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Easy Hacks For An Epic Baraat
Easy Hacks For An Epic Baraat
04 th Oct 2019

The only Indian wedding planning activity most grooms actively participate in (other than picking up their share of the tab) is the cocktail party and the baraat. While the cocktail party is one massive blow out for everyone to let loose and jiggy. The baraat is the only part of the Indian wedding festivities that celebrates the groom. Yes, the gentlemen definitely get a raw deal when it comes to Indian weddings because the ladies walk away with all the fine jewels, henna and haldi ceremonies as well as all the compliments throughout the proceedings. It’s no wonder then that Indian grooms have slowly but surely starting making their baraat a grander affair than ever before.

While the baraat is mostly a North Indian wedding tradition, the fun elements of the practice have even permeated into weddings from other parts of the country. An increasing number of mixed race couples especially in western countries has meant that several of them create their own unique blend of wedding rituals by taking the best and most important parts from their own religions. The impact of Bollywood and its ultra-glamorous portrayal of the Indian wedding has certainly contributed to the popularity of the baraat. Infact many couples are even choosing to have Bollywood theme weddings and parties where the baraat is a common fixture.

As with anything that becomes almost mass it’s important to some grooms that their baraat stands out. Infact some of them plan for months to ensure every single aspect of their own baraat is memorable. A lucky few even have amazing friends and family who go the extra mile to plan the baraat for the groom-to-be and leave no stone unturned when it comes to extracting every bit of revelry from this last hurrah just before the serious wedding ceremonies commence. Whether you’re a groom, a best man, a close friend or a favourite cousin, here are a few pointers to make the baraat you’re planning totally epic.

Pre-determine A Route & Duration

It’s not unheard of for baraats to go on for 3-4 hours these days. Infact some even consider it mandatory. While it sounds unbelievably cool in theory, the reality is that if you intend to have such a long baraat procession then it’s imperative to plan ahead. Most Indian wedding ceremonies must start at a particular auspicious time so you have to plan backwards to ensure that everyone will arrive by then. Even if the baraat is shorter you must allot plenty of time in the day’s schedule to avoid any unnecessary delays to the actual wedding rituals. A route is equally important because a long baraat might necessitate booking an indoor venue for part of the baraat. You certainly can’t expect your guests to disrupt road traffic for a number of hours. It’s best that you pick something enroute to the wedding venue so people can drive or walk there easily. Put someone in charge of guiding the baraat in the right direction to avoid any last minute mix ups.

Baraat | Route


Plan The Route & Duration Of The Baraat

Handle All Legalities In Advance

It’s customary for the baraat procession to be at its loudest and most boisterous just outside the wedding venue. If that happens to be on a busy street, a quiet zone, a government building or part of a hotel property, you will certainly have a few rules to follow. Prior permission is always required for blasting speakers in any area even if it’s within the compound of an establishment that’s fully reserved for the wedding. There is nothing more annoying and distressing than the cops shutting down a baraat and/or slapping a hefty fine on the groom’s family.

Baraat | Police


Get All The Necessary Permissions

Don’t Support Animal Cruelty

It might look and feel unbelievably regal for the groom to arrive on a horse or an elephant but remember these practices date back to simpler times. Most animals who are engaged in baraat processions are extremely distressed with the loud noises and fire crackers. They’re also held captive and very often beaten mercilessly to obey their minders who exploit them for their own commercial interests. With so many cool options for groom entries that can look totally extra why resort to hurting defenceless animals? Decorated rickshaws, Enfield bikes, vintage cars and even modified Bat mobiles can be called into duty for that wow factor for the groom’s ride.

Baraat | Entry 1

Real Groom Baraat Ride On A Decorated Rickshaw

Baraat | Entry 2

Real Groom Baraat Ride On A Bike

Baraat | Entry 3

Real Groom Baraat Ride On A Modified Bat Mobile

Baraat | Entry 4

Real Groom Baraat Ride In A Vintage Car

Bring On The Props

Random dancing is great but why not add to the colourful atmosphere with a few exciting props? Not only will it guarantee superb baraat pictures but it will also encourage people to get inventive with their dance moves. Real grooms have tried everything from a small baraat inside a truck to having their friends ride pillion on a scooter and even enlisting sexy showgirls to bring some sizzle to their baraat.

