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Groom Safa Styles For 2019 Weddings
Groom Safa Styles For 2019 Weddings
27 th Sep 2019

Alright gentlemen, listen up! We know brides get all how-tos, don’t-dos, latest trends, checklists and all other kinds of wedding info. We know most of you don’t have that level of patience and willingness to be involved in wedding planning to that extent. You would rather leave that hassle to your significant other and go down to the pub for a pint and some sports with your boys. Infact given a choice you would do away with all this wedding malarkey altogether and spend the dough on some cool new gizmos or a kick ass holiday.

Now that we have your attention, here is the main point. You might think you can get away with not wearing a hairstyle ruining safa for the wedding. Again, many of you will. But the point is that the ubiquitous safa has fantastic groom appeal. If you’re looking for that swag without much effort and without any OTT outfits then make the safa your fail-safe accessory. Some of you might not care about looking the part but will be peer pressured (peers of the female persuasion) into it, some of you might genuinely want to look as dashing as your partner on your big day. Yes, we are acutely aware that brides get all the compliments and credit but it is YOUR wedding day too. So how about getting with the program and hearing us out?

We promise you won’t have to do much when it comes to the safa. Infact it’s an all-round winner as it checks all the ideal lazy man boxes. Cheap? Check. It won’t cost as much as a fancy groom sherwani but can totally elevate the entire look. Readymade? Check. If not, you won’t have to tie it yourself anyway. So just sit back and let the pros do their job. Easily available? Check. Most groom outfitters both online and offline will carry a line of safa styles. Lots of varieties? Check. For more on that read on.

As promised, here is more on the multiple safa styles at your disposal. If it’s all too much bookmark this post right now to send to your gal so you can claim you’ve done your bit the next time things get tense about your inherent sluggishness towards wedding duties. If you’re still here then it’s safe to say you like this style of tough love meets humour and we have a kinda sorta bond. So let’s get on with it, shall we?

Metallic toned Safas

If you’re colour averse like most men meaning that your wardrobe consists only of blues, blacks, greys and whites then you can easily pick a metallic safa and call it a day. Despite your sincerest protests your wedding sherwani will have some element of shine even if it’s as little as buttons. You can blame thousands of years of Indian dressmakers for this obsession with all things bling but it won’t change a thing. Gold, silver or even rose gold safas that match the metallic accents on your outfits will look utterly regal without you compromising on your no-bright-colours rule.

Safas | Metallic

Real Grooms In Metallic Safas

Weaves inspired Safas

Woven ethnic fabrics with small motifs can look just as stunning as a one colour metallic safa. Again, this style of safa can totally dress up an otherwise simple outfit. Kings, princes and even warriors have been known to wear weaves in their safas so you’re in august company here. If you can’t bear the thought of feminine prints on your head, look around and find something abstract and geometric that will appeal to your manly sensibilities.

Safas | Weaves

Real Grooms In Woven Safas

Luxe Cotton Safas

You might not care about fabrics on the regular but remember that the safa you choose will need to be worn for the entirety of the wedding service which can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on your religion. If you’re getting married somewhere tropical factor in the added heat from the wedding pyre at a Hindu ceremony. Got your attention now, haven’t we? Safas that are typically made in silk, velvet or brocade are a recipe for disaster because they will cause you to sweat profusely. Look around a little bit and find a premium cotton safa instead. You’ll be happy you made the effort later when you’ve worn the safa for multiple hours and it isn’t stuck to your forehead with perspiration. With so many gorgeous colours and prints on offer these days, there is no reason you can’t find one that’s ultra-cool. Both literally and figuratively.

Safas | Luxe Cotton

Real Groom In Luxe Cotton Safa

Dual Toned Safas

Gentlemen who despise experimental dressing stop reading at this point. These next safa styles are specifically for the dapper lot who aren’t about to let the bride walk away with all the ohhhhhs aaahhhhhs and wwoooowwss. Double up on colours of all sorts with dual tone safas that look totally on-point and contemporary. Whether it’s an accent colour from your outfit or a complimentary addition, safas in two colours will definitely stand out.

Safa | Dual Tones

Real Grooms In Dual Tone Safas

Contrasting Coloured Safas

Speaking of walking away from the melee of conventional dressing you can also pick a safa that’s in total contrast to the rest of your outfit. Pull it all together with a kerchief in the same colour or be your metrosexual best by opting for a contrasting print. This statement making safa style is definitely not for the timid so be sure to have your wits about you before going down this route.

Safa | Contrasting

Real Grooms In Contrasting Safas

Coordinated Colour Safas

There has been lots of talk of competing with your ladylove here so how about we make peace? For that complete awwww effect, pick a safa colour that matches her dupatta. We don’t have to tell you this is an absolute home run in winning her (and her girl tribe) over with one failsafe swoop. If you want to be a total romantic then surprise her with this little detail and you’ll never lose an argument again (fingers crossed!).

Safa | Coordinating

Real Grooms In Coordinating Safas

Floral Pattern Safas

At the risk of alienating 95% of the male audience who has got this far, a mention of floral safas is mandatory here. The trend has been around for two seasons already and isn’t showing signs of slowing down. Making us suspect that there are more closet fashion admirers amongst the current crop of grooms than ever before. Or the brides have just gotten better at getting their way. Either ways we must admit the floral safa is hands down #groomgoals! Whether it’s contrasting or matching the outfit, the floral safa is the key to levelling up your groom dressing game by many degrees. With so many real grooms giving the trend a go, there is certainly nothing too girly about flaunting a floral print anymore.

Safa | Floral

Real Grooms In Floral Print Safas




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