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Groom Swag: Ideas To Personalise Your Wedding Gear
Groom Swag: Ideas To Personalise Your Wedding Gear
27 th Jun 2018

Brides often overshadow the wedding especially when it comes to the style stakes. Even today the bride’s trousseau and outfits cost exponentially more than the groom’s. The disparity can be blamed on basic gender differences because women tend to be more competitive with each other when it comes to looking good. But it also comes down to the simple economics of the wedding industry. Since brides spend more in general, all wedding related vendors like designers, jewellers, makeup artists and hairdressers can get away with charging a lot more for their services.

It’s no surprise then that the bar is set much higher for stylish brides who want the best of everything. Often resulting in the groom being totally overshadowed in the process. However with the rise of the metrosexual man who isn’t afraid to experiment with his looks and appreciates the finer nuances of fashion, things might be taking an upswing for grooms as well. Sure, there will always be those who just can’t be bothered and will pick something basic and economical for their wedding day. But the number of grooms wanting to spread their fashion wings and soar at their weddings is definitely on the rise.

Modern Indian grooms are more than willing to share the spotlight with their brides rather than disappear under the glare. They’re looking into customising their wedding looks from head to toe. Curated outfits, matching accessories and personalised elements are the new buzzwords for contemporary grooms who understand and appreciate luxury. While designer outfits and accessories are accessible to almost anyone willing to spend some dough, it’s often personalised trinkets that really distinguish savvy grooms from the others. There is a perception that custom-making anything costs a fortune but that couldn’t be further from the truth. As it works with everything else, there is something for everyone at every price point. It’s just about finding what works for your individual preferences.

It might seem confusing for would-be grooms or brides-to-be looking to personalise groom attire because it’s a completely unchartered territory for Indian fashion. But if you’re keen to get your hands on some serious groom swag for the big day then here are a few fantastic ideas that won’t cost you too dearly with both money and time.


The custom of stealing the groom’s shoes is a still-practiced and much-loved Hindu wedding tradition so why not add a personalised touch to the accessory? Indian grooms often wear embroidered mojri shoes for the wedding as well as other traditional functions so with a little creativity it won’t be too hard to personalise a pair.

Monograms including the grooms initials are fairly common and a great way to personalise shoes but some people might find them too obvious and a tad cheesy. Embroidering the groom’s zodiac sign is a novel way of customising shoes just for you. Alternatively you could also embroider your wedding date on the side of your shoes and convert them into a unique keepsake from the occasion.

Groom Swag | Shoes Initials

Shoes With The Groom’s Initials

Groom Swag | Shoes Zodiac

Shoes With The Groom’s Zodiac Sign

Groom Swag | Shoes Date

Shoes With The Wedding Date


Since gentlemen’s clothing have fewer separate items it’s important to get inventive with each article. Socks are another necessity in every man’s wardrobe so it makes perfect sense to personalise a pair for the wedding. They’re also mostly hidden from view making them ideal for the shy groom who isn’t keen on public declarations of emotions.

A pair of socks with a printed message can be a lovely way to make you smile as you dress for one of the biggest moments of your life. If that’s also a bit much for your liking then go for a whimsical and distinctive printed pair that means something to you. It could be your favourite cartoon, sports teams, car logo, superhero symbol or anything else that gets your heart going.

Groom Swag | Socks Mickey

Printed Mickey Mouse Socks

Groom Swag | Printed Socks

Socks Printed With The Wedding Date

Cufflinks, Lapel Pins and Ties

The first two might be the easiest items to personalise, as it’s fairly common to have cufflinks and lapel pins made with family crests and other symbols. Personalised ties are a fairly new phenomenon and yet another nifty hack for grooms who wouldn’t want to wear their personalisation of their sleeves (literally!). Most Indian weddings have a reception for extended social circles so suits and tuxedos are common choices for many grooms. Take the opportunity to sport some of these personalised accessories for added groom swag.

Cufflinks with initials, either just yours or both yours and hers are a popular choice at weddings. If you’re a bit more adventurous then sport cufflinks with the word groom emblazoned on them. Lapels pins can follow similar trends but consider out-of-the-box ideas with interesting shapes. The backs of ties are a discreet yet ingenious way to make the very basic accessory a bit special. And because the message imprinted on the back isn’t visible you can always wear the tie for other occasions.

Groom Swag | Cufflinks 1

Cufflinks With Initials

Groom Swag | Cufflinks 2

Groom Cufflinks

Groom Swag | Lapel Pin

Camera Shape Lapel Pin

Groom Swag | Tie

Tie With Personalised Message


For the Indian groom who wants to bring in some personalisation to his ethnic attire without making it look tacky, embroidering initials on the sherwani pocket is a brilliant way to go about it. Like ethnic shoes, most traditional sherwanis will feature some kind of embellishments so why not make the design your own?

Arrange your initials in some sort of a design so it looks like an intentional style statement rather than schoolboy labelling. If you aren’t so imaginative then you can always pick from existing logos and symbols that relate to your hobbies and interests.

If you want your initials embroidered on a sherwani you are ordering from our collections, just let our team know and we will be happy to help you get the perfect style

Groom Swag | Sherwani

Sherwani With Initials Designed As An Emblem




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