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Beautiful Red and White Bridal Lehenga | The Hottest Bridal Lehenga Colour Trends
The Hottest Bridal Lehenga Colour Trends
17 th Jun 2016

Your wedding lehenga is perhaps the most important outfit in your life if there was ever one.

So it is not surprising that brides take all the time in the world to browse through various styles and choose an outfit that is in keeping with the latest trends and that is fresh off the ramp. If you are all set to be married soon, then you have a difficult job cut out for you, what with the mind boggling array of bridal lehengas on offer.

However, a good way to narrow down your options is to zero in on the colour that you want to wear and then go about choosing the style.

If you are looking for inspiration before you set out to choose your bridal colours, then we’ll take you through the latest bridal lehenga colour trends that are popular among Indian brides.

Traditional Red

If you are familiar with the bridal shopping scene, you would know that traditional colours continue to rule the roost - a beautiful red bridal lehenga remains the most coveted item in a bride’s shopping list. It is traditional and timeless, and for many years, a bridal lehenga was synonymous with a red lehenga. A bride who wants to be dressed in a traditional attire with lots of gold jewellery should definitely choose a beautiful red lehenga since it provides the perfect canvas for the gold to shine through. Moreover, a pricey red lehenga can be an heirloom piece that you can even pass on to the next generation because red will never go out of style! For brides looking for style inspiration, take a look at this gorgeous Sabyasachi lehenga worn by Bipasha Basu for her wedding. 

Red Bridal Lehenga | Bridal Lehenga Colour Trends You Should Know

Rani Pink

After red, the most omnipresent colour in bridal lehengas is Rani Pink. Bridal lehengas in pink with golden or silver embellishments have remained a hot favourite among brides - as hot as the colour itself.

Hot Pink Lehenga | Bridal Lehenga Colour Trends You Should Know

Dusky Indian brides find that the colour complements their complexion well and prefer it over red. Since the colour is very bright, try picking a lehenga that has minimal embellishments. Our advise would be for you to pick something like the Raw Mango lehenga worn by Soha Ali Khan for her reception - that is both bright and classy at the same time!

Pink Lehenga Soha | Bridal Lehenga Colour Trends You Should Know

Despite the popularity of bridal lehengas in pink and red, designers are now experimenting with wedding colours that can be described as unconventional, at best. So at present, you can see the bridal lehenga designers and the Indian brides alike embracing colours like baby pink and lemon yellow that were originally considered too understated for such a big occasion. The latest wedding colours are elegant, without being too loud, in a way that they create the perfect canvas for the beauty of the fabric and the intricacies of the detailing to shine through. These fresh hues have taken the runway by the storm and are just what you need to make your bridal lehenga an outfit to remember. So what are the options that you can choose from? Lets have a look:

Neon Colours

Before we can say it, you already know that orange is the new black. Not just orange, but the whole gamut of neon colours are so in vogue today that you’ve got every fashionista worth her salt scurrying off to include the colours in her festive wardrobe by way of neon colour lehengas. The trick towards including neon colours in your bridal lehenga is to have a darker colour in the mix to tone down the look, for we do not want to end up looking like a light bulb, do we? So think a neon green choli with a golden lehenga or a lemon yellow lehenga teamed with a golden choli and pink dupatta like this beautiful Red Couture creation. Don’t you think that it is a beautiful combination of traditional design with contemporary colours and silhouette? A neon colour lehenga is perfect for the summer or a destination wedding and is just what you need to reflect gorgeous sunshine!


Vibrant Embellished Lehenga in Yellow | Bridal Lehenga Colour Trends You Should Know


Coral / Peach / Tangerine

Coral needs a special mention here for it is turning out to be the most popular wedding colour this season. Coral contrasted with mint, peach paired with pink and tangerine with accents of red are matches made in the heaven that make your wedding outfit come alive! It is no surprise then that more and more brides who would have preferred bridal lehengas in pink are now choosing coral or peach - colours close to the pink palette. What’s more, they work really well on both fair and dusky skin tones making them an attractive choice for Indian bridal wear.


Peach Aakaanksha Lehenga | Bridal Lehenga Colour Trends You Should Know

Case in point is this gorgeous Anita Dongre lehenga in peach. We love its muted colours and intricate gold foil embroidery. Another aspect working in favour of this peach colour bridal lehenga is the way it can beautifully pair with both solid gold and kundan jewellery to create a look of timeless elegance.


Golden lehengas have now become the most sought after lehengas among brides who want their wedding outfit to be nothing short of royalty. The reason why we love a golden lehenga so much is that it looks great on women of just about any complexion. The opulence of a golden lehenga in silk or brocade with antique gold embroidery is unmatchable and has been the outfit of choice of many a Bollywood bride. Also, accessorising a golden lehenga is a no-brainer - just about any jewellery looks fabulous with gold! If you want an all-gold look, then pair your golden lehenga with kundan jewellery.

But for brides looking to add hints of colour to the ensemble via accessories, we would recommend pairing the golden lehenga with antique rubies or emeralds that will stand out against the golden dress just as Bipasha Basu did. She looked redolent of royalty in this super exquisite lehenga paired with an emerald statement necklace and a jacket-style choli. 

Golden Lehenga | Bridal Lehenga Colour Trends You Should Know

Or better still, add colour via a dupatta like a striking blue dupatta against this golden Mandira Wirk lehenga and choli set.

Chantilly Gold and Blue Lehenga | Bridal Lehenga Colour Trends You Should Know


With the reds and greens taking a backseat this season, the one bright colour that has come to the fore is blue. Be it navy blue or turquoise blue, this colour looks royal in any shade and that makes it perfect to be used in wedding attire. There is nothing more lavish than a blue lehenga in silk or velvet as seen in many of the recent fashion shows, especially when the bridal lehenga is adorned with extravagant golden threadwork or zardosi embroidery. Another reason why blue is extremely popular with Indian brides is because blue is one colour which can be worn by both the bride and the groom. So if you are excited about the prospect of wearing colour coordinated outfits, then blue is a colour you can most definitely consider and this Anita Dongre lehenga is what we recommend.

Gorgeous Blue Leheriya Lehenga | Bridal Lehenga Colour Trends You Should Know

An ode to Indian crafts and design, this contemporary lehenga set can make your wedding evening all the more memorable.

The list does not just end here. You can go for variations of these colours and choose from aquamarine, fuchsia, baby pink or lavender. While choosing a colour, you can feel that each colour gives off a different vibe. It is up to you to pick a colour that you identify and connect with. Just as with the man that you are marrying, you will know a perfect wedding lehenga when you see it. And once you have made a choice, wear the bridal lehenga with aplomb. Nothing makes an outfit more beautiful than the confidence with which you wear it.

Image credit: summeroffashiontrends, strandofsilk, bipashabasu-instagram

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