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The Secret to Getting Beautiful Skin | How To Get A Natural Glow Before Your Wedding
How To Get A Natural Glow For Your Wedding
14 th Dec 2015

Every bride longs for flawless skin with a natural glow on her wedding day.

Bridal magazines have fed us countless pictures of brides with dewy skin, making glowing skin the stuff of every bride’s dreams.

While not all of us are blessed with beautiful skin naturally, there are ways in which you can prep your skin to look near perfect on your D-day.

A little bit of pampering, the right kind of diet and physical activity can go a long way in giving you enviable skin. Today, we reveal some Indian beauty secrets that will help you even out your skin complexion and make it photo ready before your big day! 

Watch What You Eat

Before we discuss skin care tips for brides, remember that the first step towards beautiful skin is to cleanse your system from the inside. If you asked anyone for skin care tips for brides, the first thing that they would say is to eat right. Gorge on fresh fruits and vegetables, consume nuts that are rich in essential fatty acids and make sure you stay away from oily, sugary and salty foods. Also, drink lots of water without fail. This way, the toxins from your system will be flushed - completing the first step towards squeaky clean skin.

Get Moving

Simply eating right will not do the trick if you are looking to achieve flawless skin. What you also need to do alongside it is to give your body enough physical activity. Research proves that sweating it out at the gym or through a run will help unclog your pores and balance your hormones - two of the main culprits that cause acne. So get moving and watch not just your body but also your skin transform as a result of your physical activity.

Natural Cleansing

Gram Chickpea Flour | How To Get A Natural Glow Before Your Wedding

Rather than spending on pricey cleansers and foaming face washes, try going natural while cleansing your skin every day. An Indian beauty secret that has been passed from one generation to another is the application of ‘ubtan’ on the skin - a paste made with chickpea flour base. Chickpea flour is a mild cleanser that will clean your skin without stripping off the essential oils. It is also effective in controlling the production of excess oil in the skin. Washing your face with a paste of chickpea flour and water (use milk if you have dry skin) is a great way to keep your skin supple and oil-free. Ubtan application, in fact, is one of the skin care tips for brides that almost every bride-to-be follows, thanks to its effectiveness.


One of the most important skin care tips for brides is to remind women to exfoliate. Exfoliation is essential to get rid of all the dead cells on the skin. It is these dead cells that give your skin a dull and lifeless look. So how do you get rid of these cells? By gently scrubbing your skin with a good exfoliant that will not damage your skin. A well kept Indian beauty secret is the use of rice flour for exfoliation. Make a paste with a tablespoon of rice flour with some cinnamon powder and raw milk and gently scrub your wet face with this paste. The granules will slough off your dead cells to reveal beautiful skin underneath that is glowing!

Face Mask

Multani Mitti Fullers Earth | How To Get A Natural Glow Before Your Wedding

After cleansing and exfoliation, you need a nice face mask that will tighten your pores and give your skin an enviable glow. While this is not an Indian beauty secret anymore for its benefits are well known, we decided to include it in our ‘skin care tips for brides’ list lest you forgot to do it - apply a multani mitti face pack. Multani Mitti or fuller’s earth is a clay material with exceptional absorbing capabilities that make it an excellent choice for a face pack. Make a pack with two spoons of fuller’s earth and rose water and apply it all over the face. Allow it to dry and then wash off. The pack will make your skin tighter and give it a never seen before glow!


After prepping your skin well, you also need to feed it with nutrients that will help it get that glow. Among the best kept Indian beauty secrets is the use of rose water and aloe vera on the skin. Both are natural ingredients that are integral to many blends that are prescribed as a part of skin care tips for brides. You can even use them as is - spray the rose water directly or apply aloe vera gel on it to hydrate and nourish it.

Another alternative is to use cold-pressed coconut oil which is making waves in the natural beauty circles these days. Simply dab a few drops before going to sleep and wake up with a renewed glow.

Turmeric for the Skin

Haldi Turmeric | How To Get A Natural Glow Before Your Wedding

When we talk of Indian beauty secrets, a special mention must go to turmeric or haldi. It has become so integral to bridal skin care that there is a whole ceremony dedicated to the application of turmeric on the bride’s skin. Turmeric application is prescribed in almost all the skin care tips for brides for it has potent antiseptic qualities that destroy all the pimple causing bacteria. Turmeric also gives your skin a festive glow when applied in small quantities with milk and chickpea flour.

Now that you have seen some of the best kept Indian beauty secrets for the bride to be, do follow them and tell us how they are helping your skin. Remember to eat well and get enough rest as well, for there is nothing that looks better than well-rested skin.

Do you have any other home remedies that have worked wonders for you? We’d love to know!

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