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How to Choose a Mother of the Bride Dress for an Indian Wedding | Sarees that Suit the Mother of the Bride
How to Choose a Mother of the Bride Dress for an Indian Wedding
17 th Jun 2016

The wedding day is the most important day in the life of the bride. Another person for whom the day is of paramount importance is the mother of the bride. While we are all for the bride-to-be taking her time to choose her outfits, we feel that the mother of the bride dresses need to be picked with equal care.

After all, it is a big day in her life too and she will be on the stage, sharing the limelight with the bride.

So to help all the mothers out there to look their best on the day of their daughter’s wedding, we have put together a guide to pick amazing mother of the bride dresses. Because we know that you want to look perfect on the most important day of your daughter’s life, we have created an Outfit Generator to help you to find the best outfit for D-Day!

Pick the Style

Before you start shopping for the mother of the bride dresses, you would need to decide on what you are going to wear for each ceremony. Is it going to be a lehenga or a saree on the wedding day? Are you more comfortable wearing an anarkali suit for the sangeet? The most popular mother of the bride dresses are sarees and salwar suits. However, many mothers also wear lehengas since the daughter’s wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion.

Our advice to you would be to pick outfits that are elegant and refined. Rich kanjeevaram sarees, classy chiffon sarees, salwar suits or lehengas that are age-appropriate are some of the most popular mother of the bride dresses. Pick styles as per what the occasion demands.

Choosing Mother of the Bride Dresses- Hema Malini in a Rich Kanjeevaram Saree at her Daughter’s Wedding

Choose the Right Colour

While there is no rule that says that the mother of the bride dresses should not be bright and jazzy, it is always better to wear clothes that are subtle and elegant. Loud colours with flashy embellishments could possibly do more damage than good if not worn properly. So the best way out is to pick a rich hue with minimal embellishments or a subtle colour with sparkling elements in it.

Pick colours that suit your complexion and will also go well with your jewellery. Deep burgundy, royal blue, green and gold are popular bright colours among the mother of the bride dresses that are more about the fabric and less about embellishments. If you want to take the delicate colours route, then peach, lavender, turquoise and pink are options to consider.


The most attractive aspect of any dress, aside from the colour and the fabric is the embellishment on it. If you do choose to pick an outfit with embellishments, as the bride’s mother, since you are going to be receiving a lot of limelight, it almost becomes mandatory for you to wear a dress that is beautifully and elgantly embellished.

For a luxe and rich look, go in for outfits with zardosi embroidery. The painstakingly embroidered intricate designs in gold and silver threads lend a feeling of grandiose to any outfit. This red shaded Raakesh Agarvwal saree is one such outfit that will take your look to the next level.

Choosing Mother of the Bride Dresses- Red Shaded Saree by Raakesh Agarvwal

If you find a saree with zardosi work very heavy, then go in for mother of the bride dresses with delicate embellishments like gota patti embroidery. Made with gota or small pieces of zari that are cut into different shapes and sewed onto clothes, the embroidery designs are light and look regal to say the least. Gota patti embroidery looks ravishing on this saree by Anita Dongre. You could wear this with an embellished golden blouse for the wedding ceremony and complement your daughter’s outfit beautifully.

Choosing Mother of the Bride Dresses- Neon Pink Georgette Saree by Anita Dongre


The elements that help you put together your look are accessories. Beautifully designed bangles with intricate designs, sparkling diamond or gold earrings, delicate necklaces and clutches are accessories that help you complete your look. You can add your own personal touches to the outfit and bring out your personality with your accessory choices. Browse through our curated collection of fine jewellery and accessories for fabulous pieces that can add a magical touch to your ensemble. 

Choosing Mother of the Bride Dresses- Fine Jewellery and Accessories to Match Mother of the Bride Dresses

So while your daughter sets out to shop for her wedding outfits, don’t be left behind. Choose your outfits with care and pair them with the right kind of accessories and make a splash in your mother of the bride dresses during the wedding. 


Image Sources: Wiki Media

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