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The Dos and Don'ts of Choosing your Indian Wedding Dress
The Dos and Don'ts of Choosing your Indian Wedding Dress
14 th Aug 2015

As the 2015 Indian bridal wear trends getting established through the wedding season, brides getting married later in the year have it easy for them – they clearly know what’s hot and not this year.

If you are getting married sometime soon and are wondering what the 2015 Indian bridal wear trends are, we’ve broken them down for you as do’s and don’ts while choosing your wedding dress. This way, you can pick a dress that is in keeping with the 2015 Indian bridal wear trends and also add your own personal touch to the ensemble to take it from great to breath-taking!

2015 Indian Bridal Wear Trends – the Dos

Focus on finding the best silhouette

The dos and don’ts of choosing your wedding dress - Silhouettes

The most important thing when it comes to the bridal wear is the silhouette and the fit. Colours, embellishments and fabrics are all secondary and customisable when it comes to Indian wedding dresses. What’s most important is whether the dress fits you like a dream and if not, what alterations would it need. Once you have that figured, the rest will fall into place by itself. Choose a style that flatters your body type rather than going for something that you saw on a magazine cover.

The trend this year is simple and elegant lines with a fusion of Indian and western silhouettes – think the dhoti saree or the sharara with a crop top. If you think they are too daring for a wedding, you can of course customise them to tone down the look and make it more conventional while also standing out from the crowd.

Colours of the year 

Pantone tells you that the robust and full-bodied Marsala, a colour the Indians have forever embraced is the colour of the year. The deep wine red colour is not just the hottest trend on the ramp but also on the altar in India. By embracing the warm shade you will not just keep up with the 2015 Indian bridal wear trends but also the worldwide colour trends. With the colour being rich, deep and seductive – what more would you want out of a wedding dress?!

If you are looking at multiple colours, we’d advise you to stay off your ombre obsessions since it is so 2014. Instead, come up with inventive colour pairings like yellow and pink or turquoise and green for a wedding outfit that is not just bright but also a strong statement on the mantap.

Fabrics and Embellishments

The dos and don’ts of choosing your wedding dress - New Crafts

The most happening 2015 Indian bridal wear trend is getting back to the roots and wearing fabrics and embellishments that have a history and heritage attached to them. Be it the Gota-patti embroidery being revived by Anita Dongre or that of the Khadi silk by Sabyasachi Mukherjee, these hallmarks of Indian crafts will make your bridal attire one of a kind.

So while choosing the fabrics and embellishments, look for unique elements like these that will make your wedding attire a classic that can be handed over and will be cherished by the future generations for their novelty.

2015 Bridal Wear Trends – The Don’ts

Don’t follow trends blindly

Yes, we are telling you this despite writing about the trends ourselves. This is simply because what looks great on the ramp or on your favourite actress does not necessarily need to look good on you. So rather than following the 2015 Indian bridal wear trends blindly, do check if it goes well with your wedding theme, your body and colour before making a purchase decision.

Don’t go over the top

We know it is your wedding. We know it is once in a lifetime and the stuff of your dreams. But this does not mean that you go overboard with your attire, jewellery and makeup. Know where to draw the line so that you look ethereal and not gaudy.

Don’t go in for an all-matching look

The dos and don’ts of choosing your wedding dress - Matching

However amazing a single colour may be, make sure that you don’t keep your bridal look monotone. The 2015 Indian bridal wear trend is to mix and match colours. So rather than settling for a single toned outfit with embellishments on it, pick two or three colours that will break the monotony and infuse brightness to your look.

2015 Indian bridal wear is all about making a statement but in a subtle and classy way. Make sure you take cues from our tips and choose a wedding dress that sets you apart from the crowd and gives you a look that will be the talk of the town for a while at least!

Image credit: newsnation

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