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How to Recycle an Indian Wedding Outfit
How to Recycle an Indian Wedding Outfit
21 st Jun 2016

Come on and just accept it - after the wedding, the wedding outfit that you so painstakingly selected ends up in the cupboard, wrapped in its original packaging in the case of most of you reading this post.

The wedding outfit holds a sentimental value in all our lives. Some of us want to preserve it by carefully stowing it away to pass it onto your next generation.

For some, it is just way too extravagant to wear during a festive occasion or to another wedding. But what is the use of such a beautiful outfit if it does not see the light of the day?

So whether it is a lavish wedding lehenga or a gorgeous and heavy wedding saree, we tell you here ways to recycle the wedding lehenga and saree so that you can wear it even after your wedding and cherish the memories associated with the outfit every time you wear it.

Pair Your Wedding Saree With A Simple Blouse

Pair Your Wedding Saree With A Simple Blouse | How to Recycle an Indian Wedding Outfit

If you are wearing your heavy wedding saree for any occasion, make sure to cut down on the bling by eliminating the overtly embellished blouse. Pair the wedding saree with a simple contrasting blouse and minimal jewellery and a non-fussy hairdo. This way, only your saree will stand out while all the other elements in your outfit will remain muted.

Work The Blouse Of The Wedding Saree

Work The Blouse Of The Wedding Saree | How to Recycle an Indian Wedding Outfit

How can you not show off all the hard work the designer has put into your fancy blouse? So bring out the dressy wedding blouse and wear it with a simpler saree in a contrasting colour so that your blouse is the centre of all the attention. See what we did there? We used both your wedding saree and blouse, albeit at different occasions.

Separate The Wedding Lehenga Set

Separate The Wedding Lehenga Set | How to Recycle an Indian Wedding Outfit

Just like the saree and blouse, you can separate the elements of your wedding lehenga set and wear them separately. The lehenga can be worn with a plain blouse with a simple dupatta draped over it like the saree drape. Recycle the wedding lehenga’s short choli by pairing it with a saree as a blouse. If your outfit came with a longer choli, you can recycle the wedding lehenga top by coordinating it with a pair of palazzo pants or an ethnic skirt. You can reuse the magnificent dupatta from your wedding lehenga set with a salwar kameez or an anarkali suit.

Repurpose The Outfit

Repurpose The Outfit | How to Recycle an Indian Wedding Outfit

You can recycle the extravagant wedding lehenga by converting it into a beautiful party-wear anarkali suit. Similarly, you can cut away the heavy embellishments in the border of your wedding saree and use it to adorn other festive outfits or make a dressy clutch out of it. To the remaining part of the wedding saree, you can then get your tailor to attach a more simple and elegant border. Voila! You have two new outfits you can wear for any occasion. If your outfit displays a long choli, recycle the wedding lehenga choli by making a jacket out of it that you can throw on any top to jazz it up.

Wear It As Is

Wear It As Is | How to Recycle an Indian Wedding Outfit

The best way to use your wedding outfit after the wedding is to wear it as is at a close friend or a relative’s wedding. If you tone down the entire ensemble with minimal jewellery and makeup, you can be rest assured that it will not look over the top. Don’t do too much with your hair and keep the rest of the elements in your look neutral and you are good to go.

So what are you waiting for? Unwrap your wedding clothes now, recycle the wedding lehenga, reuse the saree and get down to flaunting them and reliving the memories of your big day.

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