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DIY Indian Wedding Decor Ideas
DIY Indian Wedding Decor Ideas
31 st Oct 2017

Creative bees will start buzzing with the excitement of DIYing their entire Indian wedding as soon as bae puts a ring on it. Because the logic of ‘why-buy- something-when-you-can-make-it-yourself’ seems most logical to arts and crafts aficionados who love to personalise everything. These are also the girls who’ve had secret private Pinterest boards filled with ideas for projects even before they got engaged. And why not? Your wedding is one of the biggest celebrations of your life so the urge to put your own spin on things is greater than ever.

DIYs are a lovely way to make your wedding unique and truly tailored to yours and your partner’s personality. However when you’re pressed for time and trying to juggle so many balls at once, you have to weigh in on the real cost of DIY jobs. You would totally love to create a canopy of paper mache flowers to decorate a venue but when you realize it will involve a few hundred hours of manual labour with a glue gun, your enthusiasm might simmer down. Similarly, it might seem like the cutest idea to include monogrammed cupcakes for each guest as party favours but are you really willing to spend the last week before your wedding in front of a hot oven?

The trick to acing DIY ideas for Indian weddings is to pace your self and leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. Massive mandap and venue décor, cooking for a few hundred (or thousand) guests, photography and video shooting are definitely not things you should attempt to DIY. Focus on smaller and logistically simpler projects like décor accents for at-home or less formal ceremonies instead. You don’t need to relinquish complete control of décor to hired help for the bigger functions but it’s best to take on less complicated elements in the interest of actually enjoying the event yourself.

You don’t want to turn into a crazed bride who lets her wedding take over her life so understand what you can and cannot DIY early on. Also don’t forget that with the convenience of marketplaces like Etsy, it’s just as easy to ‘buy DIY’ rather than actually doing it yourself. These resources will be especially useful when you have your heart set on a rustic themed décor but also can’t find the time to rummage through rubbish bins to find 100 plastic bottles to spray paint.

Not to put you off the DIY vibe completely, here is a list of hassle free and quick DIY ideas that you can totally indulge in while also managing other wedding details like a boss lady. Your guests will be equally impressed and yours will definitely become the wedding with #goals to beat for all future brides.

Inventive Photo Galleries

As cheesy as it sounds a picture is really worth a thousand words. What better way to make your wedding décor your own than by plastering the venue with adorable snaps of both of you? It’s also a great way to involve your friends and family into the décor by including pictures with them as well. Just ensure that you use copies and not originals of old photos just in case you don’t get them back. Create a photo wall with some string and clothespins or pepper some pictures into marigold garlands. You can also create interesting centrepieces, buntings and paper aeroplane hangings mixed in with some memorable snapshots.

DIY Ideas | Photo Gallery 1

DIY Ideas | Photo Gallery 2

DIY Ideas | Photo Gallery 3

DIY Ideas | Photo Gallery 4

DIY Ideas | Photo Gallery 5

Photo Gallery Ideas

Suspended Walls

If you find prim and proper photo booths rather tired then take it upon yourself to make a crazy and funky background for pictures. Makeshift suspended walls made with colourful elements can double up as eye-catching design decorations by themselves as well. Multi hued kites, painted light bulbs hung with ropes and ribbon strips with tin cans and paper umbrellas make for some super kitschy and easily manageable DIY suspended walls.

DIY Ideas | Suspended Walls 1

DIY Ideas | Suspended Walls 2

DIY Ideas | Suspended Walls 3

DIY Ideas | Suspended Walls 4

Suspended Wall Ideas

Quirky Flowers

Flowers, flowers and more flowers are what Indian wedding décor ideas are all about but why not use them in a more distinctive way? Leave those boring floral stage backgrounds in the past and modernise the way you infuse flowers into your own wedding. Create some quirky floral centrepieces using unconventional materials like teacups, ice cream cones, tin cans, traditional Indian pickle jars and small tea glasses. Mix these up with the existing décor to create a seamless atmosphere between your DIY and the professional set up.

DIY Ideas | Quirky Flowers 1

DIY Ideas | Quirky Flowers 2

DIY Ideas | Quirky Flowers 3

DIY Ideas | Quirky Flowers 4

DIY Ideas | Quirky Flowers 5

Quirky Flower Ideas

Stuffed Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are yet another totally overused and borderline abused Indian wedding décor item but just like with the flowers, there is always scope for reinvention. Rummage through your own and other basements to find holders like birdcages, mason jars, lanterns or lamps. It’s imperative that the holders must be transparent to achieve the full effect of this DIY idea. Drape fairly lights in and around these old holders or stuff them inside for an exciting twist on the décor staple. Don’t be afraid to use different sizes and mix up different kinds of bases to create a genuine DIY feel.

DIY Ideas | Stuffed Fairy Lights 1

DIY Ideas | Stuffed Fairy Lights 2

Stuffed Fairy Lights Ideas



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