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Emerging Make Up Trends For 2020 Brides
Emerging Make Up Trends For 2020 Brides
01 st Dec 2019

Indian bridal makeup has come a long way from the days of unnaturally white cake face that used to be the norm in the past. With a global movement towards embracing and loving your god given skin tone there has certainly been a shift in the attitude of Indian brides as well. They no longer want to look like that typical Indian bride but rather like themselves. There isn’t a pre-determined aesthetic for them to follow and this gives them the freedom to pick what appeals to them personally instead of worrying about fitting into some cookie cutter mould.

Nearly everything about the modern Indian bridal make up look is now customized for each particular bride – down to shades of lipstick. Indian make-up artists have upped their game fabulously in the past few decades especially after the increased availability of inclusive shade ranges from nearly every major brand. This level of personalisation also extends to bridal accessories like maang tikkas, choodas, matha pattis and facial decoration. While some brides want the total ethnic look complete with every single detail, others are more about keeping things more contemporary.

With so many options out there it’s understandable to be confused about what’s on-point and what’s dated. When you’re considering a scenario where international make up trends shift every few months, it’s hardly surprising that Indian bridal make up also sees similar albeit less frequent trend updates. The choices and possibilities are endless and there is no reason why you as a bride-to-be need to follow any specific trends. You can totally disregard everything and make your own rules with your bridal make up.

However for those of you who are definitely keen on incorporating the latest on the Indian bridal make up scene, here are a few emerging trends for 2020.

Dewy Skin

Perhaps the biggest transformation in Indian bridal make up has been the seismic shift from ultra-matte bases to more dewy juicy skin like finishes. Indian brides and make-up artists have finally woken up to the reality that 2 inches of gunk on the face that starts to crack in a few hours is a good look for a mural not a stunning woman. Well hydrated, plump and glowing skin is THE trend since a few years and it’s simply beautiful. If you’re keen on this look remember it’s extremely vital to start taking good care of your skin well in advance. Because while primers and highlighters can give you the faux glow, there is no substitute for pampered healthy skin underneath. If you think that lit-from-within sheen is just for light complexioned gals then you couldn’t be more wrong. Deeper skinned beauties can totally rock dewy skin as well thanks to a wonderful array of new age cosmetics geared towards their specific needs.

Bridal Makeup | Dewy Skin

Dewy Skin References For Indian Bridal Make-up Looks

Strong Brows & Bold Eyes

While Insta-brows are finally dying a much-awaited death, there is no denying that immaculately shaped brows can do wonders for any make up look. An Indian bridal look featuring strong brows and bold eyes is certainly becoming a favourite amongst brides who love experimenting with make-up. We aren’t talking about drawing on exaggerated brows that will look super fake. Instead it’s best to follow your natural brow shape but manipulating it ever so slightly for a face framing look. Smokey eyes used to be a reception or sangeet mainstay but have also started making an appearance at wedding ceremonies. Brown smokey eyes are a popular choice as they’re less intense than black and more appropriate for day time ceremonies.

Bridal Makeup | Brows & Eyes

Strong Brows & Bold Eye References For Indian Bridal Make-up Looks

Metallic Eye Shadows

Glittery eye shadow looks have always been part of the Indian bridal make up repertoire but in 2020 it will be all about metal dripping shadows that really pop. As companies roll out better and better eyeshadow formulas in cream, liquid and ever popular powder forms, make-up artists too can get inventive with the look that they create. High tech metallic eye shadow formulas don’t smudge and will not fade away in a after a few hours like their predecessors. Breathing new life into the Indian bridal make-up game that has always been partial to shimmer and shine especially on the eyes.

Bridal Makeup | Metallic Eyeshadow

Metallic Eyeshadow References For Indian Bridal Make-up Looks

Romantic Pastels

If you want to totally side step any shiny eye shadows in favour of something more subdued yet contemporary then romantic pastels are the way to go. Depending on your colouring your makeup artist can choose from a range of matte soothing shades that are variations of pink, peach, lilac and blue. With the undertones in Indian skin, warmer hues are popular choices as they can really pop while also flattering the overall complexion. Romantic pastels can also work well for smaller ceremonies like the haldi or mehendi, that are often during the day and have a slightly less formal vibe.

Bridal Makeup | Romantic Pastels

Romantic Pastel References For Indian Bridal Make-up Looks

Unconventional Statement Lips

It wouldn’t be a low down of Indian bridal make-up trends if there was no mention of lips. While the classic bridal red lip will see you through any and every occasion there is a case to be made for unconventional bold lips as well. Shades like berry, marsala, fuchsia and orange can really elevate the timeless look by giving it a stylish upgrade. This look will especially appeal to brides who want to wear chunky traditional accessories as it keeps the rest of the look very neutral with just a pop of colour on the lips.

Bridal Makeup | Unconventional Lip Colour

Unconventional Statement Lip References For Indian Bridal Make-up Looks




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