Baraat | Props 1

A Small Baraat In A Truck

Baraat | Props 2

A Baraat With The Groomsmen Riding & Dancing Around A Scooter

Baraat | Props 3

A Baraat With Vegas Showgirls

Put On A Flash Dance Performance

If you want to take it a step further then enlist enthusiastic baraat participants to practice in advance for a flash dance performance. The co-ordinated dancing will certainly bring in an element of surprise for the others while also encouraging everyone else to join in. It’s a sure shot way to get the whole crowd into the groove especially those who tend to be a bit shy and awkward about breaking into dance moves on the fly.

Baraat | Flash Dance 1

A Flash Dance Performance At A Baraat

Baraat | Flash Dance 2

A Flash Dance Performance At A Baraat

Baraat | Flash Dance 3

A Flash Dance Performance At A Baraat

Bar In A Car

Americans have used their vehicles to serve food and booze at tailgates since forever but it certainly makes a welcome addition to a baraat procession. Infact a car boot filled with libations for the baraatis is still a very common fixture in parts of the northern Indian state of Punjab. The trend started sometime in the 80s and some are so into the nostalgia of the practice that they special order vintage Maruti 800 models just for the purpose of having it feature in their baraat. You must admit having a bar in the car certainly beats making your guests walking around with plastic bottles as they attempt to dance.

Baraat | Bar In A Car 1

A Bar In The Back Of A Car

Baraat | A Bar In A Car 2

A Bar In The Back Of A Car

Co-ordinated Groomsmen

This is the time for the groom’s closest pals to shine so it’s definitely worth putting the spotlight on them with coordinated outfits. Again this idea makes for frame worthy pictures but it also doubles up as a convenient way to get groomsmen hyper excited for the baraat especially those who are less than enthusiastic about dancing in public. If the wedding is happening somewhere warm it would be wise for them to carry a change for the ceremony. Sweaty groomsmen are passable at the baraat but are totally abhorrent at the wedding.

Baraat | Co-ordinated Groomsmen

Co-ordinated Groomsmen Outfits

Spring For A DJ

Traditionally a baraat features a band with loud drums and trumpets so there are certain limitations to their range of sounds. Even the best bands end up playing a loop of tried and tested baraat tunes that people have heard at all other weddings already. For something a little different and certainly for a baraat that will be a long affair, a DJ is an absolute must have. The music at a baraat is essential to keeping the vibe going so this is not the time to tighten the purse strings.

Baraat | DJ

Invest In A DJ For The Baraat

Sustenance Is Key

Alcohol is certainly not the only thing you must be serving at a baraat because all that dancing is sure to make people thirsty and even hungry. You must have plenty of water, colas, fruit juices and other dehydration curing drinks on offer as well. Some dry snacks are also a good idea for those who don’t drink or for those who might overdo it. You certainly don’t want any fainting spells from exhaustion or uncontrollable drunkenness to ruin everyone’s mood. Whether you choose a moving bar in a car or servers standing by with trays of food and drink or even a self-serve stand with the essentials, this is certainly a non-negotiable for any baraat.

Baraat | Sustenance 1

Fruits Juices & Mocktails For The Baraat

Baraat | Sustenance 2

Water With Refreshing Fruits For The Baraat

Baraat | Sustenance 3

Dry Indian Snacks For The Baraat

Baraat | Sustenance 4

A Self-Serve Refreshments Stand At The Baraat

Luxe Touches

If you want to go above and beyond the regular baraat arrangements. Sprinkle in a few luxe touches like mist fans or portable heaters, hot or cold towels and even packed food boxes for everyone as soon as they arrive. These small gestures will go a long way in ensuring your guests’ comfort and they will surely love you for it.

Baraat | Luxe Touches 1

Mist Fans For The Baraat

Baraat | Luxe Touches 2

Hot Or Cold Towels For The Guests



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