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How do overseas brides shop for Indian wedding clothes-strand-of-silk-indian weddings
How Overseas Brides Shop for Indian Wedding Clothes
30 th Aug 2015

Your wedding is around the corner and you are planning a lavish Indian wedding. However, what if this Indian wedding is in a country far away from India? Your mission will work out smoothly in arranging the venue and food, thanks to help from the possibly versatile Indian population that has comfortably settled all around the world.

But what about your gorgeous wedding outfit, the jewellery, the bridesmaids’ outfit, the groom’s outfit, what will your family you have the time to go on a shopping trip to India? Do not panic, just have a glass of wine and relax while you read through how you can shop for Indian wedding clothes online, without losing your cool and without leaving the comfort of your home.

Personal Shopping

The bride who prefers personal shopping generally runs around scouting the different stores or even stores in different cities in India to get her perfect Indian wedding clothes. For rich traditional lehengas a visit to Delhi and for modern cut designer attires visiting Mumbai, all in a brief restricted time span of a week maybe.

As a bride you definitely do not need this stress of shopping through unfamiliar lanes, enhancing your wedding anxiety.  Besides the most beautiful Indian wedding attire in the world cannot do justice to an exhausted bride.

Pros: High level of involvement

Cons: Tremendous waste of time and highly stressful

Indian bridal shopping

Indian Bridal Shopping Service

The use of this service reduces the bride’s shopping woes in India. In this service, the consultants will have a detailed conversation with the bride, knowing their style, preferences and budget. They will then shortlist the stores on the basis of the bride’s inclination. When the bride finally flies down to India, her entire shopping schedule is planned to the tee. Without whiling away her time the bride can have a fruitful Indian wedding clothes shopping experience, accompanied by the consultant.

If the bride is pressed for time for an India visit then the consultants will shop for the Indian wedding clothes on the behalf of the bride, while keeping her in loop through the entire process. The disadvantage in this process is that the bride is totally relying on an agent to build up her trousseau. Also the bride is restricting her shopping choices to select few stores in a particular city, to which the consultant belongs. The bride has to trust the consultant entirely for the touch and feel experience as well if she cannot make it to India.

Pros: Guidance from consultant throughout shopping for Indian wedding clothes

Cons: Complete reliance on the consultant

Shop Indian Bridal Clothes Online

This service gives solace to the modern bride in her hunt for Indian wedding clothes. She can shop from the comfort of her home with her family and friends together, aiding her decision. An online wedding outfits’ portal is also a one stop destination for the entire family having options in sarees, lehengas and even men’s sherwanis. The brides are in complete control when it comes to choosing high-end Indian wedding clothes online but she may miss the touch and feel aspect before a final nod click. What about the fitting, maybe the outfit looks gorgeous online but is disastrously ill-fitting when the bride wears it. So to alienate these fears high end online wedding service providers like Strand of Silk come to the rescue. The following features are a part of the unique shopping experience offered by the site for the brides to be:

Collection – Strand of Silk has a vast collection of high end Indian wedding clothes from Anita Dongre, Raakesh Agarvwal, Sougat Paul and array of other designers in sync with the latest trends. Sangeet, Mehendi or cocktail party, the site has the choicest outfits in different styles to suit you and your family’s wedding needs.

Touch and feel – The unique facility of, feel the outfit you wish to buy, brings the outfit to your doorstep so that you can try it before making the final decision on your Indian wedding clothes.

Customisation – A special team of experts work towards making that special outfit  fit you like a glove through an in-home measurement visit, if you choose. If the bride wants a particular outfit in a different colour, the ‘made for you’ option helps in fulfilling her wishes.

The above factors make the shopping experience for a bride very personal giving complete control to her in choosing her Indian wedding clothes. Also the supporting options help her in receiving an outfit that was just made for her for her special day.

Pros: Stress free experience of high end shopping from the comfort of home

Cons: Slow acceptance but it is steadily gaining popularity


Based on the alternatives available to the overseas bride, the online shopping experience with its custom features will make the bride’s life much easier. The bride can shop at her convenience and relax at a spa while the delivery and customisation is taken care off for her.

The bride can be super relaxed while shopping for her uber elegant, sophisticated Indian wedding clothes. A high end online shopping portal will soon become a boon to suppress the wedding shopping beast in a bride, enhancing the beauty in her for the wedding.


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