by springing for a truly incredible cake. Hanging upside down cakes suspended from the ceiling, fondant rich theme cakes, photo cakes and even croquembouche towers are all worthy cake warriors in the battle for the one with the most flair.

Engagement Ideas | Innovative Cakes

Fondant Cake & Upside Down Hanging Cake At Engagement Ceremonies

Reveal Your Wedding Hashtag

Millennials are all about hastags and quirky wedding hash tags are definitely a must-do. Most couples only consider their wedding hashtag when it’s time for the nuptials but you can jump off that bandwagon by revealing you wedding hashtag at the engagement ceremony. This way when people look for pictures online, they will also include your unbelievably amazing engagement ceremony.

Engagement Ideas | Wedding Hastag

Wedding Hashtag Revealed At The Engagement Ceremony

Cool Party Favours

Yet another wedding tradition is to handout party favours to the guests. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give out something unpredictable as mementos of your engagement ceremony. Avoid the trap of offering something chintzy just to make it a thing. Instead send your guests home with something truly irreplaceable like a book or small trinkets that have a special meaning to you both.

Engagement Ideas | Party Favours 1

Party Favours With Sentimental Trinkets

Engagement Ideas | Party Favours 2

A Book Of Poems As Party Favours



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