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Five Things to Remember When buying Bridal Shoes
Five Things to Remember When buying Bridal Shoes
29 th Jul 2015

It is every bride’s dream to wear stunning ensembles for the various ceremonies during her wedding that comprise of spectacular Indian wedding outfits, matched with extravagant jewellery and not to forget the perfect pair of shoes.

The right kind of shoes can infuse a new life to your bridal look and also add a lot of confidence to your stance.

So what are the things to remember when buying shoes to match your Indian wedding outfits? Here’s a quick rundown.

Sparkle is Good

Your Indian wedding outfits are going to be bright and lavish and such outfits demand to be paired with shoes that are sparkly and bright. Go for shoes in colours like gold and silver, adorned with multi-coloured stones or embellishments. This way you can be sure that your look is truly magnificent, from head to toe!

Do they go well with your outfit?

Five Things to Remember When buying Bridal Shoes - Match Colour

Since your shoes will get enough attention during the wedding, do a quick check to see if they gel well overall with your outfit. A lehenga would need high heels that shine when the skirt plays peek-a-boo while an Anarkali suit can actually function well over a pair of flat sandals or shoes. Bottom-line is, always pick your shoes keeping your Indian wedding outfits in mind.

Buy Shoes that Fit Well

As with any kind of shoes, make sure that you buy shoes that fit you like a dream. There is nothing more unsightly than a pair of shoes with your heels sticking out or feet bulging out of them. Also remember that you need to be standing for long hours during your wedding – this means that the shoes that you wear should neither be too tight nor too loose.

Heels Not Hell

Five Things to Remember When buying Bridal Shoes - Right Heels

Most brides become over-ambitious in a bid to look ravishing on their wedding day and go in for the highest heels to add inches and spike their confidence. But what they forget is that the higher the heels, the more the discomfort. So without aiming for the moon, settle for shoes with heels in a height that you are used to strutting in, because you want to be smiling and not twitching in pain as the cameras click away!

Break them in

The one big mistake that most brides make is to wear their brand new pair of shoes for the first time on the wedding day. While it works out fine for some, there are many brides who find the new shoes experience to be super-painful. The best way to avoid this experience is to wear your shoes at least a couple of times before the big day. Apply some petroleum jelly on your feet when you do so. If the shoes are still tight, put them on and blow dry over them – this will loosed the tight spots.

Now that you know what to remember when buying shoes, here are some of the shoes that you can consider for the various ceremonies to be worn with different Indian wedding outfits.


The sangeet and the mehendi ceremonies involve a lot of dancing and need you to wear comfortable Indian wedding outfits with shoes to match. Whether you are wearing a salwar suit or an ethnic skirt and blouse, our advice is to go for a pair of mojris with traditional embroidery on them. They are not only super comfortable, but also look great with traditional Indian wear.


Five Things to Remember When buying Bridal Shoes - Slip Ons

Shoes are a no-no at most Indian wedding ceremonies since the mantap area where the wedding is solemnised is considered to be holy. For this ceremony, we suggest having a pair of jewelled slip-on shoes with medium heels handy for times when you need to walk through the wedding venue before or after the wedding.


Today, the wedding reception has turned out to be the most extravagant ceremony where brides go all out to present a luxurious look. Lavish Indian wedding outfits like a saree or a lehenga worn for the reception need to be paired with high heels in golden tones, complete with stone work that will shimmer through. We suggest picking shoes with soles that are cushy, making sure that all the long hours of standing do not do any damage to your ankles or lower back.

Remember that when it comes to the wedding, do not settle for anything less than a few fantastic pair of shoes. For a premium, you can even get your own customised pairs of shoes to fit you to the T and to completely match your Indian wedding outfits. But while you burn a hole in your pocket buying them, try picking shoes that are not too ostentatious and can be worn at other occasions as well since you don’t want to compete with the bride when you wear them to a different wedding.

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