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Beautiful Indian Wedding Venue | Big Fat Indian Wedding on a Budget
How to Plan a Big Fat Indian Wedding on a Budget
21 st Mar 2016

Do you want a big fat Indian wedding but are also thinking of ways to rein in the budget?

There was a time when people would scoff at the thought of arranging a lavish wedding on a tight budget, but it has been proven that a little planning and some clever decisions help in making the ‘big fat Indian wedding on a budget’ a reality.

Today, we’ll tell you smart ways in which you can plan your Indian wedding on a budget, without compromising on the bells and whistles.

Book a Venue in Advance

The venue of your wedding is perhaps your biggest expense and hence needs to be tackled first. A big fat Indian wedding needs an opulent venue and they certainly don’t come cheap. To plan your Indian wedding on a budget, what we suggest is for you to start sifting through venues a good six months before the wedding. Try banquet halls or gardens which fall into your budget and are conveniently located for the guests. Booking ahead can fetch you a handsome discount which can be diverted towards other expenses.


Planning the Big Fat Indian Wedding on a Budget - Decor Seasonal Flowers

Without you knowing it, the wedding decor can secretly suck up your money and burn a big hole in your pocket. While choosing your wedding decor, pick a simple design that uses fewer flowers. Locally available flowers which are in season will cost way less than those that need to be imported from a different country -  you now know what to choose.

Buy During The Sale Season

You know that you will be getting married at a particular time, so why not shop a couple of months ahead and make the most out of the deep discounts? Given that the sale season happens twice a year, your purchase will definitely not happen more than a few months before the wedding anyway. This way, the big fat Indian wedding can be made a reality with designer clothes at high street prices. It is also a good time to buy all those branded clothes to gift to your relatives who will be more than pleased to receive expensive gifts while you will be gloating about successfully planning your Indian wedding on a budget.

Haggle, Bargain and Find the Best Deals

To make your big fat Indian wedding dream come true on a budget, be prepared to do some legwork. Do not settle for a deal with the first vendor you meet and shop around to find the better deals at cheaper prices - it will take you some haggling but at the end of it, you will emerge with a sense of victory that can stem from only chopping off a few thousands off your wedding budget.

Entertainment Costs

Planning the Big Fat Indian Wedding on a Budget - Entertainment

Do you need that high profile DJ, an expensive sound system and all those musicians at such a high price? Or are you generally looking to have a good time and can settle for your local DJ who will play your favourite songs on his sound system? If the latter is acceptable, then you can get one at a fraction of the price of a popular entertainment group. They will bring along their sound system, play your favourite songs and make sure you have a fabulous time - just like a famous DJ at a big fat Indian wedding but at a much more affordable price.


Planning the Big Fat Indian Wedding on a Budget - Food

Yes, people remember a wedding for the food that is served so do not cut corners here. But in the name of arranging a big fat Indian wedding that served great food, it does not make sense to have an overflowing spread that people can’t even finish. Instead, choose a minimal spread of mind blowing delicacies, each of which will be relished and savoured. If there is anything that you want to trim here, it would be the guest list, because each guests adds to the mounting food expense.


Planning the Big Fat Indian Wedding on a Budget - Photography

A photographer, videographer and a candid photographer together will end up costing you a bomb if you go in for the top professionals in their field. But if you are planning your Indian wedding on a budget, a package with the top photographers and videographers is out of question. This surely does not mean you settle for the ordinary. The internet today is bursting at its seams with a huge number of professional photo and videographers who are cropping up from all parts of the country. The new and upcoming ones, looking for an opportunity to prove their potential can be booked for a steal and you can be sure that they will work doubly hard to prove their mettle. Just give them a chance and watch them freeze moments from your wedding that will bear testimony to the fact that it was a big fat Indian wedding.

While planning an Indian wedding on a budget, splurge on the essentials and cleverly cut costs where it does not matter. At the end of the day, be reasonable with your expectations and aspirations if you are on a tight budget. Most importantly, remember to never go overboard and stretch yourself in order to please your guests. The wedding day is about you and your family and arrangements that please you are more than enough to make the wedding memorable. Also, that million dollar smile on your face can help increase the dazzle at the wedding, so be sure to flash it!

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